RT HEDGES: The second American Revolution

2021.09.19 05:08 SpudDK RT HEDGES: The second American Revolution

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2021.09.19 05:08 TwitterGooglePlus How do you rickroll somebody but without any form of the music involved? (The link must be a different video and music, no variations, no covers or recordings, no memes or edits of the original video)?

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2021.09.19 05:08 Sun_Astro Batao batao

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2021.09.19 05:08 snowyjules If you were famous, would you go onto the Internet and look at articles, fanart, etc of yourself and why or why not?

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2021.09.19 05:08 Benfun_Legit Best PC build for Blender, Zbrush and Photoshop?

Hi, I'm looking to build my first PC and I was wondering what would be best for a concept artist that uses lots high poly 3D models and 6K files in Photoshop. I also like to game but it's mostly e-sport type of games like Valorant or WoW and the occasional AAA.
Speed is really important in my industry so anything that can help me reduce render times and editing big files is greatly appreciated.
My budget is 2.5k or 3k dollars max. And I want something's that I can upgrade when the new Nvidia series comes.
One last thing, I live in Mexico so prices for graphics cards are 2.5 to 3 times higher than their MSRP in the US.
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2021.09.19 05:08 kyloc85 Enemy not leaving

I am in a mp game where the enemy is not leaving. I researched spy and I cannot find any enemy unit/building left though still the game is going.
Any tips?
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2021.09.19 05:08 TheGodsfavouriteson Sejal Kumar

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2021.09.19 05:08 Superclasheropeeka Fun Fact about Aether Magne.

He has a harem.
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2021.09.19 05:08 moose_juice88 Mold? In my substrate

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2021.09.19 05:08 Glitch-Hex The reason of Why Flipnote Studio 3D wasn't released in America or Europe(besides, Club Nintendo):

The reason, of Why Flipnote Studio 3D never came out to America or European, it's because of pedophilia across the country, Japanese users have been drawing hentai or p*rn and had been showing it to across of people online, in the internet.
Listen up, You little queers, You think that with that gullible Society and how mentally ill is across the land, normalized, that doesn't mean that is right to guilt, across your petty faces, just to play something on a specific way, it's not just about a videogame anymore, it's just a race to our lives, if we don't do anything to survive, just because some douchebags, want to take our careers away from us, just to feel better about themselves from pedophilia, I mean, we are talking about those lunatics there, Reddit and Anime, (love the website, I really like, like, posting on this website.), and I'm talking about the former in general, I mean, what's the point of competing anyways, if You are still gonna get kicked out, wherever You do anything wrong, or strange, theree things removed from my life, my peace and escapism from this fricked up World that god made (trauma and stress, destroy the brain, don't believe me, look it up.), My favorite videogame(Not that one, the other one, and the other one that is mostly disliked and said that it's outdated by everyone, but not during it's time.), and eSports. All of those are why, I've been retired from online eSports(not that I won anything, but still.)
So from now on, I'm gonna be subterranean dudes(in a Game about bioterrain dudes, which don't have an eSports scene anyways) if You are in the welfare, and trying to join in the eSports scene, then good fucking luck, and You need it, and don't screw anything FUCKING up, because You are Gonna be in problems, even if You didn't screw anything wrong.
A Proud Leftist.
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2021.09.19 05:08 JuniorJalapeno Any mini ramps I can skate?

I just looking if anyone has like a mini halfpipe I can skate on. Or a full halfpipe, either works
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2021.09.19 05:08 Suprasizeme Forward Controls

Can anybody tell me if the Forward Controls off of the 2022 Chief Bobber, will work on the 2022 Chief Dark Horse?
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2021.09.19 05:08 detroitdavey93 SF @ PHI

i see other posters have come to this conclusion and you can count me in with them. The Eagles are flying under the radar in the NFL. Living in this town, i know that this franchise does it's best when the fans have limited expectations about them. The o-line and d-lines are fully healthy and they are the strength of this team. I know what the Niners did last week was impressive, but they are not facing the Lions this sunday. I think fans and bettors still think this Philly team is the one from last year that couldn't protect the QB and turned the ball over non-stop. The team is bought in to their QB and Sirianni is developing an identity behind running the ball and using hurts athleticism to the offenses advantage. Also, Devonta Smith is going to be a big problem for defenses. the kid just leaves corners in the dust with his quick feet. Defensively, the front four look like they're back to getting after the QB and stuffing the run. I don't see Jimmy G having much success here, RB's and WR's will have to make some great effort plays for the Niners to have success.Once again i'm taking the points with home team EAGLES +3
other leans: Miami + 3.5....Pats/Jets under 43.5
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2021.09.19 05:08 AutoModerator Weekly VIMworld Discussion - September 19, 2021

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2021.09.19 05:08 ZacBartley Quit my insurance job yesterday, want to do somthing im good at, social media. Any feedback for the resume below.

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2021.09.19 05:08 heinaga1989 Floki4Inspiration 🐶- FLOKI rewards - LP locked - Ready to moon - Big promos incoming 🔥

BSC Token
Earn FLOKI, with Floki 4 Inspiration frictionless rewards system! Automatically receive FLOKI for holding Floki4Inspiration. The longer you hold $Floki4Inspiration tokens, the more you earn in rewards!
About Floki4Inspiration
Created by a team that has experienced lots of tokens in BSC and decided to work on providing a new fun token. Floki4Inspiration is the best way to earn FLOKI passively. Just holding will reward you with a 8% reward of FLOKI straight to your wallet.
We spend many hours in our bakery adding, testing and creating new delicious tokens that you will love. They are also always healthy for your wallet since you will not have to worry about those calories.
How the contract works
When a sell occurs, you will see multiple transactions on Poocoin chart: one goes to the seller, second one goes for 8% FLOKI rewards, another one goes to liquidity pool (2%) and last (4%) to marketing so we can bring influencers/ads and work on the coin’s development.
8% Redistribution in FLOKI
8% of each purchase/sale is distributed among all holders. The rewards will be distributed in $Floki4Inspiration , currently one of the most trending cryptocurrencies!
Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes
The rewards autosystem is activated every 30 minutes, your FLOKI will automatically reach your wallet. If the volume is low, the transaction will be done when there is enough accumulation to do so to avoid gas fees!
Anti-Rug System — Secured with Locked Liquidity
Initial Liquidity provided is locked and will be extended as we develop as a community. The Floki4Inspiration team developed a contract that is safe for everyone and rewarding the long-term holders.
Marketing of Floki4Inspiration

Useful Links
Telegram: https://t.me/Floki4InspirationX
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2021.09.19 05:08 Sixshooterchuck Any tips for beginners?

I’m coming from Pokémon go the ingress and I was wondering what I should focus on most early game and what just some generally useful tips are?
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2021.09.19 05:08 Yeetusthatfetus6969_ Yr 11 biology assessment

Would anyone be willing to look over my biology assignment and tell me what I need to improve on? Would be of great help
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2021.09.19 05:08 Ultimate_Fox14 Free Award

But you have to do 5 push-ups.
Video urself, tell me u posted it, I check, u get award, u can delete it if u want. Go
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2021.09.19 05:08 kakania01 Why does no one use the lounge / gym in my apartment building?

I just moved to what people often call a "luxury" apartment building in Williamsburg after living in North Carolina during the pandemic. IIRC, there are ~160 apartments in my buildings. We have two lounges with couches and pool tables, a large meeting room that's good for working from home, multiple outdoor terraces with amazing views and a gym as well. I've been working from these spaces and working out in the gym over the past week since I don't really own any furniture yet. The weird thing is ... I think I am the only person in the building who uses these common areas? Like not even exaggerating much -- while I am sitting around doing work the only people I see are prospective tenants getting a tour of the amenities. Not actual residents.
My question is, why pay so much to live in an apartment with amenities and common areas if you are never going to use them?
It's not like my apartment building is empty -- I got super lucky a studio even opened up, there weren't any one-bedroom units available.
I guess everyone else just has a lot of money and goes to Equinox and other posh places to work and exercise? I'm still kinda awestruck that people pay this much to not use the amenities on-site.
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2021.09.19 05:08 Yelo_Jelo Recipes not working in Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge (51 mods)

The recipes don't show up in JEI nor do they work in general.
Here is the list of mods,
BiomesOPlenty-1.12.2- (1)
TConstruct-1.12.2- (2)
ThermalExpansion-1.12.2- (1)
ThermalFoundation-1.12.2- (1)

Any help?
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2021.09.19 05:08 houselegs A little watercolor that I made for Halloween :)

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2021.09.19 05:08 Littlebitoall Webster Mackay? DICE marketing strat for sure

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2021.09.19 05:08 SomeRandomGuy1S H: Guns W: Rare Apparel

Ultracite Emergency Protocols Plan
Slug Buster flamer
AA/E/50dr LMG
M/E Handmade
M/E Minigun
TS/E/250 LMG
TS/E/250 Gatling gun
TS/E/15fr 50 Cal

Buffoon Mask
Demon Mask
Responder Fireman Uniform
Tattered Field Jacket
(Also looking for Pirate set and Halloween fireman, but will not overpay since events are coming up to get them)
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2021.09.19 05:08 sassenff I realize this could be taken as political because of the hat, but I’m not trying to be. I’m mostly annoyed about the mask. Like, you’re so close man! Just a little lower!

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