Mayor London Breed criticized by health experts for going maskless in S.F. club: 'lapse in judgment'

2021.09.19 04:30 BelleAriel Mayor London Breed criticized by health experts for going maskless in S.F. club: 'lapse in judgment'

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2021.09.19 04:30 Guinie2 Looking for versatile pair of earbuds ~$250/300 or less

Hello everybody, I assume iterations of this question have been asked often but here goes.
I primarily use earbuds for my day to day activities, the most common of which being workouts (both gym and outside, so decent movement) or at work or restaurants or airports and the like.
I don’t love the earbuds that go AROUND the ear, they end up just making my ears sore after awhile. I do like the wire that connects the buds to each other even if wireless (this really isn’t a massive wishlist thing though).
I twice previously had the wireless beats, great quality but they broke after exactly a year each time, definitely not worth the price.
Looking to keep the price below $250-300 but anything good around this range is worth a mention! Also if you have over-the-head headphones you would suggest for a situation like this (something relatively smalleportable) feel free to suggest those as well.
Thanks much in advance. -Goon
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2021.09.19 04:30 DayDatMan What team are you choosing?

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2021.09.19 04:30 Damaged_Lightbulb lets make a quick gc

dm me and ill add u
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2021.09.19 04:30 alt41r_ I

Hello everyone I will try to write this. I am 18 I think I am going through a difficult time in my life remembering things that happened to me and things that are happening to me now, well I lived a large part of my life without my parents, my mother for work abroad and my father idk, I lived with my stepbrother and with the family of my mother's sister and I appreciated them until I found out that they treated me well for the money my mother sent them, I sadly remember the day they didn't take me to the hospital or the day they broke up the lock of my door room to tell me how bad my grandmother and my mother were, which turned out to be a lie, also the day my cousin with whom I shared so many things hit me hard in the stomach, these things happened in A time when my family fought over an inheritance, sometimes I understand them but idk, before this I lived a little time with my mother and she had a boyfriend who was unpleasant, drunk. She always forced me to go even though I didn't want to, but hey I think in some strange way I understand her, well I found out that my father has a problematic disease and a few days ago my mother found out about an illness that he has, sometimes I think I was tormenting but it is difficult for me to face the disappointments and the things that are happening to me I do not even know what I am looking for with publishing this, maybe I just want to vent a little, I think I am just a little unfortunate, sorry for my lack of decorum and for the faults spellings I made, thanks for reading me
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2021.09.19 04:30 Cyber_Zebra A little late to the party

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2021.09.19 04:30 alisisok someone dm me I'm bored af

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2021.09.19 04:30 3qnox Almost Forgot!

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2021.09.19 04:30 missinglinksman Does anybody else be a taxi driver?

I call a taxi, kill the driver, and drive around the map picking up players. Its fun because they aren't always friendly, and when they are, they are fun to speak with
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2021.09.19 04:30 elhotzo_bot El Hotzo, 18.09.2021

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2021.09.19 04:30 theholyromanempire42 30 F no makeup look

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2021.09.19 04:30 jimjosh1001 Solutions to make Varus dodge the nerf hammer due to Pro Play

I personally love Varus as a champion but pro play has kept him from having a 50% win rate. I believe this is due to two factors his safety with lethality build and his ultimate having offering high utility. I personally love lethality with his high damage snipes but let's be honest. It is not fun to play against. I think they could do a soft rework to lessen his pro play presence and strengthen his solo que power.
Option 1:
Increase his Q cool down while buffing his cool down reduction with blight procs. Just increasing his cooldowns hurt on-hit as well as crit builds more than lethality since he builds so much ability haste with lethality while having virtually none with auto-based builds.
Q: Cool down 16-10>>>18-12 seconds
Damage: Max damage 125/130/135/140/145AD%>>>150%AD All ranks
Now starts cool down after firing arrow.
W: Refund per Blight Stack changed from 12% to 16% per stack.
This will significantly hurt lethality Varus since he can't shoot his Q immediately after firing it. He can't get the W Blight cooldown refund reliably because he does not build attack speed. Varus has slight compensation with increasing the max damage to 150% but his lethality build will still be significantly weaker due to less Q spam.
Option 2:
Nerf Q damage by 10%, buff on-hit W magic damage, and buff his active maximum missing health damage. Have Ult speed scale with item bonus attack speed. Has to be item bonus attack speed so lethality Varus gets no benefit from passive.
W: On-hit magic damage 7/8/9/10/11(+25% AP)>>>6/7/8/9/10(+.25AP)(+20% Bonus Item AS)
Active: Piercing Arrows maximum damage changed from 9-21% missing health to 10-27% missing health magic damage.
R: Ultimate missile speed change from 1500 to 1300-2000(0-80 Bonus Item AS%)
This option causes lethality Varus to lose reliability on his ultimate and he will be doing less damage with Q. To compensate he gets more conditional power with his missing health damage which benefits all builds and helps him kill low health enemies.
I honestly believe both options could be implemented if I exclude the 10% Q damage reduction on option 2.
Thoughts or Alternatives?
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2021.09.19 04:30 panicstatebean **NEED HELP** Searching for a kids book

I have been searching for a kids book from my childhood that is linked to some rather shit events.
I can picture the pages but I can’t remember the names. This is going to sound a lot like scooby doo but it’s not. It’s a book about kids on Halloween solving a mystery and they have a dog. The dog is a grey Great Dane and they dress him up like a ghost.
I have searched for this book for 15 years and I cannot seem to get close to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone! Stay safe!
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2021.09.19 04:30 AsleepConcentrate2 Y’all Muy Frío margaritas is the truth

Got myself a 32 Oz of the pina colada and some tamales. The tamales were delicious and the pina colada is straight 🔥
The drink was only twelve bucks and with food and a small tip it was less than twenty bucks
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2021.09.19 04:30 Greenyboi72 FNF Mods Iceberg Explained

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2021.09.19 04:30 devinis OH GOD

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2021.09.19 04:30 LordofNoodles55 If you were dying, but you had time to listen to one last song (8 minutes), assuming that you had it in mind beforehand, which would you pick?

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2021.09.19 04:30 Yacerman (BROKEN)(SEE DESCRIPTION) EVGA GTX GeForce 1070

My GPU blew a capacitor after only owning it for 9 months. It performed very well up until recently. If there’s anyone who can do PCB work, shoot me an offer. I’d hate to throw it away/recycle it when someone could potentially use it for parts or fix it. I’ve already purchased a 3060 in its place. I can provide as many pictures as you’d like if you PM! Willing to ship as well!
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2021.09.19 04:30 Xarmydude2X Monster Tactician -> Lich mythic viability

Was wondering how viable an Animal Domain Monster Tactician would be to go into Lich for mass amount of companion and summons? I know you can combine spell books but could it still work for the ultimate true Lich King/Queen Experience?
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2021.09.19 04:30 nvgvup84 Electric Stove and microwave - Southside Park

Hey hey these came with our house and we had a leak that emptied the kitchen so we decided to get new ones. If anyone is interested in it or knows someone who could use it shoot me a message. The microwave handle has come off at the bottom, I believe that is replaceable and the stove has a bit of rust.
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2021.09.19 04:30 GameShrink Mods that add permanent stat increase treasures?

Looking for a mod that adds stat-increasing treasures to the loot pool. Items that can be consumed for a permanent increase to a particular attribute/skill/stat (Ex. Strength +1 or Blade +5 or Shock Resist +1%) would really make exploration more rewarding.
Does anything like this exist?
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2021.09.19 04:30 OutOfMindExperience a happier place

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2021.09.19 04:30 jefferssheppard The Fear of God: 25 Years of the Exorcist

Halloween's a coming would be nice to get the uncut version
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2021.09.19 04:30 blackheavenstudio Do you still NEED a Business Permit if YOU are doing SEO and Digital Marketing at YOUR Home Business?

Do you still NEED a Business Permit if YOU are doing SEO and Digital Marketing at YOUR Home Business?
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2021.09.19 04:30 Majoritymars5 Any way to get coins other than online matches? I need my scope and some blink arrows

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