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2021.09.19 04:56 BluePotterExpress The Book of Conquests Interlude: Survivor

Despite the distant rumbling of the thunderstorm gradually rolling in over the city, Travis felt as if nothing could ruin today.
“Yeah, I just got out of the interview,” he said, nearly shouting into his phone to make sure his mom could hear him over the bustling of the crowds and cars that clogged up New York City’s streets at all hours. “They said I got the job.”
Beatrice’s cheering over the thin, crackling speakers of Travis’ phone cut in and out as it blew out the mic on his mom’s side. Travis laughed to himself as he held the device a few inches further from his ears to avoid it doing any permanent damage. “I told you that you’d get it!” she continued, still louder than she needed to, but quieter than before. “John, what did I tell you? That our son could work on Wall Street?”
Travis couldn’t help but smile at hearing his father’s distance ‘yes dear’ as Beatrice practically ranted to herself about how much money he was going to be making and how she was going to be able to one-up Sharron’s stories of her boy in Seattle after church. A few times, Travis had to cut in to remind her that he was doing IT work that happened to be on Wall Street and not a stock broker or economist, but Beatrice always had a habit of lumping in all she could to make it as bombastic as possible.
A crack of lightning shot out overhead, the flash dancing across the tops of New York City skyscrapers just before a concussive thunder resonated so deeply Travis nearly felt it in his chest. “Well, mama; I gotta go now. Looks like it’s about to start storming, and I’ve got bit to go to the subway.”
As much as Beatrice tried to keep the conversation going, Travis managed to talk her into a goodbye and hung up the phone. He’d still be heading back to Brooklyn later that week; there was plenty of time to celebrate.
Another massive thunderclap sounded overhead. A bolt of lightning spread like a spiderweb through the sky, finding paths through the skyline to the tops of near every building over twenty stories. Travis blinked and stumbled at the sudden flash, finding his vision again just in time to avoid a crumbling section of a rooftop slam into the ground in front of him.
Travis swore and leapt back as others on the street began to shout and scream. He looked up again, at the strange thunderstorm. Not a drop of rain had started to fall yet, and the clouds seemed to be twisting oddly. Was it possible to get tornadoes here?
A few others around took their phones out to begin filming. Travis fumbled to find his as well, when a screeching echoed out across the streets.
It was rare: a moment when New York actually went silent. But for a brief moment of time, as everyone stopped in their tracks to stare up at this strange swirling collection of clouds above, Travis heard near silence around him.
Then, something seemed to move through —no, out of— the clouds. It was a dark shape, spread out wide near the front and narrowing to a thin point at the back. In the briefest moment before it swung around a skyscraper and out of sight, Travis thought it was a plane of some kind.
When the shape returned, dropping low with heavy beating flaps of black scaled wings and a reptilian head whose mouth crackled with electricity, did Travis realise in disbelief what he was seeing.
The dragon beat its wings down, throwing a tempest toward the street below it that set off car alarms and threw people into the pavement. It reared back, the lightning in its maw growing brighter and angrier, before it let loose an ear-piercing roar that sent waves of electricity coursing through the street.
Travis stood, stunned, as he watched lightning leap from person to person, vehicle to vehicle; jumping across any scrap of metal it could find. People screamed. An ashy, rancid scent hit Travis so deeply that he nearly tipped over and vomited, only to fulfil that when he realised it was the scent of burning flesh.
Travis ran.
He didn’t know where; even after living so many years, walking through the city streets, he found himself completely lost in just a handful of strides. Every piece of the sky was the same eerie clouds, and more shapes began to appear from them. Boats began floating out in the air, rocking gently as if in a calm ocean hundreds of feet in the sky. Stupidly, Travis expected these strange new ships to unleash a cannonade against the dragon that was circling through the city streets. A thick torrent of flame shot out to engulf the tops of nearby buildings instead.
A car leapt the curb right in front of Travis, slamming through the front window of a coffee shop and coming to a stop. Travis scrambled over top, ignoring the protests of the older man who climbed out and waved a baseball bat in his direction. He had to keep moving. Where didn’t matter: it seemed as though every new corner Travis turned revealed some great new horror that he’d never believed to be possible. Tendrils of plants had started to push up through the cracks in the pavement, breaking apart foundations and threatening to topple buildings. The air was blisteringly hot on one block before turning frigid on another.
Gradually, gunfire started to pick up. First, it was the quiet, distant popping of small arms fire: likely cops or armed civilians with whatever they had on hand. The scream of jets was a sound Travis had never thought he’d be happy to hear, but when one of the floating, Victorian-era boats that was sending bursts of lightning and fire down into the city suddenly buckled as a missile launched from a fighter struck it, Travis was one of the people on the ground who cheered.
Travis found his way toward one of the subway entrances. It looked as though it had been frozen over, but broken through by the mid-sized sedan that was crammed into half the staircase heading down. He had to break through some of the ice before he managed to get in. The steps had been completely frozen over by nearly a foot, and the descent was more of a slide than it was steps.
He hit the ground hard, cursing to himself. The entire entryway seemed to have been struck with some kind of freezing blast that crept down into the tunnels and didn’t look like it was in the business of thawing. Travis slid on his backside for a few more feet before safer ground met his shoes. He pushed forward and rolled up onto his feet, standing and finally taking a moment to catch his breath.
Above, he could still hear the sounds of fighting. Guns were growing louder and more consistent. Underground, it was muffled enough that Travis could hear his own breathing again. He could feel the pulsing of his heartbeat in his ears, and adrenaline coursing through his limbs. It was eerily calm.
“I’m going insane,” he considered aloud. He chuckled at the prospect of dragons, flying boats, and magical bursts of fire and ice. It was absurd; the sort of thing he’d pass by on some sci-fi b movie. He continued laughing, shaking his head and pulling himself together.
That’s right; a movie. Fiction. Make-believe. He’d had a stressful week, doing everything he could to make sure he nailed the interview. He was probably on the subway right now, head lolling back and mouth hung agape as he dozed and dreamed. His stop was likely coming up soon, and the intercom would shock him back awake as he heard the familiar station name called out. The laughter boiled up in him, into a cackling wave that forced its way up from his diaphragm and out his throat. Travis doubled over, resting a hand against the still chilly wall of the subway as explosions and gunfire made the roof shake, dropping dust down from the roof in puffs that caught the murky light in the station.
Behind Travis, something moved. He just barely heard the sound over his own mirth: a smooth, rumbling noise intercut with harsh snapping, like a bowling ball rolling through a plate glass window. Travis wiped the tears from his eyes and shook his head in disbelief at the sheer insanity his subconscious had given him to dream and turned to look at the sound.
The creature looked like a man at first. A large man, with a thick neck that nearly swallowed his head and arms as round as Travis’ legs, wrapped with thick, chorded muscle. The man was a little bit too large for normal, and he seemed to have a long body that Travis blinked and realised kept going before terminating in a point after some twelve feet of length. The snake-like man-thing opened its mouth and made a choppy, hissing noise at Travis as it lifted a large bladed pole arm.
Travis blinked slowly. “What?”
The creature’s blade swung down just as Travis took hold of his thoughts again. He kicked backward, just managing to avoid the end of the weapon as it cut wide gash through the concrete. A piece of rubble that’d fallen caught the back of his heel, causing him to trip and hit hard on his side. The snake creature hissed again and wrenched free its blade.
Travis scrambled back to his feet and swore as he took off down the subway platform. There was a concussive burst of sound behind him, and it almost felt as though the entire world momentarily tipped backwards. Travis managed to grab hold of the turnstiles to keep himself from falling back toward the creature.
The sensation passed just as quickly as it came. Travis didn’t wait to see what the creature was doing, vaulting over the gate. A few seconds later, there was metallic tearing and screeching as whatever was chasing him simply ripped through the turnstile after him.
Several more times, that strange sound —like a miniature thunderclap— echoed out through the abandoned subway station, and Travis again felt himself get pulled back toward where the monster slithered.
Nearing the tracks, Travis watched as one of the trains screamed through the station, not slowing in the least. He hoped there wasn’t anyone aboard. The creature seemed to have lost him, somehow, in the tunnels and twists of the underground: Travis could hear hissing and roaring from the monster as it swept through with its blade and sheered apart benches and support columns.
Something above ground detonated frighteningly nearby, and a wave of concrete and debris fell from the roof of the station into piles. An entire section of the roof groaned before collapsing in on itself, just barely fifteen feet from where Travis stood, pressed against the wall.
The concrete dust burned his eyes as he blinked through it. Through the hole in the roof, the gunfire and roar of weaponry seemed so impossibly loud that Travis was surprised he could still hear the slithering and snarling of the creature searching him out.
He still could, and it was getting closer.
Travis cursed to himself and scrambled toward the collapsed-in pile of rubble. Rebar poles stuck out at odd angles, jutting from chunks of concrete. A gush of water spilled down into the subway from a pipe that had burst in the damage. Travis worked to climb up through the debris and perhaps get near enough to the surface to climb back out of, but the drop was too great for him to get anything more than his fingers brushing up against the jagged hole.
Travis felt the pull from whatever it was that snake creature could do again. He tripped backward, falling and hitting his back against part of the broken concrete. A blossom of pain coursed up through his side.
Down the station platform, the creature rounded a corner into view. It locked its all too human eyes on Travis and gave a low hiss before charging forward. Travis tried scrambling back up, taking handfuls of concrete or metal that broke under his weight more often than they gave him purchase to move. Any piece that broke, Travis threw with all his might toward the approaching monster. Rubble, tar, pieces of metal; it didn’t matter what. He wouldn’t let the monster take him without a fight.
Yet, it nothing really mattered. Most of the pieces barely made it ten feet from where Travis had fallen, clattering uselessly against the floor in front of the serpentine creature. Travis felt fear well up in his chest. Who would take care of his parents now?
Something else flushed through Travis’ body. A dull fire that started in the small of his back and coursed through him in time with his heartbeats. He threw another broken piece of concrete at the monster in futility. And yet, something happened.
Broken pieces of rebar, still jutting out from the rubble, shook. Travis watched the metal poles quake before suddenly rocketing out of the debris like silent missiles. The creature’s expression barely changed from the predatory sneer to one of surprise before its body was perforated by nearly a dozen yard-long metal splines that passed through and buried themselves in the walls and floor of the station.
Oily dark blood poured out of the creature all across its body as it tipped over into a pile of flesh and scales. Travis breathed; the first time he’d done in at least a minute, he realised. A sudden heaviness set into him, like he’d just been pushing a car for miles. What had happened?
Sounds from out of the pit shocked Travis back to the present. He twisted and heaved himself down into the rubble to hide. Two men appeared at the crater in the street, wearing army camouflage. “Anyone down there?”
Travis jolted up, fast enough that one of the soldiers flinched for their gun. “Yes! I’m.. yeah!” he shouted.
The soldiers shouted back to their squad, and in a few minutes, had Travis above ground. Armour rolled through the streets, firing off at groups of knightly-looking men that moved in groups. Another few jets screamed overhead. In every direction, soldiers were patrolling through, clearing buildings and taking shots at the inhuman figures that stalked through corners and alleys.
“Where you from, son?” one of the soldiers asked Travis.
“B-Brooklyn,” he replied, still feeling exhausted and limp as the soldier helped bring him back through the streets to where a personnel transport was being loaded with civilians.
“Brooklyn, alright; we’ll make sure you get home, alright?”
Travis nodded. With any hope, this insane nightmare would be over soon.
Three weeks later, Travis sat in the back room of an old, abandoned factory and spun a knife around in his hands and watched. The room had filled with hopefuls in the last few weeks; it felt strange to say, but Travis was old guard now. And a New York survivor to boot.
Father Jackson had said this was God’s reckoning. That the faithful would be brought to heaven, and the wicked purged. Travis didn’t think the old, former pastor had any better idea of the world than anyone else.
Anyone but Travis, at least.
No one else knew. No one else was special like he was. Travis had tried to find a way back to living like he had before, but there was something more important for him. He focused in on the blade in his hand and pushed that internal piece of himself that he’d discovered killing that demon. The blade rippled. Barely enough, but noticeable to anyone who looked closely at the edge that sharpened and grew serrated near the tip. The Devil’s magic, gifted to a man who would be the savior.
Travis had shown Father Jackson what he was capable of, not a few days after the attack had begun. The old man had seen God in it; had seen the second coming; the Final Battle that would absolve humanity.
“...And so we cast our devotion to you, Lord!” the priest was saying, raising his own blade high in the air as he spoke. “That we might fulfil your will upon this sinful world, and arise in our midst, a Messiah!”
He brought his blade down, as did much of the dozen or so faithful that Jackson had rallied. Travis squeezed his eyes shut, forcing tension in his ears to muddy the sound of metal cutting through flesh. It was a disturbing act, but the one of the few that Father Jackson and he had agreed upon. There was a… stirring in Travis’ stomach that he couldn’t defeat: the calling forth of a champion that some greater power than he demanded.
The air grew cold around Travis. Even in the cooler night air, it seemed as though frost were forming in the air from his breath. His eyes remained shut, and he continued to plug his ears of the noise around him. That was, until something so bright and so loud beat through the barriers he had erected.
When Travis blinked his eyes open, he saw the dead body of Father Jackson, splayed out in the middle of the room. The body had convulsed and flipped onto its back, where the chest had erupted into the shimmering well of light that stood before Travis.
He blinked. Surely this was what had been pushing for him to have created, yes?
The light coalesced into a figure. He was tall, with hawk-like features, black hair, and pale eyes that shimmered with a kaleidoscope of colour. The strange man was completely naked, though seemed unbothered as he stretched his arms and yawned.
“Goodness me, it has been some time since I have stood around like this,” he said, as much to Travis as he did to himself.
Travis frowned. This felt wrong: the sensation that had pulled him to this moment had always felt as though it would be fulfilling his own potential. But who was this new person?
“I am… a Messenger, we should say,” the man replied, so coolly and casually that it took Travis a moment to realise that he hadn’t voiced the thoughts this stranger was responding to. “Do not worry yourself, Travis Steward. There’s little parts in all of this for us to play.”
The man smiled, and Travis stopped remembering who he had been before today.
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2021.09.19 04:56 Illsxxns PSP PSX controls not working

I don't know why but the controls on the PSX eboots wont work at all. The thing is it worked before then randomly it stopped I don't know when but it just stopped so I cant figure out what could cause it.
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2021.09.19 04:56 Comprehensive-Yam528 All Trolls.

I have grown to hate this game so much. The only thing I will do is troll, I want to make this game so toxic that it will spread like a virus, till no one will want to play. Time to shut this game down.
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2021.09.19 04:56 LeafygutZ Should I allow Deltarune chapter 2, and the other Deltarune chapters?

Due to it gaining popularity, the cringe should be coming like any popular game.
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2021.09.19 04:56 meganann0813 Photo Found in Bible

Bought a Bible in Lake Wales, FL. We found a photo inside and I know the family would love to have this photo! These people look like a lot of fun!
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2021.09.19 04:56 Filip_Z Need help finding song!!

I was watching a twoset video and in the backround of this video there was a sick sounding song, at 4:08, https://youtu.be/p8oYEIwev54?t=248
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What is the difference between Food Product and Dietary Supplement? Is dietary supplement a type of food product?
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2021.09.19 04:56 IONHeart93 I dont understand ODD... (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Hello I am 15 years old and AUG 10 i got arrested and brought to a hospital my disharge papers told me and my mom that i have Oppositional Defiant Disorder and since then ive beenremoved from my mom and now i live with my grandparents i havent heard a conversation at least since ive been here that i wonder whats going on in his head... Apparently i back talk people even though im not meaning to and it hurts me to have to hear about how im a defiant teen even though im not trying to i just want to be a normal person and go through school and become a successful person evrytime someone says something i feel as if i have to explain myself and i get snapped on because i want to state my feelings this is very confusing people are just starting to use this apparent mental disorder as a tool to stop me from talking it hurts my head and makes me really upset because they get defensive that i want to state how i feel about what their talking about and they call it back talk when im being respectful and not being rude i dont understand at all and its very difficult for me to comprehend this and is really depressing me because everything i seem to do is wrong when all im trying to do is be myself and be a better me.
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2021.09.19 04:56 amanduhfay91 It's just not me

I got hired at my center, teaching School Age and once the kids went back to school (without any warning or conversation) was placed into Infants and Toddlers. When I expressed my disappointment with the move, I wasn't given much choice. So, I think I have a built up contempt and attitude for my new, unwanted position, working with infants and toddlers. It's been about a month and although it is calmer than school age, I just have no desire or motivation to be in that area. I never even held, fed or changed a baby until I was forced to be in that area. I brought up my concerns to my directors and they kept commenting on how "natural" and "good" I am with the babies. Thats great and all, but I am still pretty uncomfortable having these kiddos under my care. I was given barely any training and I think I'm just upset I was pushed into this position without anyone even asking me how I felt about it.
So, moving forward, it is what it is. I'm a co-teacher in the infant room. I'm getting it all down and doing well, but does anyone have any advice for me as far as changing my attitude or mindset on working with infants and toddlers?
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2021.09.19 04:56 cacklingwhisper Can you name me some more darkish figures in fiction like Dracula, Hades, and Medusa?

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2021.09.19 04:56 otaku993 christianity & astrology ?

i am confused and need help. i am obsessed with the universe and space which is how i turned to astrology and horoscopes but i am a believer of GOD so i know it’s wrong but why does it feel so right and the connection so secure. it’s like i know myself from the stars and i am more complete. HELP i need guidance.
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