An evil farming game of my own... can't find it

2021.09.19 03:55 Lokarin An evil farming game of my own... can't find it

This was in the long long ago... likely 2006
There was this game everyone was enthusiasticly playing in the roguelike crowd since it had harvest moon/animal crossing-esque room design/furniture and such
I remember the UI was a soft peach colour, and your character had a crazy ton of stats... like Dwarf Fortress level of stats
It was a permadeath exploration ?roguelike? ?MMO? game kinda like Haven&Hearth only it was 2d (orthogonal,top down) and the main draw was you could move tiles around for decorative purposes.
I think it was Korean made, but it was in English so idk... at the time Korean MMOs were incredibly popular
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2021.09.19 03:55 KT515 HBI 10.8” Handguard

Looking for a HBI handguard, have any intel on a deal on one?
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2021.09.19 03:55 binkerton_ Help me name our new boy! He is 7mo Maine coone (supposedly)

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2021.09.19 03:55 ignaciodib Porter Robinson - Worlds. Rufus du Sol - Bloom. Flume - Flume.

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2021.09.19 03:55 Agreeable-Carrot-974 Witch should I choose cause of benefits

Also how do I get the motivation to start a new run it’s cause I have a level 83 character that’s op but I also want a new character but every time I try I can’t let go
View Poll
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2021.09.19 03:55 Till_Lindemann_Bangs I slammed my penis in the car door

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2021.09.19 03:55 SpareEntrepreneur486 first heartbreak

This was my first true heartbreak, and i’m a mess. She loved me so dearly and I kept just- getting jealous over all the little things that would happen. We would fight constantly, it would be rare for us to go a day without it, it got to the point where we had to promise to stop texting each other for awhile just to avoid an argument. I got jealous of her guy friends (one of them confessed feelings for her WHILE we were dating, yet she still kept him around for months). I got upset when she was questioning her sexuality, she kept telling me how she didn’t know if she was lesbian or not and I took that as “i’m not sure if I love you anymore.” i still beat myself up for getting upset over these things, for always starting the arguments. I can’t text her, it’s been a month since we broke up and our attempts at friendship broke apart nearly instantly. She unadded me on everything, all I have left is her number, which she surprisingly hadn’t blocked but it’s not like i’m going to reach out. I don’t know what to do now, it just felt good to vent. I miss you paige.
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2021.09.19 03:55 physco219 [POSITIVE] for /u/bankpole [seller]

u/bankpole did me a solidand semt some nice coins. Good shippin'! Thanks
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2021.09.19 03:55 i-throw-pies-at-tiny i rember

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2021.09.19 03:55 apple_cheese Inside of local stadium being lit with world flags.

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2021.09.19 03:55 HipposRevenge NOS Energy Drink Glucose Level Quandary

TLDR Regular NOS energy drink isn't causing a rise in glucose levels.
I've been wearing a Libre Freestyle monitor for about a week and using it to learn what happens to my glucose levels when I consume various foods and perform certain activities. So far it's been about what I expect (yellow cake with chocolate icing spikes glucose, Honeycrisp apples do not), but I've encountered a weird happening.
If I drink a regular NOS energy drink my glucose barely budges. I've done this a couple of times now with the same results. Can anyone think of why this is? Am I getting an error or is something in the NOS stabilizing my glucose? If I drink Dr. Pepper, I spike to about 150 mg/dl, that seems about right, but I can't explain the NOS measurements.
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2021.09.19 03:55 DaddyRamaSenpai RIP Plaz the only true nigga who kept the sub funny

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2021.09.19 03:55 Creative_Series_4725 Foster Program Chances

I'm applying to the Foster Program on October 5th and I'm honestly wondering my chances of getting in with my stats. My GPA is 4.0 (took a lot of courses at CC) and my WSA score was 4.25. Would my GPA be looked at differently because I took them at CC?
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2021.09.19 03:55 Kazu-Madonis How do you want to be remembered after you die?

Do you want to be remembered as a great person by your friends and family? Help many people through your work ? Or maybe become one of the greats in your craft, your portrait serving as decoration for countless textbooks in the years to come
Or do you just want to live your life as best you can and don't care about how others will think of you when you're bones
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2021.09.19 03:55 xXJamesScarXx Nobody asks you what kind of cat you have when you mention you have a cat.

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2021.09.19 03:55 Ranger_Ali How do I stop stupid reddit ads?

So the one ad I get most commonly is for a stupid porn blockecure porn addiction. I don't usually mind ads, but this one just won't die, and I cannot figure out how to tell the stupid algorithm that they are barking so far up the wrong asexual tree.
I have tried reporting the ad, blocking it, blocking the user that posts it. And it keeps coming back. Within hours. I am done. I am so mad.
The problem isn't that it's an ad. It's that it is so stupid, useless and makes me irrationally mad. I'd rather see ads for an enema kit. At least that would be an ad for something regarding a bodily function and not assuming that I need help for a mindless obsession with sex.
I'm very sex positive. Sex isn't the problem. I get horny occasionally, and sometimes look up porny artwork. I'm not against porn. I am very very against stupid ads throwing allo assumptions in my face repeatedly. I am proudly asexual. I am content with my self label. But I am a ball of rage that every 5th post is a stupid assumption that because I am a human on reddit I must be sex obsessed and need a "cure".
It is getting to the point where I hardly even open reddit any more becuase I see it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am so done. Help me kill it with fire, or I am going to throw something through the window. Probably something expensive. And large. Maybe I'll fish put that box of random sex toys I brought on an impulse, used once and got bored half way through before promptly storing in my cupboard for 5 years. I'll have a ritual burning. I don't need a fucking cure. I need to stop stupid ad algorithms assuming my sexuality and shoving bullshit in my face.
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2021.09.19 03:55 DinosaurSpaceTrain Any Steelers/Pittsburgh bars?

Looking for a local place to watch Steelers games that feels like home. If nothing like that where’s a good chill place to watch football?
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2021.09.19 03:55 SF_turophile Mantel done (early). I don't usually decorate inside, but I decided that I am going to start. Second pic is of two items I picked up at Big Lots today (baby head and lighted skeleton hands.

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2021.09.19 03:55 _ArcticWolfGirl_ New Custom Background!!!

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2021.09.19 03:55 Saucy-Sister Today’s podiums - what a day! 4 5⭐️s today. 🤯

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2021.09.19 03:55 DirtySouthSoulja 🖤

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2021.09.19 03:55 sportsandcomicbooks1 ITAP of Stephanie, a supporter of our local AMC movie theatre.

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2021.09.19 03:55 Necessary-Jelly-7314 room of the year finalist!

hey! my roommate and i are finalists in the room of the year contest with uga housing. if any of you could vote for us by liking this instagram post we would be very grateful![ROTY Instagram](
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2021.09.19 03:55 SnakKeBlizkin By Far My Favorite: 1986 H&K 7.62 NATO G3 Battle Rifle

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2021.09.19 03:55 PWNXDI314 [Recruiting] Unending War | Crystal III | Townhall 9+ | Clan Level 12 | War Farm | War Record 184-70| TAG#9VG088JL

【• Location - International •】 【• 44/50 Members •】 【• Tag - #9VG088JL •】 【• TH9+ Minimum •】 【• Non-rushed TH11+ for CWL •】 【• Go red when unable to war •】
Greetings! Our clan name is slightly misleading since we shifted over to only doing clan war leagues, but we are starting up clans war again 1-2 times per week. We prefer more mature humored members, but somehow our clan got a chat filter, so feel free to join regardless of your age. Donations in this clan are almost always maxed and within an hour but can sometimes take longer during downtimes. Feel free to join and check us out.
Links: 【• Clan: •】 【• Discord: •】
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