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Freshman. Every year, the 23 campuses of the CSU welcome tens of thousands of freshmen. This is the place to start your own journey to a successful college career — and a degree. The fee to apply to the CSU is $70 per campus. Some students may qualify for an application fee waiver. See Application Dates & Deadlines. 20 synonyms of freshman from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for freshman. Freshman: a person who is just starting out in a field of activity. Synonyms: abecedarian, apprentice, babe… Antonyms: old hand, old-timer, vet… Find the right word. Freshman is commonly in use as a US English idiomatic term to describe a beginner or novice, someone who is naive, a first effort, instance, or a student in the first year of study (generally referring to high school or university study). Freshman definition is - a student in the first year of high school or college. How to use freshman in a sentence. Define freshman. freshman synonyms, freshman pronunciation, freshman translation, English dictionary definition of freshman. n. 1. A student in the first-year class of a high school, college, or university. See Usage Note at chairman. 2. A beginner; a novice. American Heritage®... Freshman is the easiest way to stop hair loss. Visit our UK online clinic and get a medically-proven treatment plan delivered to your door. Try it! freshman definition: 1. a student in the first year of high school, college, or university: 2. someone who has recently…. Learn more. Freshman definition, a student in the first year of the course at a university, college, or high school. See more. Adj. 1. freshman - used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college); "a freshman senator"; "freshman year in high school or college" Freshman is the singular noun and is defined as a student in the first year of high school, college, or university. My roommate this year is a freshman. When I was a Harvard freshman, he generously held forth at an evening weekly seminar where I was one of a dozen or so fortunate enough to be invited to join his class.

2021.09.19 04:23 luluylemon Advice on freshman partying

I’m not living on res, so it takes a bit more effort to go on campus to party during weekends.
But as I see everyone partying and having fun on social media, I get increasingly more and more frustrated and feel left out. But half of the reason why I’m not going out there is because there are serious bans of all substances on my unis campus right now, and also a visitor ban due to covid with a scary fine attached to them. Is it worth it to try to get into parties anyway? I used to party a bit in high school, but I was always with the right people and felt comfortable deinking (albeit underage). I’d love to hear some advice from people who partied hard in freshman year!
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2021.09.19 04:23 InfestedSinner Cheer! Cheer!

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2021.09.19 04:23 reyes105 Was thinking about buying Happy but then I found this guy's hiding behind the fans.

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2021.09.19 04:23 Blue_Moon_Rabbit Lewd images in canned goods? Did it exist?

Ok weirdly specific one I know, but google is not being helpful. I’m sure I remember reading something about a canned food manufacturer who advertised the fact that they had soft core porn under the lids of their cans, and they were stopped from doing so after only a day? I want to say this took place prohibition? Unfortunately I’ve already sullied my search history with no payoff, so am I remembering incorrectly? Did this even happen?
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2021.09.19 04:23 Dolph1994 i am looking for a scholarship

GoodDay MANAGER: Im looking for Scholarship
Name:Mos-ab Abdulcader Age:24 Gender:Male Nationality: Filipino Language spoken:English/Tagalog Civil Status:married
Gadget to play Axie infinity: Mobile phone Internet: Mobile data and Wifi Dedicated Playing time: 4/6hours
Games that I played before: Mobile Legends Call Of Duty Cabal
Reason why should be hired: i need it to help my family in poverty. because I don’t have a job so I can’t provide for their needs. Sometimes we don't have anything to eat because we really don't have money, so I really won't miss this opportunity because I have no idea how I can give to my family because of this pandemic. I hope you help me and I begging you to be part of this scholarship and to be part of your team ..
Do you have experience playing axie: Yes I searched on youtube how to play axie and I immediately understood
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2021.09.19 04:23 doodgraagdg F22. I’ve been bored of tv for weeks now [friendship] [chat]

I’ve been bored of tv for weeks now and being the extrovert that I am I need some good conversations.
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2021.09.19 04:23 MelloYelloMarshmello My First Fall-Themed Habitat for My Spooky Zoo. This one holds Brad and Jannet the otters.

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2021.09.19 04:23 F_O_R_K_S Glitched spot on RPD at front gate, can't pick up downed survivors

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2021.09.19 04:23 shethedistance Superliminal

I'd love to see the gang cover superliminal in some capacity, whether on GTLive or in a theory. That game f'd me up for a good couple hours while I was playing it--it gave me portal/stanley parable vibes but with batshit dream logic and it only got weirder and more confusing as it went on, but in the best way. Forced perspective puzzle game, not like anything I've ever played. I'm not sure what theories exactly could come from it but I have many many questions, including: -Who is Dr. Glenn Pierce? -What's the deal with the siri voice? -Was it really supposed to go the way it did or was he covering for something? -Was it real? Was any of it real? Am I real? Am I in a dream right now?
Anyway, I enjoyed the game, and I'd love to see mat and steph get as into it as I was
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2021.09.19 04:23 biggiesmallzzzz W: Any amount of valks H: Any rare. 11x rare tokens

will do multiple different cards
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2021.09.19 04:23 MN_Rural "White trash," rurality and revenge in Percival Everett's new novel "The Trees"

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2021.09.19 04:23 Manbigboyasx0 I cant download the server.

What should I do??
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2021.09.19 04:23 klebiano is there anything worser than this

its one of those days again where i can barely get up and do anything. it comes so suddenly. everything just takes a bit more effort and i dont think i have the energy to do stuffs anymore. im just gonna lay in bed and hope itll pass soon. i dont want to feel this way anymore.
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2021.09.19 04:23 klebiano is there anything worser than this

its one of those days again where i can barely get up and do anything. it comes so suddenly. everything just takes a bit more effort and i dont think i have the energy to do stuffs anymore. im just gonna lay in bed and hope itll pass soon. i dont want to feel this way anymore.
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2021.09.19 04:23 RoomieBoomie69 I used google translate, don’t hurt me if it’s wrong 😆 (and I don’t know that this constitutes fan art, but it’s not a meme)

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2021.09.19 04:23 insecureputa just got bodied on r/amiugly idk why i posted there i knew what would happen💀 help me forget please idc if you lie to me

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2021.09.19 04:23 CryOfTheWind Life of a Wildfire Helicopter Pilot (Part 3)

Ongoing series about a work tour for a wildfire helicopter pilot in Canada.
About the author: I’ve been a pilot in the Canadian helicopter industry for over 16 years. My experience has been everything from TV News to arctic science projects and almost everything else in between. With 3 seasons of wildfires behind me I thought I’d give some insight into the day to day life and challenges of fighting wildfires in Canada. The following stories are from a single 28 day work rotation.
For part 2 see here:
Of course just because the conditions are good for fires doesn't mean they are going to be happening all the time. We do get lots of smoke patrols though which is nice with it being so hot on the ground.
Me - “Hey guys, mind if we climb to say 7500’ instead of 2000’ for our patrols?”
Lead - “Why, what's wrong with lower today?”
Me - “Nothing, just thought you’d like to fly in cooler air”
Crew - “Say no more!”
Finally a couple days into this we get what we’ve all been waiting for! Fire centre calls us with a dispatch for smoke sighted near a gas plant and provincial recreation area. Even on 5 minute get away and with a real smoke sighting things are still nice and calm getting into the aircraft and airborne. There are smiles all around though as we’ve been sitting and sweating for days waiting to be able to finally do our jobs.
30 minutes later and we are on location and looking for the smoke. You’d think it would be easy to see but in this region you have lots of rolling hills and tons of flare stacks from oil and gas sites that kick out little plumes of smoke once and awhile. Logging trucks on dirt roads also toss up clouds of dust that can hang in the air and give false alarms (one poor lookout tower called the same dirt road twice in one week). Hollywood has let you down again thinking we are racing to a wall of flames meters high all the time!
Crew member - “Got it! 3 o’clock in the valley.”
Finally one of the guys in back spots what we are after. Little white wisp coming off a hill side next to a gas plant. We can even see the pickup truck that likely belongs to the person who called it in.
Lead - “Lightning strike by the looks of it. Get me close and I’ll start the report”
So down we go to treetop height near the fire as the crew leader begins to make his notes and call it in as confirmed.
Lead - “Wanna hit it with the bucket?”
I’ve been waiting to hear that all week! We quickly land at the gas plant and the crew get out and hook up my bucket. Quick radio check to make sure we can talk to each other and I’m off looking for a water source.
Hooking up the bucket:
Looks like I’ll be putting on an impromptu air show today! There isn’t much water around here except for the lake where the provincial recreation area is. No boats on the water right now but I can see people on the beach. Well now the pressure is on.
Bucketing is about as non precision as long line work can get, you don’t need to place the bucket perfectly like you do with cargo on a line when picking up water (most of the time) and if you get a swing going then it’s fine to drop the water on the back swing vs making sure cargo is landing softly and upright with no lateral movement at all. Normally not a big deal for me mid season but I haven’t actually done any bucketing yet this year and first go out the gate will likely be on film….eeek.
My worries in my own abilities are misplaced thankfully and the pick up is pretty textbook if a little on the slow side. Next step is getting the water 7 miles over while playing frogger with the trucks on all the roads between here and the fire. We are not allowed to fly a load over top of people or property for obvious safety reasons and normally out in the bush there isn’t much to worry about. Today I have to cross a highway and several busy access roads with a surprising amount of traffic.
After weaving around some traffic I’m set up on my approach for the fire location.
Hmm I swear it was around here somewhere….
In the time it took me to go the 7 miles and back the wind had slightly shifted and the little smoke that was there was no longer visible. I creeped along towards the area I thought it was while looking out for the smoke or flames through my long line window. Now this tiny little window on an Astar is one of the main things making longlining with this helicopter difficult. Unlike Bell 407s/212s/205s you don’t get a nice bubble window to lean out. Instead you have this window in the floor that barely lets you see your load and makes other references in your peripheral vision harder to see.
Ah there it is!
Of course by the time I found the flames I was moving past them too quickly for the bucket to stop over them in time before passing. I figure better to go around and get a good hit rather than a partial and swing around for another pass. With a fire this small and not really spreading a direct hit will be more useful than just damping down the surrounding areas.
Round two with that bucket worked much better and I got to see that satisfying cloud of steam and ash that pops up when you hit a burning spot dead on. Couple more trips to the lake and back and again I have lost sight of the smoke and flames so I call the guys on the ground.
Lead - “We can’t find it down here either anymore, whole area around the tree is wet though so I think we are done”
By this time my crew had already called in a Firetack team and they were on the way with their Bell 205. I land and we pack up the bucket and line and watch the 205 land next to us. Quick hand over and we head back to base while they grid the area (basically walk the whole burned area and confirm no hot spots) and call it extinguished.
Next few days are much the same, bounce around on smoke patrol and hit the odd little lightning started fire that we find or are dispatched to. All in all a nice routine of low pressure fire work. Weather forecast coming up has some big storms in it though. With how hot and dry it has been there is a big concern that fresh lightning strikes will be much more aggressive in taking off since the rain that comes with them won’t be enough to soak the fuel.
Every morning we have a group call with all the fire crews in the region where they go over the weather and expected fire activity and predicted fire behaviour based on current conditions. This morning’s briefing we are told to expect frequent lighting and fast spreading fires with our previous warning of level 5 now at the max of level 6 with of course 5 minute alert notice for the day. Should be a good one!
First order of the day is to stage at a lookout tower to the north of Grande Prairie. Not a bad spot to hang out and watch the storms roll in but also a little exposed if a storm cell hits us. By 3pm we have a couple good ones building to the west of us and with the winds picking up and lighting getting closer we decide its best to head back to base before we get stuck there. Generally speaking you want to keep around 20 miles away from a thunderstorm if you can to avoid the worst of the wind and turbulence from one as well as the lightning.
Once in the air things look a lot worse than they did on the ground, lots of lighting west to us and moving in and there was another cluster of cells east of us with lots of lightning activity we couldn’t see from the ground. The cloud ceiling has dropped off as well with the tops of some of the large cell towers nearby disappearing. Now it’s a rush back to base before we get totally surrounded and are forced to land.
Me - “Grande Prairie Radio this is Astar Xray Yankee Zulu, will be passing just west of your airspace heading south to Graham fire base, how is the weather looking?”
GP Radio - “We have severe thunderstorm activity to the east and north with a SIGMET for hail in the area. Our lightning detection is showing large numbers of strikes in the area as well”
Me - “Understood, XYZ is about 20 miles northwest of you now and will be trying to skirt the edges of that, let me know if anything changes!”
GP Radio - “Sure thing, good luck!”
I always love it when ATC tells me good luck… For us today though the luck is indeed good as we have a large area of great visibility under the cloud deck on our way back to base. I did have to divert around some hills as the tops and towers on them were in the clouds but with 9+ mile horizontal visibility it wasn’t very concerning at all, a bigger deal to not over fly farms and spook their animals any more than the storms already have. You can see some lightning but nothing super close to us and by the time we made it to the fire base the worst of it in the area had moved east of us.
At this point we are figuring that will it be it for us for the rest of the day since the weather is not supposed to let up till tomorrow.
GP Forestry crackles on the hand held radio - “HAC one this is GP fire centre, we have a patrol for you when ready to copy”
Well so much for the evening off I guess. Based on some of the radio chatter we have been over hearing all the other aircraft are busy fighting some fires on the far eastern part of the region. The helicopter originally assigned that patrol was diverted to go help them but they still wanted some eyes on the western side.
Me - “Ok guys we know there is a ton of storm activity out there so in theory this will be a quick one just to show them we tried”
Crew is happy with that assessment and we head off to the first given waypoint. Things actually look a lot nicer out there, the ceiling has lifted a bit some no more dodging hills and towers and there is no lighting we can see. There is a lot of rain though. Another quirk of the Astar is how the rain flows over the windscreen, or really doesn’t. Windshield wipers are an option however most companies don’t bother with them as if activated in less than downpour conditions they tend to scratch the acrylic windows, not to mention the extra costs to maintain them and the weight they use. So what this means is flying into a rainstorm at 110 knots you basically can’t see much of anything out the front. Hills become vague outlines and you can’t see anything in any detail. here and are unrelated examples of light to moderate rain
This is where knowing the area is a little more important. How tall are the hills/mountains here? How about the radio/cell towers? That gives a nice safe base altitude to know you are clear of all obstacles. Seeing other aircraft is a little harder but there is also little to no one else out flying in these conditions besides other fire helicopters and we know where they all are at least.
Me - “This rain is getting a bit much, I’m gonna modify our route a little and cut off the western part to go south.”
No arguments from the crew, they can’t see anything anyway so might as well get this done faster. We get to the southernmost part of the route and turn back north towards base. Uh oh, it seems that the storm cells are moving a little faster now and the area that we wanted to avoid is now on our way home. With more lighting popping up again I do my best to find the clearer spots thinking maybe we can get lucky. Then we see a huge lighting bolt go cloud to cloud in front of us maybe 3 miles away.
Crew member yells over the intercom - “I want to be on the ground now!”
One of the guys in the back is on the edge of panic and calls out on the intercom after that one and to be fair I’m none too happy about the situation either. I’ve been watching for places to land the entire time we have been flying in case this happens and within less than a minute we are safely on the ground in a gas lease site. Most gas sites have cell service and we quickly let the fire centre know our situation. They start making arrangements to have a truck come pick us up in the event the storms don’t clear by sundown. I’m not as worried as based on the weather forecasts, radar and the nature of the storms we’ve been seeing all afternoon. I figure waiting it out on the ground for 15 minutes should be enough to give us some clearer skies for the trip home. I set my timer and helped calm down our worried firefighter.
Discussing with the crew leader we both agreed that we probably should have called it the first time I started diverting around storms as that was our plan before we left. We got suckered in because it seemed nicer than it was while the rain and terrain blocked our view of the area to show the lightning activity that was present. There is a common thing in aviation called “get there itis” where you push into conditions you would never take off in because you are already in the air and want to get to where you are going. We clearly had a little case of that today. My alarm goes off and we load back up.
Seems I was right and the skies while certainly not clear are free from rain and lightning in our area. On our way back we can hear another helicopter east of us getting into the same storm that forced us to take a break and they are now diverting to a different base to land as well.
Back on the ground at our fire base we end our day but not before getting a region wide safety alert. Seems while we were battling the storms out west, on the eastern side where the fire action was hotter a fixed wing bomber dropping retardant had a near miss with a ground crew.
The visibility was poor out there as well and the bird dog never made positive radio contact with the unit crew on the ground to confirm their location prior to the drop. They only got misted but from what I’ve been told that stuff isn’t the best to be getting coated in and regardless they should never be in the area where a drop is happening. Good reminder for everyone that those procedures exist for a reason and that no matter the urgency or the weather you don’t act without confirmation.
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2021.09.19 04:23 StayPuft_StayGolden Heart, basics and props on the garbage

A Cane fan since the late 80’s. The 5 rings set a standard (should’ve been 6 except for that BS call against Ohio St. in the 2002 National Championship Game). Lived in Miami until mid 2000’s. This team always had heart. Games were approached with a battle mentality as these kids from some of the worst parts of Miami showed their physical skills could match or surpass those of others in elite programs and in schools with unlimited football budgets and with boosters that could pay for the best equipment, newest stadium and training facilities. I still remember the cockiness the Canes of old had, which by the way was merited. Example was the 91 Cotton Bowl against Texas (one of the greatest games of all time). They knocked that team out (literally) and touted their superiority to the extent they had more penalties for taunting and excessive celebration (16 penalties for 202 yards in the game), who can forget Randall “Thrill” Hill’s run through the end zone, into the tunnel and then shooting off those finger pistols. Those Canes had heart and a reason to be cocky, they had won Championships in 87 and 89 and they were elite athletes.
The pedigree of heart, talent and excellence at Miami include names like Bam Bam Barrow, Rusty Medearis (who had more and better career stats in 2 years prior to his knee injury than many have in 4 years), Russel Maryland, Darrin Smith, Ray Lewis, Brandon Meriweather, Jonathan Vilma, Ed Reed, Jessie Armstead, Kenny Phillips, Jon Beason, Warren Sapp, Sean Taylor (gone too soon RIP), Jerome McDougle, Kenard Lang, Antrel Rolle, Jerome Brown (also gone too soon RIP), DJ Williams, George Mira Jr., Nate Webster, Bennie Blades, Maurice Crum,Cortez Kennedy, Dan Morgan, Phillip Buchanon, Vince Wilfork, Kenny Holmes, and that’s just defensive players!!! Including the offense and special teams would make my fingertips bleed.
The point is these players played with heart and pride. Some were able to keep that pride and heart when the rest of the team or coaches lacked skill and didn’t meet their standard or tenacity (e.g. Jon Beason). There was no need to have a turnover chain, or TD rings. These are stupid props that detract from getting the basics done consistently. They don’t inspire playing with heart for 4 quarters or with pride, knowing that you owed those that played before you (who made Miami a name to be feared and respected even if we were hated) to be the best you could be every play.
It’s time to get coaches in there that get there’s a lot broken and you need to establish 1) a vision of what we want to be 2) a plan to get there with no gimmicks while creating a culture of hard work, excellence as a standard and celebrating team milestones achieved in getting closer to the vision 3)you recruit that way, looking for leadership because finding amazing physical talent is the easy part 4) players start holding each other accountable. Stupid penalties- you call out your teammate for hurting the team and fucking with the vision. Anyone runs a play wrong- you call out your teammate for hurting the team and fucking with the vision. Lack of effort in practice or in the gym- you call out your teammate for hurting the team and fucking with the vision. It’s time to start over…vision, culture, team.
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2021.09.19 04:23 backtickbot

If you're using docker-compose, I assume it's for local development. During local development, I just run npm install and npm run watch while I'm doing my development outside of the container on the host machine. Is there a reason why you need to build your JS using containers?
Ideally you don't want to have to re-build your image every time you make a change to your source code. If you really just want to do everything in containers, you can add an npm service to your docker-compose using something like this:

 npm: image: node:14.16-alpine3.12 container_name: npm volumes: - .:/vawww/html:delegated working_dir: /vawww/html entrypoint: ['npm'] 
With this, you can then run your npm command through this service by running docker-compose run npm run watch for "npm run watch" and docker-compose run npm install for "npm install" (You can alias "docker-compose run" to "dcr" so you can just run a simplified command like dcr npm run watch).
How do you run your Javascript build step using containers? What's the best practice?
The best way I've found to do development with Laravel + Javascript and Docker is to just bind mount your Laravel directory into a single container while you're doing development. You can then run all of the commands you're used to (npm, php artisan, etc.) on your host machine to directly edit the files without having to hop into a helper container like the npm example above. In my experience, running helper containers to edit your files actually ends up killing quite a bit of time during development since it takes a while for the container to boot up if it hasn't been started yet, and other times (depending on your OS) the container won't immediately pick up on file changes on the host machine.
Once development's done though, then we have to build our Javascript in a container for production. At my company, our Laravel application is built using two Dockerfiles. One's a base Dockerfile that installs PHP and the extensions we need. This base is actually used in our docker-compose file where we bind mount the Laravel project and do our development as normal.
Once we're ready for a release, we have a separate Dockerfile which builds our application using Docker Multistage builds. One of these multistage builds includes our Javascript (we use mix as well, so there are no issues here using Laravel Mix with docker). We then copy the the results from this step into our final image.
So mutli-stage build where we build our Javascript code looks something like this:
FROM node:14.16-alpine3.12 as frontend # Install git incase our npm dependencies require git RUN apk update && apk upgrade && apk add --no-cache git RUN mkdir -p /app/public WORKDIR /app COPY package.json webkac.mix.js . COPY resources/js/ ./resources/js/ COPY resources/sass/ ./resources/sass/ RUN npm install --production=true RUN npm run prod 
Then, at the final stage of our production build, we copy over the frontend build of our JS code.
FROM base-image-mentioned-above # Copy Laravel Code COPY . . # Copy code JS build from frontend COPY --from=frontend /app/public/js/ /vawww/html/public/js/ COPY --from=frontend /app/public/css/ /vawww/html/public/css/ 
As a final note, you obviously don't have to use Alpine. When you're using multistage builds, it really doesn't matter what you use since everything in that image is discarded expect for the files that you're copying from that build. I'm just used to writing Alpine commands with Docker.
Finally, if you want an example of using two Dockerfiles where one is a base Dockerfile and the other one is a production one that uses the base Dockerfile, then check out this repo to get a better idea of what I'm trying to describe.
Let me know if you have any more questions. Best of luck.
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2021.09.19 04:23 Razorcrest999 A Saga based off of one of my favorite old Norse myths!

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