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2021.09.19 03:20 PatientModBot Amazon says it’s permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for review fraud

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2021.09.19 03:20 ectogen View point

Anyone know of a good spot with a view where I could smoke? Ideally in the car
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2021.09.19 03:20 MINK_OIL_PASTE I'm debating breaking up with my girlfriend but I can't decide. Fuck me.

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2021.09.19 03:20 77Columbus A sign that Broadway is back.

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2021.09.19 03:20 RoyalInterest How does pizza in America differ from pizza in Italy?

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2021.09.19 03:20 rockerBOO Poem for the enthusiastic gardener.

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2021.09.19 03:20 Royal_Opps Crossbow should be buffed heavy

I don't understand what they were thinking when making the crossbow. It takes so long to reload, and it's not even a one shot to the chest! Only a head shot is one shot, and every weapon has that. I think they really need to change the damage from the crossbow and make it that a torso shot is also a kill. I'm sick of playing elimination and getting crazy shots but not getting the kill. I know I can't be the only one who thinks that's a problem...
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2021.09.19 03:20 seckatary Baby's first insurrection

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2021.09.19 03:20 rmaties Trial code

First part: 6SY7ZS5UE
Second part: NY7KC7D
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2021.09.19 03:20 danielmcgee134 Auto delete episodes

Hay all
Wouldn't you agree we need this functionality in the Spotify app? Especially if we listen to a lot of parcast shows!
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2021.09.19 03:20 HonkyGoylightly So if I filed incorrectly they would have told me as such by now right?

I filed back in June just a couple days before the deadline. I had to do it by mail due to some stupid complications with not having my W2s from 2019 and unable to get a transcript from them (which is why I may not be able to return to school until the spring because I couldn’t do FAFSA). Anyway, I’ve never filed by mail before, and while I checked through the whole document like five or six times to see if I did it right, I worry that me messing up even some tiny detail is why I still haven’t heard anything from them. I’m supposed to get all my stimuluses on top of the refund, totaling to about $3,300 before the interest they will owe me for missing the 10 week deadline. But since it’s September, wouldn’t they have told me by now if I filed it wrong? I’ve gotten nothing in my mail or email. The anxiety of so much of my own money just being stored by this giant corporation for so long makes me uneasy. What can I do?
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2021.09.19 03:20 FabulousFuchsbau Pros and Cons of Marrying a Red Pill Man or “Red Pill Man”

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended this post is not for you
I would like to hear everyone’s take on this particular subject. I myself am married to a wonderful traditional man albeit not a diedhard fundamentalist. But I am curious to ask those who were married to a staunch Red Pill Man or a “Red Pill Man”, are currently married to a Red Pill Man or “Red Pill Man” what their relationship is like.
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2021.09.19 03:20 Jetex07 Alright, Lets Talk Tanking..

DRK main here, have been since it released and mained PLD before that, so overall time playing and as a tank has been 7 years.
I've been seeing a LOT of misinformation recently regarding good tanking practices and I wanted to clear the air for those who are new to tanking, those who are thinking of trying it, and of course for those who are confidently incorrect.
To start off this guide/rant, you as a Tank Lead the party, but by no means does this make you the Leader. There is no leader in parties, and if anything it's probably those crazy holy spamming bloodthirsty Whitemages. You decide the pace of the dungeon as you decide how much to pull, and where to stop, and everyone is there more than likely for the same reason as you which is to clear as fast as possible and get out. The only thing that changes this is if one of your party members runs ahead to pull more enemies, which leads me to my next point..
The META at the moment is wall to wall pulls in dungeon content, and has been for a good while. Tanks no longer have to worry about resource management to keep aggro like how DRK used to need MP to do its AOE aggro generator, and on top of this dungeons are set up so there's obvious checkpoints with a few packs of baddies in between. Of course not everyone is comfortable with this just yet, and that's completely fine, learn at your own pace and if you aren't comfortable pulling more just yet, communicate with your party that you're still learning, and I'm sure they'll be supportive and go at your pace. I would reccomend starting to learn pulling larger packs, as like I said, the META for dungeons is Wall to Wall, and it's good to eventually ease in to this.
Tanks might determine the pace of a dungeon for the most part, however keep in mind so do your DPS and healers. Once you're comfortable tanking, use the first pull of a dungeon to guage the strength of your party. Pull what you're comfortable with, and if you're doing everything right and still notice either your HP going down extremely quick or the mobs HP not dropping quick enough, you need to pull a bit less.
I swear to Nald'Thal if I hear one more Tank say "yOu PuLl It YoU tAnK" I'm gonna curse them all with infinite Aurum Vale runs. Your job as a Tank is to generate, keep aggro, and stay alive. (This goes without saying but every job should also dps) If a dps pulls an enemy, more than likely they're trying to get you to pull more as once again, Wall to Wall is the META. If you're uncomfortable with this, communicate with them that you'd like to keep to the pulls you're doing, and they'll probably stop. Most DPS will throw a ranged attack at a far off mob, then run to you where you should be already using your AOE's to kill the mobs you have, in which the pulled mob will latch to you. As well as this, if the enemy isn't being walked to you, just walk five steps and grabbed the damned thing. Letting another player die for pulling a mob which to be honest, is more help than it is harm, and then having this smug attitude saying they shouldn't of pulled doesn't make you right, it makes you a dick, and bad at your job. Tanking is so simplified in this Expac that it takes a single button press to pull aggro off of anyone but other tanks and multiply it by 5. The ONLY exception to this is if the party wipes from too many mobs being pulled, which could be caused by any number of resons including: 1.Tank doesn't have good gear, or didn't use proper CD's 2.DPS weren't doing enough damage and so everyone got worn out faster than the mobs were killed 3.The healer ran out of mana 4.Everyone was colorblind to the color orange and decided that the best place to stand was the shiny pulsing circle/cone and in unrelated news, lost a bunch of HP. If you are the Tank, your job is to tank, I don't care if the dps shot an arrow at the enemy from afar and now you feel like your Tank superiority is being threatened or challenged. GRAB THE DAMNED MOB.
Let's go in to something a bit more lighthearted now and talk about Tankxiety, because everything I've said in this guide so far and probably will say can get muddled by this. Tankxiety is that feeling you get when you're nervous about tanking and worried you might die, accidentally kill your party, or do something wrong and be judged for it. It happens when you're new to tanking, and even happens to veteran Tanks like myself every now and then. I want you to know it's ok to feel like this, and you're not a bad tank for getting a little nervous. Just take a deep breath, remember your tanking fundamentals, and focus on what's going on in front of you. Worst case scenario is it's a wipe and you need to just try again. Most people in XIV are really chill, and most won't get upset at a single wipe, just apologize, move on, and if you're having trouble understanding a certain mechanic, ask about it. Everyone's been nervous about their performance in their class at some point, and you're not alone, just breath and focus.
Speaking of Tanking fundamentals, let's talk about em! As a tank you feature a Tanking Stance (Grit, Shield Oath, etc.), a 3 hitter combo (Some even get a dps combo), some OGCD (Off global Cooldowns), an AOE aggro generator with at higher levels a second combo skill that does extra damage, a ranged aggro generator, a skill called Provoke, a stun, a Saving grace skill(i.e Living dead, Hallowed ground, etc.), and last but most importantly, your CD's (Cooldowns, or defensive skills) Your job as a Tank is to take aggro and hold it, which is easy with Tank stance on, your AOE aggro generator, and your ranged aggro puller for those pesky bastards 5 steps away. On top of this if one of your dps, or more likely your healer, pulls aggro away from you, Provoke is the skill you wanna use. It has fantastic range (More than your ranged attack) and immediately puts you at the top of the enmity list for the selected mob. Just keep in mind that it puts you Directly at the top, but not by much, so follow this up with a skill to hold on to them like your ranged hit, or just make sure they get hit by your AOE.
So now you've pulled aggro and all the enemies want a piece of you, and they're getting it! Oh shit why is my HP dropping so fast and the healer's running out of MP WTF!?! This is because you didn't use a Defensive skill, or CD, and you can't keep aggro if you're dead. Your CD's are skills that decrease the damage you take in one way or another, by either reducing the damage taken by a flat percent, or by reducing the amount of damage the enemy is doing. These should be used Preemptively when you know you're about to start taking a good bit of damage. Don't aim to use your CD's once your HP starts getting low, use them before so it doesn't get low, your healer will thank you. As well as this you have multiple different CD's that reduce damage, but don't pop them all in one go, spread them out. CD's don't stack as well as you might think, so using multiple at a time is just wasteful. For instance, Shadow Wall reduces damage taken by 30%, and Rampart reduces damage taken by 20%. Popping these one after another actually doesn't grant you 50% mitigation, it only gives 64% mitigation Because it's subtracting that 20% not by 100% anymore, but by 70%. You also have other skills that may reduce damageas well such as Reprisal which is an aoe that reduces damage dealt by 10% for a few seconds, and arm's length which its main purpose is to negate any knockback effects, but also applies slow to anythin that hits you (except bosses) for a few seconds as well! Either way, you have plenty of tools to reduce your damage taken, so make sure you space out your CD's accordingly to help out your healer.
If you notice you're about to die, it's not over just yet. All tanks come with a saving grace skill for these instances that could save their life and give ample time for the healer to get you back up. Every tanks saving grace is different so make sure you study the skill before using it willy nilly, else you may just make things worse.
So you have aggro and you're not dying, but what are all these other buttons on my hotbar? You, just like every other class in the game, still need to dps. The best mitigation is when everything that was hitting you before is now proptly lying on the floor dead, so keep up that damage.
Face the enemies, and boss away from the rest of your party. The enemies do AOE's and cleaves (attacks that aren't telegraphed but hit anything in its way) and there's no reason to have everyone dipping and ducking out of the way of them. On top of this some Classes have positional attacks that deal more damage from different sides of the enemy, so make sure once you do face them away, you don't move much. Of course if an AOE starts being pointed at you, that doesn't mean take unnecesary damage, duck out of the way, then once the telegraph is gone, move back in, and bonus points for using the arrow underneath the enemy to position yourself right back into place.
When you have 3 or more enemies pulled at one time, your AOE aggro generator now officially does more damage than your 3 hitter combo (with a few exceptions), and you should spam this instead. Let's say your regular attacks of your 3 hitter only do about 100 damage to a single target, and your AOE only does 50 to a single. If there's more than 3 enemies, you're now dealing 50 damage times however many enemies you have pulled, so overall it's more potency and damage. At higher levels you get a combo skill for your AOE aggro puller that does extra damage as well, so even more reason to spam that AOE! Just make sure it's only when you have 3 or more, otherwise it's just a waste and you could be dealing more.
If you want to flex your tanking ability a bit, an easy way to do so is by stunning a mob's AOE without flinching. Every Tank class comes equipped with the job action Low Blow, which is a stun on cooldown, and PLD even gets a multi-use stun with shield bash. Note however that any status effect in the game, stun included, has reduced effects the more it's used on a single enemy. So if you stun the enemy for 5 seconds the first time, the second will only be 3 seconds, then 1, and finally it'll fully resist the stun, so don't push your luck. Added tip: The best DPS for a WHM to do is spam the move called Holy, which also stuns all enemies in a small AOE around them(It's also fantastic for mitigation because you can't take damage if the enemies are stun locked). If they're doing this, which they should, just keep in mind your stun will probably not work. So given all this in mind, as soon as you see that orange AOE pop up and your DPS start running for the hills, don't run, kick that stupid Mob in the face and show him who's boss. Speaking of skills that cancel enemy moves...
All tanks also come equipped with the skill Interject, which interupts specific magic attacks that bosses and some enemies will do. The way to tell if an attack can be interupted is if the castbar of the attack is flashing and glowing. Best practice in this case is to not waste your stun on these attacks and instead use your interupt, that way you can save the stun for other enemies. Don't bother trying to use interject on anything else, as it will not work.
I can't believe I have to say this, and it doesn't just qualify for tanks but all classes in the game. At Level 30, get your damned job stone from your class quests. There is literally no reason not to as it unlocks new skills. In most later content if you join without your job stone, i.e a Gladiator rather than a Paladin, you should, and probably will be kicked for trolling. "You don't pay my sub!" Yeah, and you don't pay everyone else's, so stop ruining their dungeon experience by inherently making yourself worse and get your damn job stone, it's literally easier than getting new gear.
When you join content that has multiple tanks, general rule of thumb is whoever has more HP should be main tank(MT) and unless it's otherwise needed, should be the only one with stance on, as to not bounce aggro back and forth and make the healers jobs more difficult. Of course there's content that needs multiple tanks, and of course of the main tank dies, your job as Off Tank(OT) is to pop your stance, use provoke, and take over where the other guy left off. Don't let your healers or DPS play tank while the MT rez's. Good practice is to make sure you're always second in line in the enmity list, which can be viewed from the party HUD. As a side note, some Trials have mechanics that require a Tankswap, which means the MT can no longer take damage from the boss or they'll risk death. Make sure when these come up, you use Provoke to take aggro from the MT and take over in their stead. If the roles are swapped and you need the other tank to take over during a Tankswap and they're not using provoke, don't worry, you have a skill for this as well. All tanks come with the job action Shirk, which transfers half of your aggro onto a selected party member. If the other tank isn't taking over when it's needed, make sure you use this on them to force the swap.
Most bosses follow the same criteria that they have a raidwide damage attack that lowers your party's HP, and a tankbuster that does massive damage to the primary target. Get to know these based on the boss you're fighting and use your CDs accordingly. Boss is gonna raidwide? Use reprisal to lower the damage it does to your party. Tankbuster coming up? Make sure you're not gonna cleave anyone with it (if it does) and pop some CDs. In the case of taking Tankbusters, popping multiple CDs at one time is actually a good idea.
Some trash mobs do different mechanics, like large unavoidable AOE's, or the lookaway mechanic. This can harm your party if not dealt with immediately, so I suggest once you recognize an enemy that does mechanics, to mark them with the 1 sign. This'll tell your party to deal with this first before it becomes a problem.
So with all this covered, let's go over a trash pull, and a boss pull. The dungeon starts, you pop Tank stance if it's not already on, then grab the first pack by making sure to hit everything with your AOE. After grabbing this pack, don't stop, keep moving forward and grab the next pack till you're comfortable. Finally you either hit the wall, or find a place you and your party are comfortable at, now it's time to face them away, start your AOE's, start popping and spacing your your CDs. If you start getting close to death and things are looking dire, don't forget you have a saving grace move that just might keep the party from a wipe. Make sure if you notice one that does something interesting to mark it, stun, interrupt, and anything you can to reduce the damage your party is taking, and once everything's good and dead, move on to the next packs or the boss. Once you get to the boss, make sure you keep an eye out to learn the mechanics, and the name of the raidwide and tankbuster skills to keep an eye out for them later in the encounter. Through all of this if you start getting nervous, remember to just relax and take a deep breath. Tankxiety is normal and you're doing just fine. Before you know it the boss is dead and you get those sweet sweet comms. Congratulations you've now successfully completed a dungeon as a Tank!
The last bit of advice I can give is Communication, and that's not just for tanking. If you have an issue like needing to slow down, or DPS not doing a certain mechanic, don't just rage about it to yourself or message your FC complaining about "this idiot is in cleric stance lol", say something in party chat and let them know! Just don't try to overstep and try to tell someone who didn't ask how to do their job.
I've probably missed a thing or two however half the fun of playing a game is learning how it works by playing, so get out there and be the best damned Tank you can be! If you have any questions about specific things to do with general tanking, or Dark Knights, feel free to DM me, or if you happen to be on Exodus, shoot me a /tell there! I'm Jetex Alvain in game and I'm usually more than happy to help with anything.
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2021.09.19 03:20 lemmelurkhoe I recently watched RHOBH for the first time, which one should I watch next?

I’m addicted SOS
View Poll
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2021.09.19 03:20 Senior-Bandicoot-64 trading these for good offers!!

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2021.09.19 03:20 _mf8492 [PC] H: List W: AA2590 UGL, TS50H90 Missile, Q2525 10mmPistol, Q2525 Gamma, Assn/AP/WWR Marine Arm L/R, Leg L/R


White Powder Jumpsuit
Fasnacht Deathclaw Mask
AA/FF15R UltraciteGatlingLaser (AA/FF90 UltraciteGatlingLaser Trade Only)
Ts/hit/15R Broadsider
Ts/hit/Dur M79 Grenade Launcher
AA/FF15R 10mm Pistol
AA/FF25 Plasma Rifle
AA/50h/90 Gauss Rifle
Ari/FFDur Flamer
Su/Hit/15R Pepper Shaker
B/50H/15R Pipe Bolt-Action
Q/50H/25 Western Revolver
J/E/15R Double Barrel Shotgun
J/E/15R 10mm Submachine
J/E/15R Hunting Rifle
J/25/15R Radium Rifle
J/25/15R Combat Rifle
J/HIT/15R Gauss Rifle
J/HIT/15R Lever-Action Rifle
J/HIT/15R Hunting Rifle
Vang/StFood Raider Power Armor Left Arm
Ari/Ap/Sent T-45 Right Leg
Uny/Int/Sent Heavy Raider Left Leg
Uny/Ap/Sneak Urban Scout Chest
Chamel/Poison/Sneak Urban Scout Left Arm
Assn/Poison/WWR Heavy Raider Right Leg
(1lv) Uny/Ap/Sent Leather Left Arm
(1lv) Uny/Cryo/Sent Wooden Chest
(1lv) Assn/Poison/Sneak Leather Left Arm

AA/FF90 UltraciteGatlingLaser
TS/50H/90 Missile
Q/FF25 10mm Pistol
Q/FF25 GammaGun
Assn/AP/WWR Marine Arm Left
Assn/AP/WWR Marine Arm Right
Assn/AP/WWR Marine Leg Left
Assn/AP/WWR Marine Leg Right

I am using a translator because I am not good at English.
There may be difficulties in communicating.
I'd appreciate it if you understood.
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2021.09.19 03:20 feirnt Pythonic Way to Import Custom Classes from Another Folder

Python 3.8.
I've made a few classes that help me do things.
I decided I should put them in one folder 'libs'.
My projects are in other folders. Usually, things are organized like this:

root \ libs \ project \ anotherproject 
Now, in, I want to import MyClass.
Googling "import class from another folder" I find I should do this:
from sys import path path.append('../libs') import MyClass 
That works, and I can live with it.
But PEP 8 whines about that. Import is not at top of file. That makes me think there's another, better way.
I found info about relative pathing that made me think I could do
from .libs import MyClass 
But Python: ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package
So I'm left wondering about the Pythonic solution.
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2021.09.19 03:20 uglygirlohio Are your macaws defiant ?

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2021.09.19 03:20 jeogan How do you sleep after a close?

I’m back in college which means 7am rises. Problem is I close a few nights a week aswell. When I get home, even though my body is tired my mind feels overactive. I’m tossing and turning for hours. I’ve tried avoiding coffee/soda but with little success. Anyone got some good tips for sleeping after a close?
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2021.09.19 03:20 freeworldgroup Run Away Train

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