2021.09.19 04:26 DadOnGames Enjoy

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2021.09.19 04:26 raptors_13 EI during School

So my gf started her last year of uni and after applying she was told that her application will be reviewed. She has two jobs and works roughly 20-25 hours what’s the chance of her EI being denied?
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2021.09.19 04:26 snodoubts i'm so excited for the seven seas release of boy meets maria! even if i already have the (beautiful as everything milkyway ediciones makes) spanish edition, i can't wait to see what they do with it, and who knows, i might get it aswell🤔 even if i don't do, I'm still so excited lmao

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2021.09.19 04:26 shesfreeasabird AHHHHHH

I CANNOT WAIT FOR H3 TO RETURN THIS WEEK!!! I’ve been so upset all week lol
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2021.09.19 04:26 FLackoJayy Fav song between rocky and skepta 🔥 rockys flow is soo good

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2021.09.19 04:26 wanttojoinairforce Physical Therapy Exercises Not Helping for Back to Work Lifting Boxes?

I had a rotator cuff injury and did physical therapy, they had me do supine serratus punches, internal/external rotation with exercise band and some other stretches, my shoulder had no pain after and I returned to work but the therapy did not prepare me, I lifted a few 15 pound boxes/packages and immediately felt my shoulder injure again
So I want to know what kind of exercises actually help prepare you to lift boxes without injuring shoulder again? The physical therapy I did not prepare me at all for this kind of lifting
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2021.09.19 04:26 Medical-Mil-2026 Russian SVD vs. AS Val?

If you could only have one and it be an original, not US made or put together, which would it be?
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2021.09.19 04:26 misterp42 002

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2021.09.19 04:26 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-epitteto-6

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2021.09.19 04:26 audeon A Digitakt/Microfreak Experiment

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2021.09.19 04:26 GG_the_Unicorn Let’s go Grian!!!!!!!

Congrats to the orange ocelots
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2021.09.19 04:26 Flakybiscuitbasket Had a nice outing today (scroll for setup)

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2021.09.19 04:26 squanchando Quer acompanhar o desenvolvimento de um servidor de minecraft foda? Cola no discord.

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2021.09.19 04:26 SzegedNewsBotka Illegális migránsokat tartóztattak fel Csongrád-Csanád megyében

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2021.09.19 04:26 joddard Ally Beardsley Please?? [NS]

Theyre the best at creating PC's and RPing relatable characters.
As the last one in the Bad Kids(and DM), I expect they're naturally in line for a guest spot!
At least I hope so.
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2021.09.19 04:26 OOOH_SHIA_LABEOUF anyone wanna become accountability partners?

I'm starting a 30 day hard mode challenge (with the ultimate goal of 90), and I know for a FACT i'm gonna need some nofap-bros to talk with throughout the 30 day period. If any of y'all are starting out, or if you're a veteran looking to help a newbie in need of guidance, lmk in the comments below.

I've been struggling with porn for 8 years now, and since I've turned 22 I've been realizing more often than not how serious this issue has become. I've also realized that overcoming an 8-yr long addiction won't be easy and having some help would be much appreciated.
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2021.09.19 04:26 doodlelol me as soon as anyine gives me an ounce of attention

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2021.09.19 04:26 abbyb12 WW Weekly Check-in Post: September 19th ~ 25th, 2021

Please use this thread to share all about your week! Feel free to tell us as much - or as little - as you like.
Are you new to WW? Are you coming back after a hiatus of sorts? Feel free to (re)-introduce yourself here. Naturally, if you are an "experienced" WW'er, we'd really appreciate any insight or your thoughts as well.
What successes did you have this week? Any NSV's (non-scale victories)? What about challenges or struggles you faced?
Are you a meal prepper or more a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants eater? Did you eat a great point-friendly meal? Did you try a new recipe that you can recommend to us? Found a new SP gem?
Things are opening up again - albeit more slowly in some places of the world. Do you have any strategies for staying on track as our social lives may be getting busier?
Let us know!
More importantly have a great week, WW friends!
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2021.09.19 04:26 Ok-Lynx3162 Nycfc ticket

Anyone know if u can use ticket in apple wallet to get in the game? My ticket isn’t showing up on Ticketmaster app . It’s showing up on website in past events but with no barcode. (This is for the rescheduled derby game)
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2021.09.19 04:26 Zealousideal-Fan-373 Day #38 got the pex clamps all clamped up for the water system and the girlfriend did an amazing job sanding the outside and helping me lay the primer down.

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2021.09.19 04:26 Additional-Golf7391 Rainbow came out today while crawling

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2021.09.19 04:26 braderaku007 If Saudi Arabia and Iran ever went to war would Egypt get involved?

View Poll
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2021.09.19 04:26 thepinknotes "My boyfriend asked for space- how long do I stay away?"

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2021.09.19 04:26 dronna i’m so proud of my lil hut!

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2021.09.19 04:26 Nextpage101arigh What movie makes your eyes rain?

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