What teams can i usr to best all the extreme battles?thanks in advance

2021.09.19 04:42 Accomplished_Ad5463 What teams can i usr to best all the extreme battles?thanks in advance

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2021.09.19 04:42 Tele_Prompter Yeadon - Sanity (Extended Mix)

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2021.09.19 04:42 Grand_Novel_9059 What is your favourite musical genre and why?

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2021.09.19 04:42 Jhinter [USA-CA] [H] Campfire Audio Vega, Sennheiser Game One + Astro Mixamp Pro, Two Workrite Single Monitor Arms, Leopold FC650MDSPD Cherry Browns KB, CoolerMaster Notepal Laptop Fans, Google Daydream View, Broken GTX 760, Questionable CX500 [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Timestamp Images Feel free to make offers, requests, or inquiries.
Local to 94010

Item Price Description
Campfire Audio Vegas $450/465 Local/Shipped Vegas: Original box and kit, original litz cable.
Sennheiser Game One + Astro Mixamp Pro $80/100 Local/Shipped Comes with original box. Pair is good for either PC or console gaming. Includes TRRS adapter for use with Mixamp. Mixamp includes original box and accessories (SPDIF, USB power, 3.5mm).
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 $60/75 Local/Shipped Right ear's pad is frayed, could be due to be replaced. Cable frayed at 3.5mm but works fine. Comes only with carrying case.
DT 990 Pro 250 ohm $110/125 Local/Shipped Purchased April 23, 2021, comes with original box.
Two Workrite Single Monitor Arms $100/125 Shipped These retail over $200 each, one has a custom replaced clamp.
Leopold FC650MDSPD $100/115 Local/Shipped Leopold: Newly purchased on June 5th, 2021 to test form factor. Cherry Browns.
CoolerMaster Notepal X3 $15/25 Local/Shipped Notepals: Good laptop fan, has extra usb ports.
CoolerMaster Notepal X-S $15/25 Local/Shipped Notepals: Good laptop fan, has extra usb ports.
Google Daydream View $30/40 Local/Shipped Original case and controller.
Likely Useless: CX500 and GTX760 $25 ea Local/Shipped CX500 and GTX760: GTX 760 likely broken, CX500 is questionable.
Please comment then pm.
Thank you.
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2021.09.19 04:42 logarium Dark Sun 2e - Asticlian Gambit, Part 3

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2021.09.19 04:42 BeeSqweet Reputable seedbanks?

Recently just purchased 6 seeds from Elev8 and wanted to see what else is out there. I've tried looking on NeptuneSeedBank, but it's filtering options are limited. Realistically all I'm looking for are Indica Dominant, Feminized seeds.
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2021.09.19 04:42 NAMEREDDIT Diva, Lora Ashley, night silence, teddy and happy day.

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2021.09.19 04:42 Traditional-South583 Want a good LOR, but how?

High school for me, like for most of us here, was online for two years. I feel like I've missed on so much in terms of connecting with teachers. I want at least 1 of my 2 LORS to be a teacher who can genuinely speak for me outside of academic ability. And that list of teachers is basically non-existent for everyone in junior year. Online school made it so hard to connect and although I do have teachers that could possibly speak about my academics and class participation, I'm assuming that it would be such a great added advantage if someone could speak of a more personal side of yours. I'm reluctant on giving a brag sheet as I feel that the letter may turn out very impersonal and almost like a template. I've heard of people adding an extra LOR of someone like a coach, which may be a good option. Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding situations like these or just in general on letters of recommendation? Thanks
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2021.09.19 04:42 buzzlightyear77777 Is this game for me?

I have played till storming the castle of the first boss and my opinion is rather neutral of this game. does it get better later on? what is it like, more grinding, more zones, more bosses thats it?
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2021.09.19 04:42 Mysterious-25 Snake skin

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2021.09.19 04:42 DullWasabi [discussion] How do you get yourself motivated?

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2021.09.19 04:42 LakrauzenKnights Parrot

I dunno about hobby alignment, but I've always found it a bit entitled when (in my experience) women *expect* you to drop everything and have sex with them right now.
Like, If my partner was gardening, or painting, and I waddled in and perched my erect cock on her shoulder like a parrot, and expected sex right then and there, I feel like that would be a much less sympathetic reddit post, right? Idk man.
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2021.09.19 04:42 FroskyDosky give me sketch ideas ill draw anything no sussy shit!!!

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2021.09.19 04:42 successXX fragile egos tournament 9/19/2021

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2021.09.19 04:42 PhotonSoul 19 [M4A] Just an empty day.

I don’t exactly enjoy talking about myself in places like this specifically, so I’ll keep it slightly vague. I’m a nerd, not the “Netflix for hours” kind unless maybe I was with someone. Honestly just kinda feel really empty, I don’t expect a long-term chat but it’d be preferred. Oh, from California too.
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2021.09.19 04:42 Green-Feature-6028 Best store-bought kimchi for price?

I live in the bay area, and have been looking for a renewable source of kimchi. How is everyone getting their fix?
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2021.09.19 04:42 7861279527412aN Passing School Field-Trip To Smithsonian Temporarily Doubles Number Of Pro January 6th Protestors

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2021.09.19 04:42 AlphaKryptonyte CD 49| 9-10 DPO | easy@home | 5th pregnancy after 4 miscarriages, my fingers are crossed! 🌈

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2021.09.19 04:42 Shad0w_No0b Dani Should Upload 3 more vids on his main channel then he'll be the perfect youtuber

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2021.09.19 04:42 GorseHag How to switch between bomb types??

I have been stuck at a point in the game since receiving the floating bomb. I know that I need to use a regular bomb at this point, but cannot figure out how on earth I switch between the two!! would anyone have an answer to this for me? I am using a keyboard if that is relevant Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.19 04:42 PIiskin Please add me. Will send gifts daily

FC is 2472 3888 3908
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2021.09.19 04:42 RiffsThatKill Getting the Arctic LF II 420 into the Phanteks P500A - It can be done, but...

I spent a lot of time researching whether or not a big ol' Arctic LF 420 AIO could fit in a Phanteks P500A, saw that a few people did it (with some trouble in some cases), so I went for it.
Reason being, I'm able to achieve a stable 5.0ghz OC on my 10700k if I have a minimum of 1.35v under heavy load (p95 and Realbench). That puts my temps at about 91-93C during those tests, a little too toasty for me. Backing off to 4.9, I'm able to run everything fine at about 81-84C. I was using the 280 version of the Arctic LF II, and just bought the 420.
Things you will need to know if putting this in the P500A (front mounted, of course):
Tubes/barbs will need to be at the top of the rad, even if you have the vertical GPU mod. I saw someone do it barbs down, but they had to really bend their tubes to accomplish it--very cramped. I mounted tubes up, no sound issues at all.
-You will not be able to mount the radiator directly to the case to use a pull config for fans -- the power button switch housing and connector get in the way when you try to put the rad flush with the inside of the front of the case.
-This leaves two options -- push/pull or push. You CAN put a set of fans between the rad and front of the case -- this leaves enough room so the power switch's housing and connector do not interfere. So, push is fine. Push pull is also fine IF:
-You are using 25mm fans for your second set, or replacing the Arctic fans with 25mm. The Arctics are 27mm. I bought a set of Arctic BiOnix to use for the pull of a push/pull setup, but the entire chunk of rad and fans was too thick to slip into the bottom next to the PSU shroud -- by about 3-4mm. Because of this, you can only get away with using 25mm thick fans for the second set.
-You cannot rectify this problem by putting the fans that are thicker than 25mm on the outside of the case, behind the mesh, EVEN IF you do the mod to the mesh cover that many are aware of. The mesh case front cover is not deep enough at the top to accommodate a fan thicker than 25mm! If you have fans 25mm or thinner, you can put them on the outside, behind the mesh cover.
for TLDR -- be careful installing the Arctic LF 420 in the front of the Phanteks P500A! You cannot do:
-Cannot do pull only -- radiator too big and hits power switch
-Cannot do push/pull with a second set of fans thicker than 25mm
-Even with the mod for 140mm fans on the outside, you cannot put any fan thicker than 25mm on the outside of the front, behind the mesh cover (cover not deep enough).
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2021.09.19 04:42 pog_king335 What was the biggest misconception someone had about you that would have exposed you?

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2021.09.19 04:42 Thorhammeronetwo Hard mode BBI - Will I struggle with low physical defense?

My final level 200 character is looking likely to be:
HP: 3416 ST: 3715 Attack: 572 Mag: 508 Defense: 240 Magcika Defense: 527
I'll likely be playing exclusively Magicka Archer.
I'm asking now because I'm level 108 and perhaps still have time to raise my physical defense by playing Fighter if it's desperately needed for Hard mode.
I'm noticing on post-Daimon BBI even on Easy that I'm getting near 1-shotted to many physical attacks quite often (Gorecyclops mace, Garm bite, etc.). Those are probably attacks that must be avoided, I'm assuming.
Are 1-shots just the norm on Normal and more so on Hard or is there a minimum physical defense that is reccomend will greatly help?
Will 240 be way to low or will it likely not matter as something like ~350 will still get me 1-shotted or near 1-shotted?
I'm asking because I'm on console and really don't want to restart a brand new game.
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2021.09.19 04:42 kennymc7877 Isn’t this the team that was supposed to run the division?

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