2 oz silver copy of the 1794 flowing hair dollar

2021.09.19 05:05 HoppityFroggy 2 oz silver copy of the 1794 flowing hair dollar

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2021.09.19 05:05 Own-Ad-4548 [Amazon] 75% off 32.8ft LED Strip Lights, TINMIU LED Strip Lights with App Control via Bluetooth, Music Sync {Expires 30/9} [Coupon: 75SIVJYB]---$9.99

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2021.09.19 05:05 The_Guermo How do Japanese kids say "pick me up."?

I used to teach in JP and i forgot what it was my kids always asked me..... Sad now.
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2021.09.19 05:05 MissSara101 ‘DWTS’ premiere: Mel C will perform to a Spice Girls song

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2021.09.19 05:05 worldnewsbot Israel reportedly used a remote-controlled gun to assassinate an Iranian scientist

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2021.09.19 05:05 enchantably Rhis was day 2 of having these two, we knew we made the right call

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2021.09.19 05:05 cupfullofjoe Stuck Ball Bearings in Hub

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2021.09.19 05:05 MotionlessMerc Chimney liner remover or old ceiling fan?

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2021.09.19 05:05 Choice-ask-789 What form is better

Who is the better form
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2021.09.19 05:05 aflowergrows Missed Connection Arabesque xpost r/waterloo

Posting for a friend:
" I met you in the lineup at Arabesque. Walked in just before I did around 5:30.
I thought to you were gorgeous! So I worked up the courage to say hi. You turned around and said hi back! And despite the fact that we were both wearing masks I knew you were smiling. We ended up chatting. I haven't felt that kind of a connection in a very long time. Instant. Electric. Intense.
Your name is Ryan, and you were on a date. You asked me about myself and I told you that I gave up dating, because it's hard when you parent 100% of the time with no breaks. Coincidentally, you parent your boys alone too! You were telling me that you've been on Christian mingle, and it's strange to be dating again.
We had such a good conversation in such a short amount of time. And all I wanted to do was write my phone number down and ask you to call me if it didn't work out with the woman you were on a date with. But it seemed inappropriate at the time, and I froze.
You paid for your food, and you left. You looked over your shoulder once. I saw you getting on the motorcycle with your date and driving way. My heart sank, and I knew I'd made a huge mistake. Possibly one of the biggest mistakes of my life, and I know that sounds ridiculous. I'm so sorry I didn't give you my phone number. The second you drove away I knew I lost my chance.
I hope I find you and I hope I get to have a conversation where I can see your smile, stare into your beautiful blue eyes."
If Ryan reads this please send me a message and I hope to connect you to my dear friend T.
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2021.09.19 05:05 pandemisexu4l Men really have a lot lower bias for other men than you think

I got in a bit of a kerfuffle with someone the other day and she firmly believed that men had this weird "old boys" club where men picked men for certain positions or promotions just because they were men.
And I'm not going to argue that that doesn't happen - of course it does, humanity is a wide array of people - she literally could not be convinced that men actually have less of a bias towards their own than she interpreted. Everyone seems to believe that men like other men simply because of their gender when this has actually been proven false multiple times. Men, as a whole, actually tend to have a social preference benefiting women.
I know that's weird to hear for a lot of people but the science backs it up.
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2021.09.19 05:05 LoretoYes Manchester Sítio

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2021.09.19 05:05 GhandiCalloro "Geneva is not an option"

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2021.09.19 05:05 TheWarBleed Doing taxes yourself vs a tax agent

I am just wondering how many people on this subreddit do their taxes themselves vs getting a tax agent to do it for them.
Are there any advantages in getting a tax agent to do my taxes (other than saving time) if I’m already aware of all my incomes/expenses?
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2021.09.19 05:05 Dead_Anime_Duo Mirror Valley Psychiatric Asylum

This is a somewhat creepy story was made by me and my friend who share this account. This was made for a class project and obviously isn't perfect but we hope it's enjoyed either way. If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it!
“It’s okay Axel, I’m prepared”, Mary exclaimed as they started walking deeper into the forest. They reached the deepest parts of the forest of Mirror Valley, as the two kids wandered aimlessly hoping for an adventure. Mary was a young teenager who was short and had long red hair. Axel was a teenager as well, but he was older than Mary; he had short dirty blonde hair and wore very shaggy jeans with a giant t-shirt he stole from his father; however, Mary wore a beautiful sundress that her mother bought her for her birthday last year.
They wandered for about two hours before stumbling into a clearing. There were vines hanging from the trees blocking their vision, but they could still make out a very large building in front of them. Mary was the first to start walking toward it, as she was braver than Axel. Mary had always been the adventurous one ever since they were little.
Axel shouted towards Mary, “Wait! We have no idea what this place is, what if it’s dangerous!?”
Mary stopped and looked back at him for a moment before shrugging him off and saying, “C’mon Axel we came out here for a reason, what if we find something cool! Stop worrying so much.”
“I don’t know Mary...I just have an eerie feeling about this place…”
“Aww are you scared? “ Mary says giggling “It’ll be okay Axel, I promise!” She then ran towards the building as fast as she could. Axel grudgingly follows as he doesn’t want to be left out here all alone.
Axel groaned in defeat, “I should probably go after. She might need some strong guy to step in and protect her, right?”
As Mary approached the building she could see faint letters. She read them out, “Mirror Valley Psychiatric Asylum.”
This excited her as she had always marveled at exploring abandoned buildings. She could only wonder what secrets it might hold; however, she was much faster than Axel. She was very impatient, but she had to wait for Axel because she knew he’d be worried. Once Axel finally caught up, he was very out of breath, so Mary had to wait for him to take a breather. It was clear, the building was overgrown and had not been touched for a very, very long time. By the time Axel had caught his breath, Mary was already searching for a possible entrance to the building. There was a small window that led to the basement level. It was the only entrance she could see so she shouted for Axel. “C’mon I think I found a way in!” Axel quickly made his way towards Mary.
He spoke up as he didn’t like the idea of basements, “You know I can’t go down there. I'm terrified of creepy basements. I won’t even go in mine!”
In a taunting tone, Mary teased him, “It’ll be fine Axel. I’ll be right here. You can hold my hand if it makes you feel better?”
“Ew no. I’ll be fine”
Laughing,” Okay you baby”
As they looked through the window into the basement they could see a bookshelf against the wall they could climb down. Mary pushed on the window seeing if it would open but it seemed stuck. She asked, “Hey Axel, could you try pushing the window open?”
Axel complied, “Sure, hold on” Axel gave the window a quick shove and it popped open.
“Nice job Axel!” Mary said excitedly. Mary jumped at the opportunity and quickly said, “I’ll go down first!” Mary slowly made her way down the dusty and somewhat broken bookshelf like a ladder. After Mary made it down safely, Axel made his way down even slower and very cautiously. One of the shelves broke under Axel, almost making him fall, but he caught himself before it was too late.
“That was close!” Mary exclaimed with worry
Axel and Mary both felt very uneasy when they started to walk down the halls of the asylum. There was a thick cloud of dust heavily coating the air. There were piles of debris and rubble around every corner caused by the building slowly decaying.
At this point they were far into the asylum and were wandering around not sure where they were going. At some point they had come across the old rooms of the asylum psychiatric patients. They looked in a couple of the rooms before turning to look in room 313. There, they saw someone resting in the bed. Axel almost screamed before Mary quickly put her hand up to cover his mouth. She whispered, “Don’t make a sound. We don’t want them to know we are here…” The thing lying in the bed slowly turned its head without moving its body. This time Axel did scream.
Axel started to run away before the creature screamed out, “Hey wait! It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to anyone...please don’t be scared.” Mary grabbed Axel's arm and pulled him back towards the entrance of the room. The creature got up and its head slowly went back to facing the normal way.
Mary was frightened, but called out to it, “ First of all number 1 who are you? And number 2, what are you doing here?!?!?!”
The creature stood for a moment. Taking a second to remember the answer to her question before answering, “My name is Philip! If I remember correctly of course...it’s been centuries since I’ve been asked. And I live here. In the asylum. Although, I wish I didn’t. It’s the only thing I can call home now.”
“Why can’t you find somewhere else? This place is practically falling apart.” Mary asked. Axel was still too scared to say anything or to move.
“I’m not allowed to leave. Something or someone won’t let me.”
“That's ridiculous. You can clearly just leave. There isn’t anything stopping you.”
“Oh yes there is. I’ve tried many times to leave, but I just can’t. Something’s keeping me here.”
“Do you have any idea why?”
“Well, if you think about it, I am dead.”
“WHAT?” Mary and Axel both yelled at the same time before Axel went back to being too terrified to say anything, almost passing out.
“I’m dead. A ghost. You couldn’t tell?” Philip replied happily, “I died here, that must be what’s keeping me here.”
Mary, clearly shocked said, “You died here?! But this is an insane asylum!”
“Yes. That is correct. I originally came here seeking help. Before...before I died.” Philip continued after a brief silence, “I saw things… Everyone thought I was crazy, maybe I was, but no one helped or even tried to understand me or what I was going through. They admitted me to the psych ward. One day they started to give me pills that were supposedly going to help me. And at first they did, but eventually it all came back. The visions, the faces, the voices, the sleepless nights… Everything”
With concern in her voice Mary replied, “I’m so sorry you went through that, it must have been awful.”
Philip said with a shaky tone to his breath, “Oh but that’s not the worst part. They decided to increase the amount of pills they gave me. That night, when it all ended, they mixed the wrong combination of prescriptions together. I slowly slipped away from reality, it felt as though I was being dragged through the roughest parts of hell. The amount of pain that suffocated me and destroyed my will to thrive was unbearable. That night more than just my human body died, my soul died with it. The only thing I have left is this ghostly form, left to roam the earth forever never to be free.”
Mary, stumbling over her words let out, “Is there any way we can help set you free?”
“I’m glad you asked!” Philip replied, lunging towards Mary and Axel. Philip drained the souls out of Axel and Mary making them go through the exact pain he felt when he died. The screams of Axel and Mary were ear piercing, traveling through the empty husk of this earth. Their bodies fell to the ground in what felt like slow motion.
With the last bit of her remaining breath Mary groaned, “I guess I really wasn’t prepared…”
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2021.09.19 05:05 leonnnnnnnnnnnn Monash Guarantee

My friend is worried about university entry. The Monash Guarantee for their course doesn’t have anything like UCAT, etc, just study score prerequisites and stuff. If the Monash Guarantee for this course was 90, and they got a 90, would they definitely get in? Like, no question about it, they just automatically get a spot in the course?
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2021.09.19 05:05 cherrythrow7 They're not blowing smoke up our ass

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2021.09.19 05:05 DRUNKxDRIVER This newest update is even worse than the spring 21 update. A BIG fuck you to Gameloft for furthering destroying this game!!

The following statements summarize my experience with this latest abortion of an update: - I don’t even bother with festival. I did zero upgrades on the last car because the price for a mediocre B class is twice as much as a regular S class. - getting rid of mastery was pure RATFUCKERY. The one fucking thing we had left to grind for tokens—GONE. Regular credits are now a premium currency. - AVATARS = DOUCHEY AF. Whoever at gameloft suggested we wanted avatars to play dress up with should kill themselves. - Seriously FUCK YOUR AVATARS. So fucking stupid. - this game crashes all the fucking time now - I hate the new design for the garage. Just awful. - SPEND YOUR TIME DEVELOPING NEW TRACKS NOT LAME ASS COSTUMES THAT ONLY APPEAL TO 12 YEAR OLDS
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2021.09.19 05:05 W0kiesd0ntliv0nend0r <-----------[BossFlair] How many times You Have Rocked out to 7empest

I think this song matched Eulogy in sorts of ways
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2021.09.19 05:05 AgtRedBeard Best Morning Show FM radio in the 414?!

Is Bob and Brian still the best morning show in the 414? I say it's obvious, but let the people speak!
View Poll
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2021.09.19 05:05 RedRing14 Whats sad is I could really see this being their response

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2021.09.19 05:05 Psychological-Cry288 Looking for people to play with on Java or Bedrock

Hey 21 year old that got back into Minecraft again that’s looking for some people to play with I play on bedrock or Java
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2021.09.19 05:05 RShneider Everyone talks about Norm’s impersonations of Bert Reynolds and David Letterman. My personal favorite was Kathy Griffin.

I’m wet.
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2021.09.19 05:05 OsoDeMaricon We got a trend on our hands, folks! Who will be the next grifter to claim to have covid while making algo-tested yet unsubstantiated claims about their home-remedy treatment?

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2021.09.19 05:05 the_indominus Disabling xiaomi services framework in MIUI 12 Poco f1

Hi all. I want to disable xiaomi services framework using pm disable user command in adb as it is continuously running in background. But I saw in some forums that in MIUI 12 it causes bootloop if we uninstall/ disable xiaomi services framework. Has anyone done it in MIUI 12? (more specifically Poco F1)
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