Army Academy Sports

2021.09.19 04:13 NathanV2002 Army Academy Sports

I’ve always wondered this. Can anyone go to West Point football games, or do you have to attend/ work at the college to go
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2021.09.19 04:13 RoseBuckler Redditors, how long have you been touched starved(skin hunger) for?

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2021.09.19 04:13 ParkerSnowofSkagos (Spoilers Main) There are..

So many stories in the World of Ice and Fire (the general world of Planetos, I mean, not TWOIAF).
We have TWOIAF and F&B as historical novels of what happened in Planetos over the years. But if any PoV stories came out about the times in Jaehaerys I's reign, or some wildling chieftain 1000 years before the dragons came to Westeros, we would read them in a day and ask for seconds.
Why is that? Why is this world created by GRRM so damn good that we would take literally any new story about it and be grateful for its delivery?
It brings me to this question: doesn't GRRM know this? Doesn't he know that a PoV from a whore in King's Landing set in 82 AC would be amazing. As would a PoV from the Sealord of Braavos in the year 113 AC. We do not care! We want it all and would consume it as fast as possible. Perhaps he knows that we love it all because it takes him time to produce it.
It could be for GRRM to deliver such an amazing World, it takes too much time to write so well. So he focuses on his main story, and a few others. In a lifetime, he will only do enough to deliver us the content worthy of this adoration in a few stories. If he could produce more in quicker times, it would not yield the same adoration.
I am okay with that, truly. I am okay that to make me love Planetos so much, to make me crave any and all stories associated with it, took too much time to cover the entirety of the World. Or perhaps, the genius behind the first ASOIAF novels, led us all to want more and more. F&B and TWOIAF were great, but they were not stories. Maybe our need for more was due to the ASOIAF novels, and the novellas just satiated our tastes for awhile, though being incomparable to series they were based on.
Maybe it would take too long to have a D&E for every damn thing that ever happened in Planetos. Yet, I still want it, I still crave it and I think we all do. GRRM is human. And as a reader, it is quite amazing to be so engrossed in an author's work that any addition to the said work would make me even more grateful to the writer.
Why do we think this is? I never thought this after Harry Potter, or LotR. Yet, I do feel it with GRRM and the World he created. Every day there are hundreds of new reddit posts, youtube videos, etc., that we cannot help but wonder why there is such pull to Planetos...
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2021.09.19 04:13 newsfeedmedia Iowa teacher proudly shares how she circumvents state’s ban on CRT by encouraging questions

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2021.09.19 04:13 Alex8525 Setup Engine and Database

I am a 1600 rated player and want to improve.
I was thinking of setting up an engine (stockfish) with some front end and some data base of games and openings and middle games.
Is there anything like that available for free which has instructions?
Thank you.
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2021.09.19 04:13 Asateo Burned Maggie.

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2021.09.19 04:13 weeping-wisterias 💥Are you looking for a swaggy growing community ? 𝐏𝐋𝐒𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐔𝐒 has a spot for you! 😍 Come join us for game nights, vcs, interactive channels and more! Plus if you join Swish might kiss you 🙈 [Main Age Group 18-25]

💥Are you looking for a swaggy growing community ? 𝐏𝐋𝐒𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐔𝐒 has a spot for you! 😍 Come join us for game nights, vcs, interactive channels and more! Plus if you join Swish might kiss you 🙈 [Main Age Group 18-25] submitted by weeping-wisterias to discordserver [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 04:13 Klov1233 This Game has 2 main Problems.

So i didnt wanted to try this Game out because i heard bad stuff about it, like Toxic Community and stuff like that.
Well i started it, 20 Casual Games for Ranked.
Some of it was good but most Games was with very Toxic 15 Years old people lol who just cry and cry and cry more.
Well i didnt care because i wanted to start playing Ranked.
First 3 Random Games,
in the first there was a Smurf with 30 Kills in our Team
Next 2 Games there was a Smurf in the opponent Game
Well and all the Ranked (Bronze/Silver) Games was toxic as hell.
Im coming from Cs Go and tbh after playing idk 40 Games in today i will go back to another Game.
Just wanted to say that, if you wanna try out this Game i recommend you playing only with Friends.
Just don't play it when you solo q
The Community is worse then League and Cs Go together.
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2021.09.19 04:13 alcosexual Mods, can we get a little help?

I'm seeing a troubling trend of late and I think it's time that the mods took a more active role in combating it.
Back when the game first came out, this sub was inundated with disappointed and upset fans who felt that the game fell short of the expectations that CDPR laid out for it. Any post or comment that was even remotely positive was immediately shouted down. People were angry and they weren't about to tolerate someone having fun in Night City. Not on their watch.
Now, ten months later, lots of those fans have gone on to other interests - presumably because they don't have the time to bash a game they didn't like and no longer play.
Thus it falls to those that remain to remind the newcomers and casuals just how bad this game is, doing the hard work of informing the common player about the over-hyped promises, the bugs, the nonexistent choices - that is, the utter travesty this game represents.
But it's not easy. Every day, more newbies are picking it up, unaware how to hate it, playing it and actually enjoying the world design, the setting, the characters... blissfully ignorant or apathetic to its lies and shortcomings. In short, we're seeing actual fans of the game begin to rear their ugly heads.
We're doing our best to stem this worrying tide. I personally spend hours crawling through the posts, ready at a moment's notice to paste in a quip about the non-existent NPC AI or the promised-but-not-delivered RPG mechanics.
But still they come, blithely ignoring any of this game's shortcomings, intent on enjoying it despite all its flaws. We need your help mods, lest we become a subreddit overrun with people who actually like Cyberpunk 2077.
My suggestions:
Deploy bots that use AI to monitor comment sentiment. Anyone expressing enjoyment or satisfaction with the game should be temporarily banned on the first offense and perma-banned thereafter.
Throw a sticky onto the comments of every comment section with a list of all the reasons to hate this game, so we don't have to spend quite so much time throwing these criticisms into replies.
Message newly subscribed members of the sub, letting them know that cyberpunkgame is for people who want to spend their time in an echo chamber, hating a game that no one is making them play, and rehashing the same criticisms that have been talked to death every day for the last ten months.
With these measures in place, we can spend less time ensuring that people hate this game as much as we do. Thanks for your time.
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2021.09.19 04:13 Candy767 Longer title because mod bot said I needed one

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2021.09.19 04:13 Only_PacksFree Bella Romano

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2021.09.19 04:13 NickMac761 COP Real Info Flyer

COP Real (COPR) is the first ever Colombian-born stablecoin that is collateralized by gold, we wrap an existing gold token on the market with the advantage of every day uses for our token. We developed this token for our target audience in Colombia with future expansion plans to greater South America.
Launch upcoming in mid/late October via our IDO token VERDE!
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2021.09.19 04:13 Danton23h Picked up this little month old boy tonight, wife wanted a bird that would be hers as well as mine. We named him Kagu-Tsuchi, Kagu for short. Didn’t get any pictures with me, but he’s just as cuddly

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2021.09.19 04:13 Confident-Virus-6322 Why is it that people promote body positivity but not FACE positivity?

Always wondered about this. Plus size models still have a model esque face. Symmetrical, conventionally beautiful… etc. Now please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the body positivity movement and am so thankful for it.
I just wonder if people have noticed that no one talks specifically about feeling positive about your face. Especially with fillers and plastic surgery becoming more and more common. They’ll say: you’re beautiful no matter what etc. but don’t get into specifics like the body positive movement does: stretch marks vs. lack of symmetry on face, under eye circles, no jawline… I wanna see models with no jawline!!! I wanna see normal faces being represented and celebrated too.
Does anyone think this is the next step for society?
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2021.09.19 04:13 saumipan Superior jeans

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2021.09.19 04:13 nerdcorner An IG page/ webpage to follow what new yorkers are reading on thee subway?

I'm looking for Humans of New York (HONY) version of what random people in new york streets or subway are reading. Any website suggestions?
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2021.09.19 04:13 jotaesethegeek Lush mineshaft

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2021.09.19 04:13 Unlikely_Dark_3428 🐶MICHI🐶 - 🤑BUSD Rewards! Popular and FIRST meme token based off Crypto Messiah's pup. 🚀Stealth launched today! 🚀Safu Dev!

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CONTRACT: 0x9afc115ba889114a32bf36ea71ac837bf9f86bde


Are you waiting for lighting to hit? GET IN NOW! Dont miss out and qq later. LETS GET IT MICHI!!
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2021.09.19 04:13 Kalkurt Reforged Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber issues

I bought said lightsaber from Galaxy's Edge last month and I've been having speaker issues with it and the bunny ears fell off yesterday. I'm really hoping someone knows how to fix these issues. I've emailed Disney twice and haven't heard back from them. I'm going to call their customer service on Monday.
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2021.09.19 04:13 TheLaunchPadNews Inspiration4 Sonic Boom from Cape Canaveral!

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2021.09.19 04:13 Cheap-Shower-8336 ones to watch and other question

2 questions
First: Is it worth getting the ultimate edition for $99
And second: What do you have to do to get ones to watch players
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2021.09.19 04:13 digitalPeneTrashun I love these little guys

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2021.09.19 04:13 Dependent_Method_446 : [ravedj]

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2021.09.19 04:13 MatchCaster Post-Match Thread: Austin 3 - 4 San Jose Earthquakes

[Major League Soccer - Matchday 32] Austin 3-4 San Jose Earthquakes Match Info:
Austin - 4-2-3-1
Starting XI: Brad Stuver, Héctor Jimenez, Julio Cascante, Jhohan Romaña, Nick Lima, Daniel Pereira Gil, Alexander Ring, Jon Gallagher, Sebastián Driussi, Tomás Pochettino, Moussa Djitté
Substitutes: Andrew Tarbell, Žan Kolmanič, Frederik Kleemann, Jared Stroud, Sebastian Berhalter, Diego Fagúndez, Cecilio Domínguez, Rodney Redes, Orrin McKinze Gaines II.
Coach: J. Wolff
San Jose Earthquakes - 4-2-3-1
Starting XI: James Marcinkowski, Tommy Thompson, Nathan Cardoso, Tanner Beason, Marcos López, Eric Remedi, Jackson Yueill, Cristian Espinoza, Javier López, Carlos Fierro, Benjamin Kikanovic
Substitutes: Daniel Vega, Jacob Akanyirige, Luciano Abecasis, Oswaldo Alanís, Paul Marie, Cade Cowell, Andy Rios, Jack Skahan, Chris Wondolowski
Coach: M. Almeyda
Match Stats:

Austin 3 - 4 San Jose Earthquakes
51% Ball Possession 49%
13 Total Shots 15
9 Shots On Target 8
2 Shots Off Target 4
2 Blocked Shots 3
9 Shots Inside Box 11
4 Shots Outside Box 4
7 Corner Kicks 8
0 Offsides 2
16 Fouls 9
5 Yellow Cards 3
1 Red Cards 0
4 Goalkeeper Saves 6
349 Passes 336
280 (80%) Accurate Passes 285 (85%)
Match events
4' Yellow Card for Austin
6' GOAL! Scored by S. Driussi (Austin)
17' GOAL! Scored by M. López (San Jose Earthquakes)
36' GOAL! Scored by J. Gallagher (Austin)
45' GOAL! Scored by A. Ring (Austin)
46' Substitution: C. Dominguez for M. K. Djitte (Austin)
46' Substitution: S. Berhalter (Austin)
46' Substitution: C. Cowell for C. Fierro (San Jose Earthquakes)
49' GOAL! Scored by C. Espinoza (San Jose Earthquakes)
57' Penalty scored by J. López (San Jose Earthquakes)
58' Yellow Card for A. Ring (Austin)
61' Substitution: R. Redes for J. Gallagher (Austin)
61' Substitution: D. Fagundez for T. Pochettino (Austin)
61' Yellow Card for C. Espinoza (San Jose Earthquakes)
63' GOAL! Scored by J. López (San Jose Earthquakes)
65' Yellow Card for A. Ring (Austin)
65' Red Card for A. Ring (Austin)
67' Substitution: P. Marie for T. Thompson (San Jose Earthquakes)
69' Yellow Card for J. Cascante (Austin)
72' Yellow Card for P. Marie (San Jose Earthquakes)
77' Substitution: J. Skahan for C. Espinoza (San Jose Earthquakes)
85' Substitution: A. Ríos for J. López (San Jose Earthquakes)
85' Substitution: O. Alanís for Nathan (San Jose Earthquakes)
90' Substitution: O. McKinze Gaines II for J. Romana (Austin)
90' Yellow Card for E. Remedi (San Jose Earthquakes)
90' Yellow Card for A. Ríos (San Jose Earthquakes)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Sebastián Driussi 7.3 92 2 0 49 6 3
Diego Fagúndez 7.3 31 1 2 13 6 1
Alexander Ring 7.2 65 2 1 29 5 1
Daniel Pereira Gil 7 45 1 1 33 8 2
Jon Gallagher 6.9 61 1 0 7 1 0
Rodney Redes 6.7 31 0 0 8 3 0
Nick Lima 6.6 92 0 5 21 8 0
Brad Stuver 6.5 92 0 0 28 0 0
Julio Cascante 6.5 92 2 2 18 7 0
Sebastian Berhalter 6.5 47 0 3 23 8 0
Héctor Jimenez 6.3 92 0 2 27 8 0
Jhohan Romaña 6.3 92 1 1 51 10 2
Cecilio Domínguez 6.3 47 0 0 17 3 0
Tomás Pochettino 6.2 61 0 1 9 5 0
Moussa Djitté 6.2 45 1 0 12 7 1
San Jose Earthquakes
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Javier López 8.5 85 3 0 13 5 0
Marcos López 7.3 92 2 0 44 7 0
James Marcinkowski 7.2 92 0 0 14 0 0
Cristian Espinoza 7 76 2 1 16 6 2
Tommy Thompson 6.9 68 0 3 31 7 3
Jackson Yueill 6.9 92 1 0 37 1 0
Jack Skahan 6.7 16 0 1 0 7 0
Eric Remedi 6.6 92 1 1 39 5 0
Carlos Fierro 6.6 45 0 0 21 4 0
Cade Cowell 6.5 47 0 0 7 11 7
Nathan Cardoso 6.3 86 2 2 47 16 2
Tanner Beason 6.3 92 0 0 50 2 0
Benjamin Kikanovic 6.3 92 1 0 10 10 4
Paul Marie 6.3 24 0 0 3 4 0
Oswaldo Alanís 0 6 0 0 1 0 0
Andy Rios 0 7 0 0 0 0 0

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2021.09.19 04:13 Aggravating_Two_5082 Avisikta sarkar

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