Greta is a communist

2021.09.19 03:38 gehtdichnixan_lol Greta is a communist

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2021.09.19 03:38 a_bathtile_green i just turned eighteen years old yesterday. i want my adult life to be PMO free.

i have been addicted to porn and masturbation since i was eleven years old. no one ever told me what sex was. i grew up very sheltered. i discovered it on my own with the internet and my obsessive compulsive disorder took me down into a dark hole. my entire adolescence was spent hating myself, being ashamed, getting more and more depraved everyday and self-harming out of disgust with my own thoughts and fantasies. i want two be able to split my life into two distinct eras. I have been trying to quit for three years. i want this to be the final time i try. my adult life will be porn free. this cannot go on.
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2021.09.19 03:38 VelociraptorAgiota ruined underwater portal with submerged lava | Seed: 1330356138 |

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2021.09.19 03:38 Gentleigh21 Got butthurt just looking at this sign

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2021.09.19 03:38 Yuquan91829 [middle school math] please help I don't know how to solve it

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2021.09.19 03:38 SpiritualSite3076 request from u/Nanacho420

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2021.09.19 03:38 Tokipudi A Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea kind of DLC would be great

If the assumptions are correct and that the game truly is set in the Dishonored universe, a DLC handled in the way Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea did it could be neat to mix the two worlds together.
I really don't know how it could be done so it would make sense - after all, even after the game is finished, I'm not sure I understand everything in its entirety - but it feels like a cool idea.
For those who don't know, Burial At Sea is a set of two DLCs for Bioshock Infinite set in the world of the first two Bioshock games: Rapture.
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2021.09.19 03:38 BB3447 GG Florida, Bama fan here

You guys are going to beat Georgia again this year. See you in December. That’s all!
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2021.09.19 03:38 WildTreeSnam_56 The AH-64 is so hot.

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2021.09.19 03:38 marklm725 September 19 Daily Dose of Presales and Fair Launches

Today's (09/19) in UTC:
Brought to you by u/CryptoScavengerGroup

01:00 | LA | 🟨 Technodoge (
02:00 | FL | 🟧 Grandpas Secret (
10:00 | WL | 🟧 Rinnegan (
16:30 | WL | 🟧 Galaxy Adventure (
17:00 | FL | 🟧 Baby Krypto (
17:00 | WL | 🟨 Doxxed Official (
17:00 | WL | 🟧 CryptoBeasts (
20:00 | PP | 🟨 Moonies (

Featured Project: 🟩 PhatFloki (
✅To check projects for honeypot, you can do the command / honeypot ‘CA’ in our group.

✅Use the StaySafu scanner before further researching the token you want to invest in: u/SAFUScannerBot
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2021.09.19 03:38 Cyrusbear "At one point during the meeting, Khalil ul Rahman Haqqani rose from his chair and began punching the Taliban leader [Baradar]. Their bodyguards entered the fray and opened fire on each other, killing and wounding a number of them"

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2021.09.19 03:38 ntup787 Ever since I was a little boy I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

They trained me ever since I can remember in that base, I actually never felt the sun until I was 13 when they first put me in this ridiculous suit and send me to my first mission, they called me by many names: simbol, solider, alien, hope. I have seen so many people die by my own hands and I can still feel the warmth of their blood. They told me "you are the greatest hero ever" "you will bring peace to the world" "we all hope you save us". How I wish someone could kill me.
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2021.09.19 03:38 BitchItsRobin Can't even take a shit in peace

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2021.09.19 03:38 CCL1223 My favourites A-Z(#). Super tough, thinking of doing favs for every year I've been alive

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2021.09.19 03:38 Philosophyoffreehood What an idiot followed by a cluster fuck.

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2021.09.19 03:38 BibiLuvsKilli Truly, the cat’s meow. Thanks, Little Moon 🌙 🥰

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2021.09.19 03:38 __nzsv It's okay to fail.

hey, it's okay to fail, it's okay to disappoint others, or even yourself sometimes. you cannot reach everyone's expectations and standards of you, because you're a human. don't beat yourself just because you saw those disappointed faces and heard those disappointed voices. it's not like you can and will be perfect in a human's eyes. it's fine even if you think that "you're just like this"; dear - please know that you're a better version of yourself than yesterday, and that itself is already enough.
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2021.09.19 03:38 LizzyIsFalling What am I doing wrong with my Peperomia Piccolo? Details in comments.

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2021.09.19 03:38 KoopaTroopa888 i have created an abombuhnation

i have created an abombuhnation :))
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2021.09.19 03:38 glenlassan Drug smuggling across international lines for the Lord. Or how my dad's white privilege got him off the hook for taking codeine across the US/Canadian border.

Sigh, just sigh. First things first.

  1. Codeine is an controlled substance in the USA.
  2. It's not in Canada. You can get aspirin with Codeine in it in Canada.
  3. There is a popular myth that you can bring small amounts of Codeine across the US/Canadian border as long as it's for "personal use.
To repeat, that's just a myth. The fact of the matter is: No, you fucking can't.
"You would be committing a felony crime in both Canada and the United States. Re-think what you are planning to do or save a lot of money and hire a lawyer in the US and another in Canada in advance of your illegal activity. That way you can at least get good advice after you are criminally charged and already have you attorneys up to speed on your cases."
-Some Lawyer guy from the internet-
Again, to repeat.
With that context out of the way, we are now ready for story time!
So, I live near the Canadian border in NYS. As in "look out your backyard. ON the other side of the river is Canada" close. Once upon a time in the pre-9/11 era of easy travel across international borders, an Elderly missionary couple served in my home branch. The man of the couple, was something of a mentor figure to my father, and as such my dad was absolutely devoted to him.
After the missionary couple's service was over, as he had "gotten used to" getting his own Codeine-laced aspirin in Canada, this gentleman asked my dad for a favor. "hey can you get me some pills and mail them to me in Utah every so often?"
My dad, the trusting god-fearing family man, branch president, and local schoolteacher gladly decided to "do a favor for a friend" that involved committing felony drug smuggling across the US/Canadian border, and mail crimes by using the postal system to transport controlled substances across state lines.
My dad's career as a Mormon "breaking bad" dad continued for quite some time (months or years is my understanding.) until eventually the authorities caught up with him.
What expert investigation technique defeated my master criminal father and his legendary feats of smuggling?
Someone took a picture of his US plates at a Canadian pharmacy and forwarded it to border patrol.
Not knowing about any of this, when my dad was asked by Border Patrol on that particular run "Do you have anything to declare" he noted a stronger emphasis than normal, and he felt it was time to "fess up". He later stated in testimony meeting that he felt that decision was inspired by the holy spirit (oh how god loves to protect his drug-smuggling Mormon dads!)
Upon confessing his felonious ways to the Mounties he was told "Yeah, see we already knew you had it. We got your plates at the pharmacy. Take it back and we won't ruin your life with felony charges. "
And that's the wonderful tale of how my dad's white privilege's protected him from multiple felony convictions of drug smuggling and mail crimes, that by his own admission (during testimony meeting no less!) that he was 100% guilty of!
The lesson?
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2021.09.19 03:38 MacJackFlapAttack Ok. Wtf is this?

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2021.09.19 03:38 -Fire-Red- How do Liberal Pakistani view Jinnah and Partition?

Hello folks! I am from other side of the border.
I wanted to ask questions to Pakistani liberals, so I thought this might be good place since your official sub is on the right side of spectrum.
1)Do you have positive opinion on Jinnah? Is Jinnah considered Secular Leader or Muslim leader?
2) Do you think partition happened for good? Do you wish partition never happened?
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2021.09.19 03:38 WildSapling When you like trading so much that you start seeing charts everywhere

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2021.09.19 03:38 CianXIII [USA-CA] [H] Asus TUF 3080Ti, 3060ti FTW 3, Asus 1080ti Assassins' Creed Edition, MSI 1080TI Lightning Edition, lots of CPU coolers, lots of Noctua Fans, free stuff, etc [W] Local cash

Local : 94015 Bay Area
Read First

I'm liquidating my assets just like citadel to load more ammo for AMC. Also didn't realize I'm a noctua fan hoarder as some are never even used. Bulk purchases, we can talk about a lower price. I will be keeping 2 of the 4 gpus listed to whichever remain.
Item Local Price Notes / Description
Asus 3080ti TUF $1900 Purchased BNIB last week for SRP from another redditor, opened and tested, then placed back. Will trade for any 3080 for MSRP difference that fits a formdT1.
EVGA 3060TI FTW 3 LHR $750 BNIB. Will trade for any 3080 for MSRP difference that fits a formdT1.
Asus 1080ti Assassins' Creed $900 Bought brand new in a liquidation auction on 08/17/2020, still ahs the lot tag attached with removable tape. Took the card out of the box and left it in my PC, complete with factory accessories. It still has the protective films on it and it stayed around 65 degrees during gaming, never stressed or messed with its clocks. I've never redeemed the code as well so IDK if its still valid. I believe on 3000 made in the world AFAIK. I can't find any place selling it even on ebay, so feel free to offer.
MSI 1080Ti Lightning Z $650 Used in my other pc for my kid brother playing valorant, minecraft, and roblox. Never messed with settings.
MSI Core Frozr L $30 brand new, never used
NH U12S AMD $40 Used for my NCase M1
Noctua NF-A14 PWM $20 Never Used, brand new
Noctua NF-A14 PWM $20 Never Used, brand new
Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax $20 Never used
Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax $18 light use
Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax $18 light use
Noctua NF-A12 PWM Chromax $18 Never Used
Thermaltake Riing Plus 14 RGB $80 Complete and cleaned
Aigo RGB 25mm fan $10 Never Used
FREE items with a purchase, pick 1
Item Description
Phantaks 140mm fan
Random RGB fan 120mm One is broken, take both
Phanteks Lux RGB Ring I think thats this item, unverified if its working
Glorius model 0- Works but it goes off when raised too high, idk if mobo was problem
Up here GPU support bracket
Taotronics SoundSurge 47 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Free with purchase of GPU only
Comment, then PM
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2021.09.19 03:38 himekoshiraishi [Theory] SSWoollim's Y-axis implementation was not "accidental". It was an experiment.

Remember the great UI update of this game? Remember that Dalcom "accidentally" implemented Y-axis mechanics in the game? Yeah, I have theories about it.
My theory is that this whole oversight was not really an oversight at all. Rather, it was an experiment on how players will feel after the implementation. In this theory, I think Dalcom already made plans about it.
If players do not make any fuss about Y-axis and they just generally accept it, then the game stays in Y-axis. On the other hand, if players complain about Y-axis, then Dalcom will revert the game's mechanics to X-axis and will try to act as if this Y-axis was an accident.
If the former happened, maybe SSM, SSJYP, and SSStarship would have been updated to Y-axis, because players do not care. But the latter happened, so all 4 games stay in X-axis.
All of these are just my theories, though. They may be wrong.
What do you think? Do you agree with me? And what is your theory on why Y-axis was implemented in the first place?
Thank you for reading!
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