Which country do you wish you were born?

2021.09.19 04:55 browndudefromNW Which country do you wish you were born?

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2021.09.19 04:55 ArticlesofAugust Little fox- wood burning on birch.

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2021.09.19 04:55 Aquareon Survey: 90% of Atheists Have Been Vaccinated, But Only 57% of White Evangelicals

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2021.09.19 04:55 seensham Damn it. My cat bumped my hand and my thumb grazed the top left >:(

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2021.09.19 04:55 rhurlow Dealing with jealousy and resentment with old friends.

Do you have lifelong friends that just seem to haven't really gone anywhere with their life? I noticed that everytime my life gets a significant boost(promotion, new house, getting married) these friends seem to almost be angry about it. Like they will be really passive aggressive and say things like "must be nice". Anyone have a frame of mind to take when this happens?
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2021.09.19 04:55 Tele_Prompter Daniel Kandi & Prox - Freefall (Extended Mix)

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2021.09.19 04:55 Are_you_sure_010 Genesis 3 revisited

There has been a a long time importation of blame and excuse into the responses by Adam and Eve to God's question. When the text is read as a bare bones honest and complete response by each, it passes the test for straight forward, clear, complete communication. The curses for Adam and Eve are also unnecessarily complicated. Their orientation are basically inevitable. Adam was taken from the earth, so his new life is centered on his origin as well as his destination. Now his mother earth gives him thorns and sweat. By the same token Eve has new difficulty with her "Mother" Adam. Now his joy in receiving her as "help meet" bone and flesh is replaced with domination by him, pain in child birth and ironically her inexplicable desire for him. Not a curse; just the facts. Finally the angel bars the way to the tree of life, the only tree that was really in the midst of the garden. Jesus realizes that the flaming sword is also the way back. Humanity could only go back home if it is willing to make the walk through the flaming sword of suffering and death. Jesus call to the disciples is to join him in the suffering and death that was necessary to regain life. All of Israel is the "Son of God" called to suffering and death. When Jesus is the only one to make that decision to take that walk, the gentile Centurion renders the final verdict: "Truly this man was the (only) Son of God."
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2021.09.19 04:55 Usa_border Madden 22 PS5 league 150$ winner.

  1. 6 min quarters
  2. Competitive style
  3. 24 hour advances
  4. No abilities given everything is earned in this league
  5. No quitting or you will be kicked out of league .
  6. Since some teams may quit , I allow new members to join up until week 7.
  7. No playing cpu or trading with cpu
  8. All trades must be accepted by me.
  9. Schedule games on schedule games channel or direct message opponent .10 change your nickname to team you choose when you join franchise
  10. Away team must stream game, stream snipers will be kicked out of league. No exceptions
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2021.09.19 04:55 WhatsUpDudeee How do you feel with a language barrier?

I have only ever had one girlfriend; which was back in high school (I'm 23 now), she only spoke English and my mom can't speak or really interpret what's going on unless it's very basic conversation (hey, hello, how are you, etc). When I introduced my girlfriend to my mom, both my my mom and girlfriend were nervous, didn't know what to say, and it just felt awkward. They only ever interacted once, and I tried avoiding any further times my girlfriend would interact with my mom, mainly because I could tell they were both uncomfortable with the language barrier - but part of the nervousness came from them not knowing each other well.
Anyways, I was 17 at the time, I was still immature and I have grown a lot as person. I haven't dated anyone since, and the only relationship I had last about 3 months, so I'm really inexperienced with dating. The thought of getting into a relationship with a girl who only speaks English makes me nervous how she'd be able to meet my mom.
How do some of you guys manage this? it just seems a bit awkward...
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2021.09.19 04:55 Solarminecoin I want a doge on the moon

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2021.09.19 04:55 Deathbeforetaxes21 Woman Claiming To Have Been Knocked Up By Aliens?

Do they pay child support? Regardless its a pretty erie story.

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2021.09.19 04:55 DeificWhiteBoy fed bad defies all logic

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2021.09.19 04:55 bbbruin23 Random dude walked into my apartment as a prank

I know my door should have been locked, but have some fucking decency and maturity, people. I have a right to feel comfortable in my own home.
Oh, and to the assholes who did it, after you went to go tell your friends how cool you are for trespassing right outside my open window, we heard everything! Y’all sound like immature children. Grow up.
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2021.09.19 04:55 NesquikMilk (PPR) Higbee or Pitts?

WDIS for TE?
View Poll
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2021.09.19 04:55 QuantP1 Keyboard issues in bios

I purchased the diy edition and Im trying to install an os from a usb stick and when i turn on the laptop it says the default drive isnt bootable, which makes sense, whats weird though is that ive tried pressing every key i can and it wont move past that screen. It got in once and then all other keys stopped working though it did detect the usb drive
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2021.09.19 04:55 BetFlimsy7958 New collection is starting to go for sale!!🔥

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2021.09.19 04:55 Animationtails I got this enchanted book from a mineshaft. What should I do with it?

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2021.09.19 04:55 Soft-Implement-4048 What the hell is going on with Coinex massive sell off

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2021.09.19 04:55 BraveUnion Would you be interested in 4.1k support thought process vod reviews?

Just something I know I wanted when I was silver. I also don't really have a habit of reviewing my gameplay so might serve as a good habit for me and hopefully somewhat educational for ye! I play all support characters but main Ana. If they are any good I would be happy to review any games ye have. Something to do with my free time lol.
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2021.09.19 04:55 purplewithabeanie Smiley Ops Skin Concept!

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2021.09.19 04:55 parishhills So Will I (100 Billion X) - Hillsong Worship

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2021.09.19 04:55 ErickR2D2 History of Samurai Clans of Tsushima Day #4: Clan Adachi.

We're almost done with these posts, so let's hurry things along. Shall we?
#3 Clan Adachi So far the only clan that we have more information outside Clans Shimura and Sakai. The clan's estate was located in the Ariake Prefecture in Izuhara.
Their banner was blue with a white or yellow stripe, with it's symbol resembling japanese fans. One former member of their clan, Yoshinobu Adachi, was known for being a lengedary warrior of the clan and Tsushima.
The first lords of the clan were known as "The Great Builders" of Tsushima, having constructed the Golden Temple in Ariake and all the lighthouses across the island. Time after, Lord Harunobu Adachi would help improve the fortifications in Castle Shimura and, most likely, Castle Kaneda. They also used to have a rivalry with Clan Kikuchi.
According to Jin, Lord Harunobu Adachi, descendant of Yoshinobu Adachi, was also considered the "best swordsman" in Tushima. Decades before the events of the game, Lord Adachi would lead a samurai guard to a home of a family that was attacked by bandits. When they arrived, they found the dispatched by the youngest chil in the family, a woman named Masako. Since that day, Lord Adachi became infatuated towards Masako.
Masako's sister, Hana, would also see Adachi as a way to accomplish her ambitions of being part of a samurai noble family. However, the latter only had eyes for Masako, and so ignored any moves Hana would do towards him, this would be the seed that planted Hana's jealousy and hatred towards Masako and Clan Adachi in general. Harunobu and Masako would later marry, and the latter would become the Lady of Clan Adachi.
Time later, Masako and Lord Adachi would have two sons, Shigesato and Yasunari, with the former being the oldest sibling. Thanks to one of Jin's dialogues in an onsen, we know that when the three were children, they used to spend time together while being watched by Masako and Jin's mother, Chiyoko.
A little over a decade later, Clan Adachi would support Clan Shimura and Sakai during the Yarikawa rebellion, using their knowledge on destroying structure to help put an end to the war.
Some time later, Lord Adachi would join in Clan Sakai's orders - alongside some of Clan Shimura's soldiers - of assaulting Iki Island and kill all the raiders and pirates from the place, being under the command of Kazumasa Sakai. He would sometimes spend time with Kazumasa's son, Jin, even having some archery bets with him, with Adachi winning most of the time. When Kazumasa was killed in Senjo Gorge and the invasion to Iki wasn't won, Lord Adachi took care of taking Jin, the rest of the warriors, and Kazumasa's body back to Tsushima. Lord Adachi and Masako would later console Jin during the funeral and even offering their help when he needed it
Throughout the years before the Mongol Invasion, Clan Adachi unintentionally made enemies with various servants to their clan, which were:

Years later, Shigesato and Yasunari would marry two women and have several children with them. Their wives would later learn to fight using a naginata. Masako used to compose music with her grandchildren for the changing of the seasons.
During the Battle of Komoda, Lord Adachi and it's two sons would support Lord Shimura during the begining of the Mongol Invasion. Before the battled started, Lord Shimura sent Lord Adachi during to the beach so that he would duel their leader. Upon arriving he asked the Mongols to send their best warrior, there he would be the general known as Khotun Khan. Adachi would introduce himself to the Khan and prepare himself for a duel, but the latter would simply throw alcohol to him and light him on fire. While Adachi screamed of pain and tried to put off the flames, the Khan decapitated him using his spear.
When Lord Shimura gave the war cry, Shigesato and Yasunari -alongside the warriors of the clan- would ride down the beach to avenge their father. However, their efforts would be worthless and the Mongols would execute all of Clan Adachi warriors, with Shigesato and Yasunari later being hanged like animals and leaving their corpses in the beach.
While this was happening, Masako and the women of children of Clan Adachi were staying in the estate, where they were being visited by Hana, who came to Masako's home in order to wait news about their husbands, with Hana bringing gifts to her children. Some time later the estate would be attacked by bandits.
During the attack, Masako and hers daughters-in-law fought the bandits while Hana took the children to safety. In reality, Hana murdered them, including the just-born girl Natsu, and used the corpse of a peasant killed by the Mongols to fake her own death. Masako survived the attack, but her daughter didn't, upon going to find her grandchildren, she found all their dead bodies, including the presumed body of her sister. She spent days buring them. She would later have a damaged armor owned by Shigesato be fixed with the armorer in the Golden Temple.
When Jin come to recruit the clan in order to save Lord Shimura in Castle Kaneda, Masako would reveal the fate of the clan, and would have Jin join her on Clan Adachi's cementery where they would pay their respects. After that, they would go the Golden Temple, where Masako would give Jin her son's armor, and reveal to a monk named Sogen of the clan's fate. Right after, Masako would reveal that Sogen arrived from Kamiagata at the beginning of Autumn, around the same time the samurai came aware of the Mongol Invasion, and confides him that he was most likely their spy and part of a plot to massacre the clan.
Upon following Sogen to an Inn and killing all of his men, Masako and Jin try to get answers out of him but Sogen doesn't reveal anything which Masako to give in to her anger and kills him. Jin later finds the payment made to Sogen and the bandits, alongside a list of names: Sogen, Sadao, Mai, Kajiwara and Omura, with a clan symbol, with Masako finding a letter with the same symbol in one of the bandits. Jin gives her his support and Masako in return gives her support in assaulting Castle Kaneda.
As they hunt for the killers, we find out about their motives and their roles in the massacre:
Shortly after liberating Izuhara, Jin went to Komoda beach where he saw Masako fighting a group of Mongols. There she explains that she came to find Lord Adachi's and their son's bodies, having already found the formers. When they finally find them, Masako breaks down upon seeing their corpses, Jin recommends getting them down. Upon seeing that the road to Ariake isn't safe, Masako tells Jin that they can bury them in the lighthouse near there. After killing the mongols occupying it, they bury them Masako thanks Jin for being a good friend to her and tell her to leave her spent some time with her sons.
After killing all the conspirators, Masako would find out that a monk called Junshin got in contact with Lady Hana and tried to find him in order to get answers and killed him. When he couldn't find him, he tried to threaten other monks to get information out of them, but they didn't talk out of fear. Jin would later tried to make her reason and wait to find Junshin and ask him.
Upon saving him from the Mongols, Masako tried to kill Junshin with her bow and arrow, but he escaped thanks to Jin, she would later have a try to kill Jin on a duel. Upon defeating her, Jin forgave Masako and together killed a horde of Mongo reinforcements.
After that Masako had an emotional breakdown, and Jin made sure to calm her and tried to reason with her to locate the monk, but not before Jin threaten Masako to never try to kill him again, to which Masako promised. After finding Junshin, he reveals that Lady Hana was the conspirator, describing her golden sash and her smell much to Masako's shock, after taking in the situation, Masako tells Jin to meet her in Kamiagata. She is later seen in the attack on Castle Shimura, and later consoles tha young samurai from Clan Oga who are caught in the bridge's explosion, and ever supporting Jin's tactics of poisoning the Mongols.
When Jin escapes captivity he tells Kenji to gather Masako, Sensei Ishikawa and the warrior monk Norio, at his home in Omi Villatge so they can prepare to open the alternate road to Kamiagata. Some days after, Yuna joins them in Omi Village and they -along with Jin and some hunter and warriors of Yarikawa- open the path in Fort Kaminodake.
After that, Masako prays for her ancestors to forgive her for what she's about to do and reveals to Jin where Hana is hiding: Fort Kikuchi. While they ride to the fort, Masako explains to Jin how she arranged a marriage between Hana and a man named Ikeda, a widow retainer of Kikuchi who acted with kindness and respect, in order to help her move pass Hana's feeling towards Harunobu. When they arrived, they encounter several samurai/ronin working for Hana who engage her and Jin in combat. After killing the main force, they find a peasant that tells them where Hana is and goes to warn her about them.
When they see Hana, she confirms that used a peasant's body to fake her death and also expresses no regret in killing Masako's daughters and grandchildren and sends her last warriors. Jin takes care of them while Masako goes after her sister. Once they are dead, he runs to the main keep and sees as Hana blames Masako for having her move to Kamiagata with Ikeda, who in reality was a drunk and abusive person, and for stealing the life she "deserved". Upon requesting Masako to kill her, she instead giver her tanto to Hana to commit sepukku. Before dying Hana would tell her that now she had nothing.
Hours later in Hana's pyre, Masako would tell Jin how she never grieved her family, and how she tried to think of treasured memories with, only to be replace by Hana's resentment. Jin would try to console her by saying that now she has avenged them, she can find peace. Masako would reply saying her recent path doesn't lead to piece and that she would need to leave Tsushima, but not before telling Jin that she would be there when he needed him. She later participates on the assault to Port Izumi to kill the Khan.
And that's it, holy hell, you guy don't know how much time it took me to write this post, hopefully the next one takes me less time. Be tuned tomorror for the second to last clan of Tsushima and the main ruling clan: Clan Shimura.
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2021.09.19 04:55 dogsandpotatoes Martin with his favorite Ango Gobloggian pillow. Charmed, I'm sure.

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2021.09.19 04:55 buvolic please help me describe this dress and price 😅

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2021.09.19 04:55 StunningAd2763 So many Rare’s all in one place! I’m jumping with joy!

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