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[Cats] I got the new galaxy gal as my first uber, feeling good

2021.09.19 05:11 PPpoopoo2 [Cats] I got the new galaxy gal as my first uber, feeling good

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2021.09.19 05:11 FatErgo_ MSI Ez debug CPU light on?

So my newly built PC would not post on boot, and the cpu light on my msi b550m pro vdh-wifi light up white. I know that this means something is wrong with the CPU, but I also want to know that if this Debug feature is working properly, that it means nothing is also wrong with the motherboard itself. Thanks
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2021.09.19 05:11 BlackRose177 Im scared bro

We been in a relationship for 6 months almost 7 and I CAN FEEL IT BRO! I can feel him drifting away from me. It fucking hurtssss!! He rarely talk to me anymore he makes up excuse to not ft with me and he leaves me on seen. Idk whats wrong with him bro. I didn't do anything and I miss him!!Im in new york rn and im going back tomorrow and he hates long distance relationships so that may be a reason but he just told me I couldn't go to his house when I come back cause his cat has fleas and like I understand that but I still feel like he just don't wanna see me. Idk bro but Ik for sure as soon as I have that dream where he leaves im fucking done!! Cause nooo I love him. Im overthinking this way to much. Imma go to sleep.. Ik he loves me. Right? Idk does he really?.. Yeah he do he wouldn't do the shit he does if he didn't. 🤦🏽 damn Gemini always fucking with my head. Ion even know his sarcasm from his seriousness. Goodnight people
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2021.09.19 05:11 cripplingsushi Baby boy loves his new blankie 💙

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2021.09.19 05:11 Aewawa Does yesasia always have free shipping?

Just discovered this site (thanks Brit Vs Japan blog). There are a lot of Japanese books available there and if you hiA a minimum amount, you get free shipping. The prices seem to be on the same level as Amazon jp.
Is it always like this?
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2021.09.19 05:11 heres_gavin MP3 Samples no longer loading

I’ve always used YTMP3.cc to sample songs and just a few days ago it’s no longer working. The download works but when I drop it into Logic the audio will either be totally silent or the file will just crash the program. Is this happening to anyone else? If you’ve had the same issue what do i do to fix this?
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2021.09.19 05:11 Kate_thewerewolf Buying item(s)!

-angle halo
-summer purse
-poostar skirt and the ribbon
-wg set (w/o corset) [not rly buying this but yea-depends on price]
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2021.09.19 05:11 girlinisolation I’m a loser baby…I’m 40/F/PNW. Looking to make long term friends, as I suck at making/ keeping any. Lonely in life and am wondering if I’ll ever meet anyone I can actually connect with. #sendingsmokesignal

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2021.09.19 05:11 RecognitionClear4130 Troy Adashun

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2021.09.19 05:11 VittorioDio Crafting advice

Crafting advice
it's a holy relic build
So i have this stuff, i don't need attack/cast speed mod, only +2 to support gems, which means i can get rid of the multimod or get another craft like resisstance or strength (for extra life) so what is the best course of action here, multimoding for measily 25 strength is kinda too expensive and one res mod is not much better. Should i get rid of the multimod, craft +2 to gems and then use research Leo to double slam it or are there any better options?
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2021.09.19 05:11 Upbeat_Advertising64 just beat moon lord on Mobile

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2021.09.19 05:11 Fvoltes Parece que les llegó jajaja

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2021.09.19 05:11 Doodah18 Hoist the Colours Acapella VoicePlay ft Jose Rosario Jr

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2021.09.19 05:11 cryptofreddd This post belongs here

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2021.09.19 05:11 radical__fox What actually happens when you call the suicide prevention hotline?

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2021.09.19 05:11 SirNibblertheCat NCCU on lockdown after two shot near campus during the NCCU vs WSSU football game.

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2021.09.19 05:11 arinesk If i transfer my shares, will my average price stay the same?

Just afraid i will lose my average price if i transfer ive heard nightmare stories from friends
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2021.09.19 05:11 MrButttMuncher Holy Jesus, I have finally beaten the Yog and Crag Hag mission.

Be fast, take advantage of AI, and magic over might. Expert Earth with Town Portal is OP. And save often.
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2021.09.19 05:11 justremmy from a dumpster to a wedding :’-)

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2021.09.19 05:11 proteasms The duality

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2021.09.19 05:11 curvysquares [Simpsons/Rick and Morty] There is a Simpsons version of Rick in the Simpsons universe

Spoilers for the Rick and Morty season 5 finale…
So in the finale of season 5, we learn that Rick created the central finite curve, a group of universes that only consists of ones where Rick is the smartest man in the universe. The green portals created by Rick’s portal gun only lead to universes within that central finite curve.
This means every time we’ve seen Rick travel via a green portal, it’s to a universe where a Rick not only exists, but is the smartest man in the universe. And what’s one instance where we see someone do that? The Simpsons crossover couch gag.
But that’s not the only place. There’s also that well known Easter egg of Grunkle Stan’s mug and utensils coming out of a green portal, that means there is also a Rick in the Gravity Falls universe, and that he’s the smartest person in that universe too. I guess that settles the debate of who’s smarter, Rick or Ford.
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2021.09.19 05:11 Mr_Meowgi What’s the best wifi name you’ve ever seen?

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2021.09.19 05:11 OldGarbageMouth What does this mean?

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2021.09.19 05:11 symmetricalboy Sometimes Google Discover misunderstands my interests a bit...

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2021.09.19 05:11 sanic8470 How do I level up azurill in pokemon y

I just buy the game and I'm enjoying it so far but how do I level up my azurill with friendship
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