Fast food to go: Juvenile Red-tailed hawk with a rabbit for lunch. Photos courtesy of the husband

2021.09.19 03:33 Jelleebean73 Fast food to go: Juvenile Red-tailed hawk with a rabbit for lunch. Photos courtesy of the husband

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2021.09.19 03:33 AusCOVID19 NSW announces eased restrictions for Sydney hotspots; 1,083 COVID-19 cases, 13 deaths

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2021.09.19 03:33 Azzulah Sometimes, living in Australia IS like the yanks think...

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2021.09.19 03:33 TehBagz [NA][T2] Mid LF team

IGN "Sirbag"
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2021.09.19 03:33 PermissionSea2190 Uxie fm SGP 🇸🇬 now, 8872 9379 3474. Add 10 ( or more, still learning), allow some time to org invites. 🍀 Gd Luck! 🍀

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2021.09.19 03:33 BroJob_Biggs I have post Spartan race depression

I ran the super yesterday, went by myself like I always do. Taking the train home now I got the blues, does anyone else ever get that?
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2021.09.19 03:33 Ciaran123C Healthcare Map

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2021.09.19 03:33 PretendSpread6 [H] Mango Languages One year Subscriptionsor Upgrades [W] $5 PayPa/BTC

Are you bored in the quarantine? Want to do something productive? My services gives you a 1 year subscription to Mango Languages, a language learning app.
Order: You Can BUY HERE
We can also upgrade existing account as long as you’re not under a subscription
Mango is the award-winning language learning resource for individuals and organizations around the world. The only single solution that combines quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations. This is language learning centered around you.
Unique features:
Linguist-approved language courses
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Essential cultural insights
Designed with ADA standards in mind
Bluetooth syncing
Auto play for on-the-go learning
Downloadable lessons
Delivery time:1H-12H
Validity: 1 Year
Price: $4.99
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2021.09.19 03:33 Own-Society-8887 Xbox one instruments on the 360.

Do next gen instruments work on 360 rock band games like The Beatles game?
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2021.09.19 03:33 asfh246 I need help with chem quiz dm to discuss quiz

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2021.09.19 03:33 adk_runner46 Baby Groot - Amolen Walnut Wood Filament

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2021.09.19 03:33 EdgarLasu Switch Performance Worsened?

Like the title says, I used to play this daily since launch but after a while I had unlocked everything so took a long break. Came back today and found the game to be hitching a lot more and load times are sluggishly long, upwards of 30 seconds or more each time. I've already restarted my system and tried installing on system memory and SD Card with no changes. Has the updates just broken something?
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2021.09.19 03:33 CrisAlvRey Well, I've never seen this before

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2021.09.19 03:33 Heliouse66 Where to find game download?

Trying to get the game working on my pc again. Where can I find a working version of the game (preferably no hub) that works on windows 10?
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2021.09.19 03:33 cattaillove Need a master who knows how to handle me [f]

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2021.09.19 03:33 kennyminigun Results Of Damage Measurements Of Some Guns: Shotguns, LMGs, ARs and SMGs.

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2021.09.19 03:33 TheRoodInverse How to search for non-basic lands?

Is there a advanced search term for all lands not basic?
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2021.09.19 03:33 Astreauxs5 Fire blaster pack hit NFS

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2021.09.19 03:33 agentolga25 ..

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2021.09.19 03:33 Ok_Spell_4165 Anyone know what this thing is?

Anyone know what this thing is?
Found in Riverside Farms.
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2021.09.19 03:33 anonymousy12 feel like blood rushing to head when lying flat

My daughter feels like blood is rushing to her head every time she lies down flat. It doesn't feel as noticeable when she elevates her head. It's been going on for about 4 or 5 days now. It happens consistently every time she lies down. She's not really having any other symptoms with this. She had some trouble breathing this morning but it resolved rather quickly and I believe it's unrelated. The breathing was probably due to her allergies. What could be causing her to feel like blood is rushing to her head over time she lays down?
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2021.09.19 03:33 Tanedhelion Mutant knockdown warrior build, advice appreciated

I've been think-ering with this character idea and I think it seems reasonable. I may have made some errors or missed something obvious and I would appreciate any advice or ideas for the build.
The basic concept is to pile stats high, knock enemies down and then proceed to do great violence to them. Sorcerer was picked for access to (arch)mage armor and mirror image mainly. I am a bit torn about what to do about the last couple of levels. I put in paladin as a stopgap but maybe it would be better putting that earlier in the build if I'm gonna grab them at all.
I'm also undecided what mythic path I would go down, but I'm leaning towards doing either aeon or lich and then possibly switching over to dragon.
11 Mutant Warrio2 Scaled Fist/1 Sorcere4 Dragon Disciple/2 Paladin
Musetouched, Attributes: 16/16/14/12/8/16
01 Mutation Warrior 01 - Exotic w. Elven curve blade, Power Attack 02 Mutation Warrior 02 - Weapon focus 03 Mutation Warrior 03 - Combat Expertise, (Mutagen) 04 Mutation Warrior 04 - Weapon Specialization 05 Scaled Fist 01 - Blind Fight, Trip 06 Scaled Fist 02 - Combat Reflexes, (Evasion) 07 Sorcerer 01 - Extend spell/Selective spell, Improved Trip 08 Dragon Disciple 01 - 09 Dragon Disciple 02 - Greater Trip 10 Dragon Disciple 03 - 11 Dragon Disciple 04 - Seize The Moment 12 Mutation Warrior 05 - (Weapon Training), 13 Mutation Warrior 06 - Improved Critical, Dazzling Display 14 Mutation Warrior 07 - Cornugon Smash, (Greater Mutagen) 15 Mutation Warrior 08 - Outflank (?), Greater Weapon Specialization 16 Mutation Warrior 09 - (Weapon Training II) 17 Mutation Warrior 10 - Dreadful Carnage, Back to Back (?) 18 Mutation Warrior 11 - (Grand Mutagen) 19 Paladin 01 (?) 20 Paladin 02 (?)
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2021.09.19 03:33 DaydreamsInChurch A small joy: new stimmies

I ordered three giant pop-it’s. I acquired some kinetic sand. I ordered scented playdough and a machine to press it through to make playdough noodles. I also got a new vape that is yellow fading to orange fading to red with these wonderful tiny bumps all over it. I have my favorite strawberry juice for it.
I still have my journal and my colored pencils. The texture of the paper and the softness of the pencil on it is so soothing. I’ve been focusing on drawing flowers and this makes me happy. I keep everything in a bag that I can bring with me everywhere.
Does anyone else have this where they have their objects that bring comfort and release that they’re very attached to and like to have with them or nearby at all times? sometimes it is enough for me to know that my things are nearby and I can access them even if I don’t use them immediately.
What are your special things?
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2021.09.19 03:33 Keira_Harrison_ JU from r/Forza

It's because it's full of people who downvote posts for no reason and people who don't understand English but yet speak it
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2021.09.19 03:33 ImmortalRuler “What you looking at ??”

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