Political and geopolitical simulation server

2021.09.26 14:14 JonahF2014 Political and geopolitical simulation server

Le epic minecraft server is a political and geopolitical simulation within minecraft, create your own country or join an existing one and engage in both national and international politics, hold elections, do diplomacy, start conflicts and so much more. Or maybe stay just play Minecraft in a friendly community where you can either remain apolitical or at least contribute to your nations future with your vote (assuming you're in a democratic nation).
This is a vanilla server, borders are defined by physical red lines on the ground and there are almost no plugins, including no Towny or similar. We do have /home, /spawn, /tpa, and a plugin that lets you use stairs as chairs, otherwise however it's almost exclusively vanilla. We use discord for both server-wide and national communication, you'll thus most likely have to join 2 discord servers.
Join the discord for communication and to apply to join: https://discord.gg/9MsVM3xtZN
Server IP: minecraft.leepicsevrer.eu (won't work if you're not whitelisted)
The server is hosted in central europe and may thus result in a high ping for some americans and asians.
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2021.09.26 14:14 my-name-got-taken My second time playing dragon ball history and my first time on this event! Is this impressive? (Probably not)

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2021.09.26 14:14 NewsElfForEnterprise Home Front: ‘Space is the new luxury’

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2021.09.26 14:14 AdministrativeMud526 [H] very good cheap jp and global accounts [LF] paypal

1-https://imgur.com/a/mbgfaag 25$
2-https://imgur.com/a/FrHb4xZ 15$
3-https://imgur.com/a/OB7N8MK 15$
4-https://imgur.com/a/lzPWlpT 10$
5-https://imgur.com/a/u66zthY 10$
6-https://imgur.com/a/wWQ15iI 10$
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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 14:14 Prop-a-gation Looking for Madeon - Innocence edit

I remember hearing an edit of Madeon's - 'Innocence', specifically the "and I will be the victim" vocal used before a drop except it sounded more like Porter's robotic childlike vocal processing. Any help to find it is appreciated.
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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 brrrrrrrr_156 Nice.

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2021.09.26 14:14 CurrentGap Clan question

What is the best clan to ally with?
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2021.09.26 14:14 rarowcunraccoon October Birthday/Character Day Calendar

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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 Alarmed-Ad-436 That annoying mf

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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 Either-Store-7348 Can anybody help me? I'm in a trouble when trying to transfer my app data.

I play Battle Cats on my iPad which got cracked an hour ago. I thought my iPad might get reset during repairing, so I decided to transfer my data in case of resetting. I didn't save my inquiry code because I thought it was going to take me a minute or so to get the data transferred to my Android phone. Of course I took a picture of my transfer code and confirmation code. But somehow even though I typed the codes correctly on the screen, it kept saying that 'the data you are looking for doesn't exist. Please try again.' To ensure I didn't type anything wrong, I tried several times but that was unsuccessful. I was then suspicious if I could transfer data from IOS to Android, and the company's official site says I can! Did I do anything wrong during the process? Should I uninstall the app on my iPad completely? Now on my iPad, the game is just unusable unless I press the restart button which means the data will be totally gone on the device. I just remembered inquiry codes were for dealing with this kind of issue and I'm afraid of losing my precious account for ever. If any of you suggest sending an email to the company, I will try but I don't think they can do anything to help me out since my inquiry code is lost. Additionally, I play Korean version of Battle Cats but I think the process is exactly the same in BCKR and BCEN. And please don't get me wrong then. I didn't install English version to transfer Korean version. I installed Korean version. Thank you so much who try to help me in advance.
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2021.09.26 14:14 littellebaby Ex Won’t stop tweeting about/texting me

(TW🤍: some mentions of dif types of abuse)I was with my ex for 4 years, started dating my first week of college my freshman year. From the moment we had started dating, I always saw the red flags( even my roommates and family did) but thought it was just the beginning of the relationship and it would get better over time (Oh, me). I even lost my virginity to him and till this day, still feel guilty that I was practically forced to lose it when I wanted to wait. Fast forward to 2019, we got engaged and even then I thought things would get better. My family suspected that he wasn’t the best guy before I could admit it to myself so as an eye opener, they offered him to live under their roof with us. Anytime we would get into it and he would yell and curse at me, I would always go upstairs from where we were and hang out with the rest of my family. That is until he practically forced me to get an apartment with him so we could be alone. Boy, was that a huge mistake. We moved in together in October of 2020 and immediately it was he!! on earth. He would yell profanities at me, get mad at me if I didn’t want to have sex with him, we couldn’t have an actual argument without him yelling in my face, he was practically an adult child and I felt like a mother, he never took care of me when I was almost sent to the hospital when having a bad case of COVID(mom was furious), he would never listen to me or call me beautiful, EVER. He called me beautiful once over text the first month we were dating! I’m a person who doesn’t like to curse or yell, so someone yelling in my face, I immediately panic and start to cry. He would always say he would change but, of course those were empty promises. I finally got the courage and self respect to end things with him on December 2020. He moved back home with his parents and I had to keep this awful, bad energy apartment that I hated until the lease was up. Good part is, I got to keep the dog we bought, she LOVED me more than him. He practically abused her all the time and I would protect her and keep her away from him when I saw all of this happening. I’m convinced she is my souldog, lol. Anyway, I met an amazing, most amazing, seriously, guy I’ve ever met at the end of January. He is mature, sensitive, takes care of me, calls me beautiful literally every minute lol, listens and understands things, and so much more. I’m truly blessed to have met him and we quickly started dating. With him it’s so different! We moved in together quickly and it has been bliss every since. WELL. My ex constantly tries to start pointless conversations with me and is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS tweeting about me. While also reposting such racist and vulgar things(I’m African American) on his Facebook. Like does this man really think I’m going to take him back when I know that me and my family see the things he has posted. Out of respect for my partner, I have unfriended him on everything and deleted his number and put it on DND. But this man seriously does not quit. Sorry this is long but really needed to rant.
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2021.09.26 14:14 Scott_Smethurst H: New pail plans in the photos W: Good Aristocrat Fixers / Good offers

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2021.09.26 14:14 Hobbit421 1 2 on Silverstone with my friend

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2021.09.26 14:14 CriticallyThougt HIMAX and it’s autistic business (shitpost).

I’ve been on hiatus because I’ve had real life shit to deal with like which video to upload on Onlyfans because I’ve been fucking all your wives but let’s get to the topic at hand.
HIMAX is undervalued and the best part is that the chip shortage is priced in. What does HIMAX make you ask? Money. Now I’m no expert on money but what I do know is a deal when I see one. With a SP of under $11, a market cap of 1.8 billion and a PE of 8.5 HIMAX is literally fucking your wife as you read this.
From what I gather HIMAX is a 10 inch player from 3 inch Taiwan.
I will now copy/paste some shit I found on the internet to fill you in on what they do because I’m too retarded to grasp it. This company is a sleeping giant, the price can 10x and it’ll only be twice as large as it’s direct competitor, Marvell, and be 10x less than AMD.
“HIMAX is a worldwide market leader in display driver ICs and timing controllers used in TVs, laptops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, car navigation, virtual reality (VR) devices and other consumer electronics devices. Additionally, it designs and provides controllers for touch sensor displays, in-cell Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions, LED driver ICs, power management ICs, scaler products for monitors and projectors, tailor-made video processing IC solution, silicon IPs and LCOS micro-displays for augmented reality (AR) devices and head-up displays (HUD) for automotive. Additional offers include digital camera solutions, including CMOS image sensors and wafer level optics for AR devices, 3D sensing and machine vision, which are used in a wide variety of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV, PC camera, automobile, security, medical devices, home appliance and Internet of Things”.
TVs ✅ Laptops ✅ Monitors ✅ Tablets ✅ Cellphones ✅ Cameras ✅ Car navigation ✅ Virtual reality ✅
Everything your wife’s boyfriend bought you most likely has HIMAX technology in it. On a scale of 1- I’m a virgin HIMAX is a horse gangbang. Not only are they doing things I don’t understand with everyday things like cellphones and TVs they are also doing it with AR and VR. VR is inevitably part of our future. Not only is the AVR segment not priced into HIMAX, the chip shortage is. This makes my penis harder than when you clean your wife’s creampie from a rando.
Its not everyday you find a gem like this from a shitpost that doesn’t belong to some intern from a hedge fund.
Positions: 3k shares 50 dec 17 $13c.
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2021.09.26 14:14 Blarebaby Can we talk about labels?

This was a reply to a now-deleted comment but if we can have this conversation, I would like to.

As in all experience, what we think about it is what intensifies it.

Labels matter. Labels are signs in their own right - they are "code" for certain emotional states and meanings. They're shorthand cyphers for a load of belief and meanings, most of which we do not assign by ourselves.

When we attach a label to something, we automatically think we know something about it, because we know what the label means. But we don't actually know what the thing is because the label gets in the way of experiencing it objectively. We make decisions based on what we know about the label, not based on what we know from our experience.

Try this thought experiment: Look at something near you and attach a label to it that has strong meaning. "That pencil is cursed" for example. Repeat it to yourself a few times until you feel it might be true. Notice how you feel about the pencil now. You have a more intense feeling about the pencil that you didn't have when you thought it was just a pencil.

In this way, we are able to amplify and intensify our feelings for a simple thing-in-itself. The thing didn't change, our feelings did.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

If we're already in a confusing and conflicted experience, attaching a label with a high emotional charge is most usually not going to clarify the feelings, it's going to intensify the feelings that already exist. Do we really want more confusion? Well OK then - we can go there if we really want to see where it takes us. But we shouldn't be angry disappointed or surprised when we find out.

Removal of the label enables us to directly experience what-is. It's a way of centering oneself in the present and becoming more aware of oneself in the context of the experience.

Nearly 20 years ago my Twin and I recognized one another. We didn't have an internet full of gurus telling us what Twin Flame meant, what it was or wasn't or how we should know if we were or weren't. We had the label, but no information. We had to fill in those blanks ourselves. So it means something very different for us than it does for most others. But we got to assign that meaning.

Is it worth exploring what it means, without trying to fit it into a preset definition? Is it worth it to become the observer of the experience, as well as the participant? Is it worth is to simply have the experience, and through the experience, discover the meaning? Even if nobody else on the planet agrees with you?

Thank you for listening to my TED talk. Be well, everyone. Many hugs.
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2021.09.26 14:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.26 14:14 tato31992478 can i talk to a mod please

i’ve posted here 3 times and all have been removed for, in my opinion, dumb reasons or reasons that don’t even have anything to do with my post. so could i talk to someone about that
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2021.09.26 14:14 Brewerfan79 What if I am too late to DRS

What could happen to people who want to DRS their shares but the float count has been met at CS? I am on the fence about DRS.
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2021.09.26 14:14 throwaway_1351 27 - looking for my next best bud

Hey - 27 from central US. Open to chat about whatever really; into music, tv, cooking, and video games here. Shoot me a message & let’s see if we “click”
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