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2021.09.19 04:36 Sea-Report5478 Pietra Principe - OF

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2021.09.19 04:36 MoniMokshith I enjoy toast the most

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2021.09.19 04:36 stlmikeyx Standoff mod completed with Tophat mod

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2021.09.19 04:36 Imperfect_sphere ELI5: What biological function does "la petit mort" have after a man experiences an orgasm?

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2021.09.19 04:36 of0sfs0dfis0df random wojak i made

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2021.09.19 04:36 Independent_Inside23 Deep cleaned Wife's X7

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2021.09.19 04:36 Hot-Dragonfruit-6917 Zoe Lucas punished by Jessica Troy and Charli Evans

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2021.09.19 04:36 redmm84 The Big Salad

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2021.09.19 04:36 zenkei18 Persistent whistling after septoplasty/turbinate reduction

It bothers the everyloving crap out of me. It's mostly in my left nostril. It occasionally goes away like if I take afrin or claritin-d but it keeps coming back. Tried nasal rinses flonase and steam and it just seems to keep coming back. No other symptoms other than the whistling and it causes me to snore at night and sometimes have terrible sleep.
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2021.09.19 04:36 Big_jayyyy Sheeesh

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2021.09.19 04:36 NightBrix The Doom Patrol (L to R, Cyborg, Crazy Jane, Robot-Man, The Cheif, Dorothy, Negative-Man & Elasti-Girl)

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2021.09.19 04:36 Da_Verminator What video game soundtrack needs an album?

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2021.09.19 04:36 HighYield Zanubrutinib Demonstrates Activity in Patients With CLL/SLL and Del(17p)

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2021.09.19 04:36 yss_me [WTB] [CA-ON] [H] Paypal [W] Abyss Diana V2 + Cable

Looking for Diana V2 with all accessories, preferably with 4.4mm balanced cable. I hope the price would be around 2000 USD, I live in Canada can pay for shipping.
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2021.09.19 04:36 wisecracker1023 Made Pepperoni Rolls

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2021.09.19 04:36 BottomFeederVin Need a little guidance

Hey y’all. Been a member for a while on my other Reddit but honestly too embarrassed to proceed with posting through there. Anyway guess we can start with a story.
About a year ago august of 2020, I found out my fiancé and mother of my daughter was having multiple affairs with separate partners. Now, I’ve had an emotional affair through snapchat in 2017 but realized what I was doing wasn’t okay as I was about to start a family. Completely stupid decision but I owned up to my actions and fixed them.
Anyway, I found out about the affair with my fiancé sitting next to me on the couch. She was acting very suspicious with her phone, kind of angled away from me. I quickly noticed and took the phone out of her hand which I saw a conversation between her and 1st AP? I gathered what I could and immediately left the residence as head was telling me get out of there. Anyway, she swore it was a flirting thing with our past co-worker (we worked for the same company and both left to pursue other career paths). I was content with it being flirting and forgave her rather quickly.
A couple days go by and I come home from work to her on the phone with her best friend describing how she knew I was upset and was afraid to tell me about the 2nd AP. She never heard me enter the residence and continued with her conversation until I came up the stairs asking what she was talking about which she was completely shocked to and threaten to call the police on me if I didn’t leave. So I left my residence again to go sleep at my mothers place until I found figure out what was going on. We continued to speak about our relationship and what we both expected out of each other which resulted in me trying to reconcile for the 2nd time at this point.
We sat down and “laid all our cards out on the table” or so I thought. She admitted to sending dirty pictures to both people and claimed it was nothing but flirting. I returned home that night.
She fell asleep first and I went through her phone reading texts between her and her best friend describing how she loved the 2nd AP but couldn’t see a relationship with him because he’s too young and immature. So I woke her up and asked what the conversation meant and she broke down and cried and cried. I asked her was there more to it than pictures and flirting and she just cried harder. I asked if they had intercourse and she cried harder. I asked if it was in our house and she cried harder.
From that point I left the house and went to my mothers. I got lawyers involved to write up a custody agreement. She seemed very apologetic and remorseful of her actions and me trying to save my family reconciled for a 3rd time.
I was home about a week at this point where I caught her still talking to both APs and lost my shit. She cried and cried blocking every number. Deleting social media and swore she wanted her family to work. What do you know, I reconciled a 4th time.
Now about a month or two goes by and she’s pregnant with my child as she hasn’t had any physical contact with anyone besides me for the past 3 months.
Everything goes okay until last night, where her phone goes off at 3:30am to a number stating “are you finally moving on? I’m in Australia now” like someone was responding to her message. I know this is the first AP through some investigation. Now the lost trust and PTSD is flaring up and she’s saying I haven’t had any communication with him since last year. But I don’t believe her. She’s due in a couple days with “my” child but here we are again.
What advise do you have? Wait until after the baby is born than do paternity test and leave either way? Do I trust that this was APs attempt to contact her without her speaking to him?
I am very much inlove with my “fiancé” and don’t want to only see my kids every other weekend.
Thanks in advance for any input.
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2021.09.19 04:36 Nofapwarrior698 Things coming out of my penis take longer

But the longer orgasm are helping my penis grow. I’m actually a decent size now that I have taken care of my health after getting in a injury. I feel longer and stronger but I have no one
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2021.09.19 04:36 TBTabby An Embered Expedition, an adventure on a snowy island starring Dina the Dragon! Wishlist it on Steam! (game by u/FuzzForce)

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2021.09.19 04:36 laa007 26/M/Australia/anywhere - how is everyone doing

From Australia, pretty chilled Morning and Looking to talk to chat with people. We can talk about whatever, I do enjoy watching movies! being outdoors, music, and being lazy in general.
I work in the med field so I’m either very busy or got nothing to do which I am good at. Flirty and open. I enjoy all sorts of movies but I do love horror the most.
Introduce yourself as well, good to know who I’m talking to.
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2021.09.19 04:36 Xtrepiphany It's a trap!

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2021.09.19 04:36 Rushderp [Football] Texas Tech handles FIU 54-21. First 3-0 start since 2017

Florida International falls to 1-2, 0-0
Texas Tech improves to 3-0, 0-0

Team 1 2 3 4 OT Final
Florida International 7 7 7 0 - 21
Texas Tech 7 28 9 10 - 54
Max Bortenschlager 12 for 27, 190 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 interception
D'Vonte Price 15 carries for 51 yards and 1 TD
Tyrese Chambers 2 catches for 71 yards
Tyler Shough 26 for 35, 399 yards and 4 TD
Tahj Brooks 9 carries for 47 yards
Kaylon Geiger 6 receptions for 121 yards
Full Stats: TTU Sidearm Stats or ESPN Stats
Up next: FIU travels to Mount Pleasant, MI to play the Central Michigan Chippewas on Saturday, September 25 at 11 AM CDT on ESPN+, while Texas Tech travels to Austin to play texas university on Saturday, September 25 at 11 AM CDT on ABC.
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2021.09.19 04:36 Longjumping-Jacket55 Anyone like these? 🇺🇸

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2021.09.19 04:36 varikvalefor Toolbox Thing v2

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2021.09.19 04:36 T_vernix Aliens invented a ship's drive that works like going to the nether in minecraft. After the aliens get rid of it out of fear, humans find this and decide to visit hell instead of just passing through.

comment by u/securitysix that made me think this deserves it's own prompt:
Well, you see, what had happened was the aliens had tried that and gotten terrified of it, so they stuffed it in a closet somewhere along with all of the research on how it works and promptly forgot about it. Okay, "actively suppressed the memories of anyone who knew even the slightest notion of its existence," but that's the same as "forgetting," right?
Then some human got ahold of the tech when they were cleaning one day. But rather than use it to travel through Hell to get to some other region of space, they set Hell as the destination and started selling tickets and hunting licenses.
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2021.09.19 04:36 Whyamievenheresmh Math Courses

I didn’t do pre calc A & B and Calculus 120 in highschool. Oulton and nbcc don’t offer these at all. Anyone know where I can do these courses?
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