Talk about tone deaf...

Des Moines detectives said a climate of fear and mistrust has made a triple murder investigation very difficult to solve. It's been nearly a week since three people were killed and three were hurt ... Privacy Policy. Terms Of Use We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.19 04:07 GangJinho1996 Talk about tone deaf...

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2021.10.19 04:07 cgr4217 I really like the baskets at Hornings Hideout in Oregon. "Cage" hits are distinctly more tragic on them

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2021.10.19 04:07 -en- @Reuters: Red-hot lava continued to gush from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island

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2021.10.19 04:07 KaijuMonarch As composed as I am

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2021.10.19 04:07 rwinger24 Favorite WB Logo Variant?

What is your favorite Warner Bros. logo variant?
Either a re-colorized version of the 1998-2020 logo like in The Matrix or a specially animated variant seen in all Harry Potter films (exception of Sorcerer’s Stone).
Comment below.
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2021.10.19 04:07 randombayarea3 36 [M4F] #PDX Portland, Oregon

If you are interested in getting together for a movie, show, or casual conversation, feel free to send me a message. We can chat about anything and everything or simply hold each other in your favorite position in complete silence. I will let you decide. Be sure to grab your comfiest set pajamas and ready to hop under a nice warm blanket.
As for me I am Hispanic, 36 yo, 170, with black hair, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin and located about 15 mins from downtown Portland.
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2021.10.19 04:07 -en- @Reuters: U.S. bill would stop Big Tech favoring its own products

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2021.10.19 04:07 pegu66 pegu66: #85 Raising Arizona (1987)

Started: January 1, 2021 Watched: October 18, 2021
Review: I spent the whole movie looking up other Coen brothers movies and trying to remember all the actors and actresses they reuse and some of their great movies. The movie was good, not their best but I talked over the movie about all the great things the Coen brothers have done. I think I will watch this one again and it will be funnier the next time. Pretty funny and great cast. Quirky, an acquired taste I'm sure. My wife made faces the whole time, she said she liked it.
Rating: 3/5
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2021.10.19 04:07 Kinghedghog (Ps4) H: new rlcs 2021-22 painted decals W: offers

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2021.10.19 04:07 autism_powers420 What tts did toeman use in the zoom videos

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2021.10.19 04:07 TinyCas Eros is broken.

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2021.10.19 04:07 xSteakboi series x fps

I know the game runs at 60fps but does anyone else feel like certain 1v1 maps are way smoother?
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2021.10.19 04:07 frommysoultoyoursoul My partner and I of 5 years are now in an indefinite break. I'm now confused, insecure and afraid.

I've (30F) been healing from trauma due to the loss of three siblings all whom died before we started dating. He (33M) kept telling me I should seek professional help for about three years because of the symptoms of anxiety and depression he noticed. Seeing a therapist is highly stigmatized in my culture. He's white and I'm POC. I finally saw a therapist and psychiatrist earlier this year. We've lived together for roughly 4 years. We've moved around for eachother due to work a few times over the years and would remain long distance a few times. Our latest move, two years ago, was because of me. He joined me a year after because he was unhappy with his job. He's struggled to get a job since so I've been supporting the both of us. I know it has hurt his self-confidence substantially.
Recently, he was gone for a short term job in another state. Things weren't great before he left I admit but they didn't seem to be that bad. He came back and told me he had a lot of time to reflect during his journey back. He seemed normal throughout the week and then during the weekend suddenly told me he was planning to move back to his home state soon. He packed up all his belongings in two days and left on the third day. It was so rushed and I was trying to process the entire time. He told me he needed to leave to find his purpose and that if he stayed with me where we were living purposeless he didn't know if he could go on Iiving. He said he was tired of chasing eachother around and said our relationship hasn't been the best most of the time. He wanted time to think. I asked if we were breaking up or if this was a break - he said break. Before he left he told me he still loved me but we needed to work on ourselves and just wasn't sure about us.
| admit I got emotional thinking the worst the whole time. It certainly felt like it was going to be over. We talked this weekend because I called asking about stuff he wanted mailed. It was a good conversation and he told me he wasn't planning on seeing anyone during our break. I told him I loved him still but didn't hear it back. I know he wants space but I think about him all of the time and wonder what is he thinking about us. I'm waiting for my appointment at the end of this week to talk to my therapist because I rather keep it all private but in the meantime it's all so heavy.
I guess it's all still so fresh, painful and the unknown about us still being life partners in the future is scary. He asked my dad for permission to marry me just three months ago for fucks sake. I just found out from my sister two weeks ago... My heart feels heavy and I've cried everyday since he told me he was leaving. A part of me just wonders if he said it was a break just to make it easier for him to leave. I feel strung along and I'm finding it hard to cope. The memory of him in what uses to be OUR home haunts me like a ghost, endlessly reminding me of him and how much I miss his presence.
Have any of you been in a similar situation? What helped you? Any advice?
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2021.10.19 04:07 toko_tane Fluffy doodle [Art by mi no take]

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2021.10.19 04:07 Velom Banh Mi and Korean chicken wings at Lidcombe Sydney.

Had the pork Bahn Mi. Pork was a little dry. Wings had a bit too much breading but the sauce was giod.
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2021.10.19 04:07 Comfortable_Bread757 Can I (m21) message my ex (f22) if we left on good terms ?

My ex and I broke up because her family made her choose between me and her (9 month relationship) because they thought I was a distraction to her studies and there were cultural differences. Between us two nothing was wrong, we always laughed and had the most fun we could and enjoyed being around each over. We had never Argued and seemed pretty perfect matched. So it was obviously pretty hard to wrap my brain around the whole breakup.
There’s obviously much more to this story and i could go on for paragraphs but for now what do you guys think ? Is it always a no no whenever trying to reach out to an ex or can there be exceptions ?
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2021.10.19 04:07 jriruudxnzmscwpcdy In an alternate universe when masculine and feminine stereotypes where reversed but your birth sex wasn't, would you still be Trans?

I often try to connect to issues I don't understand by trying to listen and empathise with those involved and that sometimes leads me to odd thought experiments trying to figure out how I would react. I was hoping some more knowledgeable people from the community would be kind enough to help me work this out with their own thoughts and opinions.
In this case I'm trying to get to the bottom of 'feeling like a man' or 'feeling like a woman' in society and what elements of that are actually important. In other words in a world for example where you where born with male reproductive organs but where expected by society to live life in a stereologically feminine way, IE makeup, dresses, etc. Would you then find yourself perfectly comfortable and with no need to Transition?
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2021.10.19 04:07 longtang Is the half past one song the modern version of the Christine song of Phantom?

Hi: There is a parallel that has crept into my mind:
The half past one song is about a lady wondering if the dude thinks about her. In the mean time, the dude is like "I wonder what she is doing and if I cross her mind".
the phantom song is all: "think of me, think of me fondly. I wonder if you will." And the dude is like: "Could that be . . Could that be Christine. She may not remember me, but I REEEEMMMMMEEEBBERRRRR her." \
OMG. guys! I give you the parallel and the two songs are of the same idea: of the pining, the un-self-assured wonderings of hoping and longing for each other.

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2021.10.19 04:07 Any_Being5179 question for Florida Officers, which test is the easiest? CJBAT, FBAT or FDLE state exam?

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2021.10.19 04:07 PurpleSpaceSurfer Dave pulls no punches. This is why I love this guy.

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2021.10.19 04:07 Grailswar1 45[FM4F] Cleveland, it's fall and we're looking for a woman to take to dinner have a laugh then tie to our bed. She should be older or younger but not exactly the same or there wouldn't be an age gap and that's the gist.

Ahh the fall season my favorite season, pumpkin spice everything scary shows and then the winter, what better way to stave off the cold than with a paddle, ballgag and vibe. Yeah, I am hard pressed to think of anything better.
We’re a couple, long married, happy, we do almost everything together; workout, hangout, travel and laugh a lot. Oh, and we like to occasionally violate and abuse a woman together.
We really like a connection that can go beyond the one-night stand, or the sex in general, its tough as we’re picky and hope you are too. We don’t want to rack up large numbers of partners but are really looking for a woman that will interest and arouse us fully.
If you’re not very experienced, we get that and can work with you on it. You can read a few successful stories of meetups with women we have met.
Both were not very experienced and we’re good with that, if you are experienced in BDSM that’s fine too.
So bottom line is if you’re considering something we will go slow get know you and see if we can make something happen, no pressure it has to be right for all of us. What we want:
It would have to be discussed in detail and we will respect limits but once that is done, let's get down to it. So many women contact us but then aren't even willing to verify least yet meet. If you want to catfish or look for a kinky conversation there are groups for exactly that, let's not waste time. A one-time thing or an ongoing relationship either of which we are open to but a bonus if its ongoing.
What you should be: Be a WOMAN between the ages of 26 and 50 we can bend on these a bit if needed, and look good, that can be thin, athletic, a few pound can be okay, have some feminine attributes. I want something pretty to break. No Guys, no Trans, no penis at all, born a woman. Single, or at least your husband knows about things and is okay with you playing alone, we aren’t going to be part of cheating. Clean and DD free, non-smoker.
Be any race whatsoever, bonus if you're Asian, if you are hard gothic that's sexy, and I like Tattoos, but I am a wimp about getting them myself, I'm a hypocrite what can I say? I mean I'm going to whip and choke you but I don't really like pain inflicted on me so just how things go.
Be anywhere in the USA and willing to travel we are in Ohio as of a week ago so if you’re near that would be great, if we get along will arrange for you come to us.
Us We are fit I'm 45 Latina 115 lbs and have large fake breasts, my husband is 44 5'11 185lbs and in good shape, we are both really well kept and will trade pics and verify, you should be ready to do so as well.
Abuse to expect: Abduction, degradation, verbally abused, tied up, lots of slapping, choking, being facefucked.
You will be whipped, blindfolded, clamped and DP'ed (I have a big strapon) I will try to fist you, or stretch you we will use dildoes, toys, and our bodies to torment you. We would like to see you brought to tears.
If you have something you really want done we will likely be able to oblige, we're pleasers after all lol. If something is really a hard no, we can keep that off the table, if you want to do this all on a table let us know that too. What we won't do: No shit, no permanent damage, no kids, no animals, no feet (I don't like feet) no death (goes with permanent) and no branding, no Breeding (Do people really want that?). Your limits
You should have some and be upfront, don't say you have none, that's just dangerous or you’re a liar and aren’t really going to meetup.
we want to play rough but not at the risk of life or limb or a kidney (we promise not to steal any organs, you should reciprocate) Aftercare
If we spend a weekend together you will definitely need some, and when the masks are off we will be your friends, I will cuddle you as you cry and my husband will be his soothing self and reassure you.
We can order pizza and eat and hang out until you feel better. Then we will put the masks on and it's back to you getting what you deserve. Overall
If you're interested let's chat, we can discuss things we will want to see some pics and get to know you a bit before were going to fly you in or meet up. But if you're serious about some fun CNC and really being violated by a couple lets chat. We are looking forward to abusing you. If you like all of the above and want to potentially meet We’re glad you want to, but we aren’t comfortable meeting and fucking then leaving.
We want to know you and will need to chat a bit, video, facetime, until we all are comfortable. We will likely want to meet up for coffee, lunch or something just to see you first.
We aren’t swingers and playing safe is important, if we get a bad vibe we don’t want to go forward, you should take similar precautions. So let’s be human, we will mistreat you eventually but not at first and not until we all are ready. A breakdown of how things would play out in a perfect world (oddly this perfect world is into hard BDSM and married couples that like to abduct women, so perfect is subjective)
1. Chat on Reddit messenger. 2. Move to Kik or texting, you’re not a wierdo about verifying and you do so with my husband as he takes care of weeding out dudes, organ thieves, more dudes, girls who are not girls but get this…dudes, and fakers that think we will fall for; you are comfortable with sending a pic of you getting fucked by a giant dong and your face is there yet a verification selfie is too much to ask and you feel vulnerable. But I digress, we won’t fall for that, you don’t try, it and we move on to the next step. Yeah! 3. We message and you find us funny, charming and the right mix of witty and dominant. We send pics and you think were doable, hopefully sexy but doable is well doable.

  1. We message more and then video chat all of us together, you realize we are funny, and you too have a bit of wit and we laugh and have a good time like old friends reunited but two of those friends have some pretty dark plans for the other of them (you). So like a lot of movies we have seen, but watch it anyway, same here we all know where this ends up but let's dance the dance.
  2. Meeting up, someplace public- this is preferred to be non sexual, though if your coming in from out of town this part may have to be skipped. We meet up for dinner, have a drink and discuss the details of what we all want to do in no uncertain terms, “Safety is an imperative part of fun” that really should be on t-shirts but stupid people don’t know what imperative means.
  3. After that we talk again and all decide yes we want to meet and take it to the next level.
  4. We decide when and where, ideally our home but you know that may not be possible.
  5. You are clean and smell nice we go to dinner, chat and laugh, we all know what’s coming, we may have had you put a vibe inside of you and we keep using the remote to watch you writh at dinner but otherwise its just three people having a quiet meal, but one knows she is going to most certainly be wrecked in a hard bondage session, but for now enjoy your wine.
  6. We head home, you are in the guest room take a shower, retire to your room my husband shows up and it turns out his demeanor is quite different, you’re shocked as he grabs you by your hair, but things are going to get much worse or better depending on perspective. He brings you to me, all we discussed happens, too much to go over, but it’s a lot.
  7. You cry a bit, but I console you.
11.You felt better and then we attacked you again, repeat crying.
  1. Repeat consoling.
  2. It’s getting late, we’re middle aged we need to sleep, you get to sleep with us.
  3. Husband gets frisky at night, guess who is putting out, it’s you.
  4. Wake up, breakfast in bed. My husband is a great cook and he’s back to being sweet. FAQ Below: We get a lot of questions that would seem to be answered by context of our post, but we have created this FAQ, we like details, a lot.
Did you ever hear someone say there is no such thing as a dumb question? Well, they were wrong, if you’re wondering which are dumb see the first question, then see the second, already answered numerous times, but here it is again. Q-What if I am a single guy?
A- We are not interested in single guys, at all.
Q- What if I am a submissive, really great, attractive single guy? A- See the previous answer.
Q- We are a couple, are you interested? A- Yes, but only in abusing her, and only if you are local. We won’t pay for airfare for couples. If she comes alone that’s fine, however.
Q- Will you record you two abusing my wife/girlfriend or can I watch? A- Yes, we could make that work.
Q- I don’t want to have a safeword, do I need to have one? A- Yes, it kinda like having expendable cash in the bank, you may not want to use it but it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Q- Will you breed me? A- No, have you experienced raising kids? They are expensive and time-consuming nothing puts an end to kinky fun like having children. (is this what a breeding fetish is? It sounds a lot like a way of saying settling down and having kids, not kinky BTW.)
Q- I have never been with a man will you take my virginity? A- Unlikely, this seems crazy to us but it’s been asked at least four times.
We really don’t think your first experience with a man should be with someone you only vaguely know and during a heavy BDSM session.
Q- Is it okay if I don’t want to be with both of you? Can I just have sex with one of you? A.- No, we don’t play alone. We’re married and this is fun for us to do together, we enjoy it and we won't play separately.
Q- Do I have to watch Halloween/ paranormal shows/movies? A.- Yes, if they are on you will watch them, even if we have to tie you to the bed and force you.
Q- I need to keep this on the down-low, because I’m married or in a relationship, is that okay? A.- No, we respect relationships and if you have one either fix it or leave it, but if someone is devoted to you, then you owe them that devotion in return.
Q- Hey I am a guy, I just wanted to see if you would consider it now? A.- No we still won’t, don’t bother.
Q.- Do I have to eat Icecream or pizza? A.- no we can work around that.
Q- I identify as a woman but I have a penis, is that okay? A.- not for our purposes here.
Q- I am interested but scared you will go too hard on me, can we go lighter? A.- Yes, we are good with setting limits and respect boundaries.
Q- Why did you stop talking to me? A.- a myriad of reasons, but if you answer in one word and can’t be bothered to string a sentence together you seem too simple and we often lose interest. That or one of your limits was too limiting, and we just wouldn’t have the kind of fun we are looking for. Q.- I don’t want to verify, is that okay?
A.- No, time is important if you can’t/won’t verify then it’s likely because you’re not real or you’re not serious either way means we have nothing we need to talk about.
If you really are interested in meeting and doing things like we want then if you’re afraid to verify, you will be far too timid to actually go through with meeting up.
That really should cover most things, but despite it all, some single guys will still message us no doubt.
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2021.10.19 04:07 dtukk11 So juicy

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2021.10.19 04:07 New_Quantity_9372 Can you guess the Pokemon!?

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2021.10.19 04:07 bot_painani El INAI y su patetismo

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2021.10.19 04:07 crispwhitesheets2000 I’m scared

I joined recently. 2 days no drinking. My first post. I am scared to admit that maybe I have a problem. Because maybe if I admit it, then I am accountable to do something about it…AND.. what if I can’t? Not sure what else to say.
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