The fucking nerve

2021.10.19 03:26 Altruistic-Artist800 The fucking nerve

The fucking nerve of Joe Rogan to say in his Killy Tony episode “god damnit I’m sick of talking about this” in regards to covid-19.
Fuck off. The dude is so fucking oblivious to himself.
For real though, did y’all notice Tony subtly trying to direct Joe away from covid? Shortly after that I was when Tony brought up aliens cause joe would not stfu.
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2021.10.19 03:26 jake_dionysos I've played 2016 many a time.... I've never had polling quite this good.

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2021.10.19 03:26 NZepplin are you tough?

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2021.10.19 03:26 ZoolShop Carl Icahn says the market over the long run will certainly 'hit the wall' because of money printing

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2021.10.19 03:26 cervezaqueso Saw a shuttle bus for sale

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2021.10.19 03:26 dasietheweenqueen holy shit they really sang a ween song in adams family 2

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2021.10.19 03:26 LaoFuSi Vintage Togo's menu—a California tradition

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2021.10.19 03:26 SkinnedFurby666 Help!! Mute 2005 furby!

I recently got a 2005 furby and he is mute!! What can I do to fix this can anyone donate a speaker?
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2021.10.19 03:26 MEMEdemon107 what was your first skylander? mine was hotdog

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2021.10.19 03:26 New_Improvement_3155 🔥FlokiX🔥 Just launch, one of the most potential moonshot rebase + cake rewards token out there, marketcap is still low and big buy coming in, they already have more than 5 influencers tweet and keep coming

What is FlokiX?
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FlokiX was born from Elon’s recent tweet, it is considered to be the fairest meme token on the Binance Smart Chain.
FlokiX is a unique token that has rebase functionality and rewards in cake.
This way holders will earn cake reward automatically and have an evergreen chart.
Rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize.
For example, If a token worth 1$ each and you bought 1,000 token, the value of it worth $1,000.
If we were to rebase 50% of the supply then the value of each token is now worth $2 however your supply will be reduce by 50% which only 500 tokens remain.
This will it will make an evergreen chart for bullish trend.
🔥Contract: 0x8d32e62bba06b89e89b9ac622ab24a571bd13d9c
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2021.10.19 03:26 MythicalPan The stigmatisation of “fetishes” and unusual sexual arousals is causing more harm than good

By stigmatising them, many people, through no fault of their own most likely end up suffering because they are treated as sexual deviants.
That is a consequence of a society built on top of prudishness and lack of acceptance of the human condition.
In reality, most people with fetishes and sexual issues they have no control over just have a misaligned brain and they really can’t do anything about it.
The worst thing however, is what happens when such a person is a pedophiliac or an ephebophiliac. Because the society has stigmatised the arousal, such a person would likely get secluded and feel ashamed for something they have zero control over. Their brain is broken and they need help.
By stigmatising something a person has no control over, we are putting children and teens in danger.
If we stigmatise people who are looking for help, they will find it elsewhere and apparently there are people that push pedophiles and ephebophiliacs into atrocities.
Dr Cantor, a famous sexologist argues in support of helping such people in order to save both them, and any future victims. He argues that fetishes of this kind are a congenital brain disease where the erotic target is off.
It’s far better to identify such people and prevent them from doing anything awful in the first place by providing necessary medication and whatever else than it is to wait for shit to hit the fan.
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2021.10.19 03:26 ExpertAccident Shy Keqing

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2021.10.19 03:26 coffeetablebookabt Good Volkswagen Mechanic needed.

Recently bought a second hand Tiguan from a dealer in Essendon. We need some things looked at and I’m wondering if we should go to the dealer in Ringwood (we’re out east) or if anybody knows of a good reliable mechanic?
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2021.10.19 03:26 dirkisgod [OFFER] Blockfi: 20$ total - 10$ from them and 10$ from me [USA, Europe, World]

Blockfi is a cryptocurrency custodian that allows its customers to earn interest on your crypto earning up to 8.6% . They also offer loans and the ability to trade --- currently they pay interest on BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK, USDC/BUSD/USDT/PAX/GUSD.
BlockFi was founded in August 2017 and is based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The company has raised $158.7 million up to a Series C. They have well known investors and definitely pass the safety test.
As soon as you make your deposit, you start earning and get a compounded interest every month. It is an easy way, without any trading skills, to make a profit with crypto.
As new user, if you make at least a 100 USD worth deposit of any supported crypto, you qualify for a $10 BTC reward

Any questions, just shoot a message.
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2021.10.19 03:26 GuineaPigDwelling Halloween pumpkin red bean paste bread

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2021.10.19 03:26 OccasionHot4219 what happened to fluent in 3 months ?

i used to see that website and discussion of it all the time. benny lewis claims of becoming fluent. what happened to him and his site. he went off the radar.
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2021.10.19 03:26 mondaysareharam Three new 1888 arms of all nations came today and are in their new home, few more on the way

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2021.10.19 03:26 Limp-Preparation-249 🐉Welcome to Draconite Token🐉

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2021.10.19 03:26 NotTaken-username Domestically, which of these 2022 movies do you think will earn more?

I think it could be close. Video game movies don’t have a great reputation, but Holland’s star power should give Uncharted a boost, as well as a lack of competition around it until The Batman.
Fantastic Beasts has to pay for the sins of Crimes of Grindelwald, and JK Rowling’s transphobia.
View Poll
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2021.10.19 03:26 BubbleArt97 Mommy is done with boyfriend's shit

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2021.10.19 03:26 Heavy_General7054 You hate to see it. Someone gonna pay more bidding it up than they could on QuickBuy right now.

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2021.10.19 03:26 Imposteramongus_ Whats (in your opinion) the best wah to display boxed 1/64s

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2021.10.19 03:26 Born_Ad_9674 First time trying to quit, am I doing this right?

I've been drinking 1/3 to 1/2 a liter a vodka a day for the past 5 years, and was drinking heavily before that. I decided to start tapering 5 days ago, and for the first day I drank 1.5 oz of watered down vodka every hour, the next day every 2 hours and the 3rd day every 3 hrs. Yesterday I only had a sip of wine every 4 hours (about a glass all day). Today I have only had a sip. Am I going too fast?
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2021.10.19 03:26 njm1314 Playing Last Days of the Third Age mod for the first time. The Spiders in Mirkwood are the scariest thing I've ever encountered in a video game.

I'm loving this Warband mod but holy shit I don't think I've ever been more frightened in a game. Just riding through the Mirkwood no problem suddenly you are transported to the middle of a heavily wooded map all alone without your army. What's happening? What am I supposed to do? What's that in the distance?
Oh it's a horse sized spider coming at me at like mach 2 while screaming! And there are 4 of them!
How did nobody warm me about those? Is there a way to kill the nest or something? My god.
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2021.10.19 03:26 Suspext How does the process of switching pools work?

I’ve gone through the 15 day period of no payouts. If I want to switch pools is it just another transaction fee and then I get the next epochs payout without waiting another 15 days?
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