Is there such thing as too much detail? How to overcome being under committed and self conscious about your work?

2021.10.19 03:53 sluttyyoonmin Is there such thing as too much detail? How to overcome being under committed and self conscious about your work?

I have been writing since I was sixteen, the desire started when I joined Wattpad in 2013. After three years and finding a fandom that was enjoyable, I decided to write my own book on the app. The piece I was working on blew up tremendously, in fact it had gotten to the point that it was overbearingly recognized. Due to the pressure and the commitment to the audience happiness over my own, I eventually ended up abandoning my work and leaving it there for the readers to enjoy what had been left.
After leaving that account behind, I have desperately tried to bounce back and write more but I don't want to post anything in fear of being noticed or having too much detail. Back when I posted my first book, most of the audience had said that they enjoyed how much detail I used when writing and that it helped with imagining the events. On the other hand, one of my friends that knew about my writing said that you never want to use too much detail so that the audience can use their own imagination and that has been something that stuck with me since then. Though I still don't know to this day if they were referring that I was using too much detail to get the point across, I feel like I use too much detail, even though I just want stuff to make sense to the audience. Everything I write needs to add up in case someone, like myself, looks too deep into it.
One of the biggest issues I had found out when I was writing on Wattpad is that when you become really close with your audience, it starts to feel like their opinions of your writing is biased. The second was the commitment to the audience happiness, if you were not following ones time schedule then they would be in you messages until you updated. And their was multiple of them that done it. Once they begun acting like that, the book was no longer my piece and it was not fun to write anymore.
Now, My brother and I are working on our first major book series together, he is the mastermind behind the book and I am the one that will make it come alive in the end. He says that he loves my writing style, that I am the perfect candidate to write this book (though I don't know if he is just being biased). This will be my first major piece and I really do want to make it happen, I don't want to abandoned it like I have done all of my previous work. Tonight I have finally begun writing on it and I feel like I have writers block even though I've racked my eyes through our road map about ten times now. The feeling of writing too much detail and not letting the audience have imagination is really getting to me. By now it has taken me a couple of hours to post this, because I feel like I have over explained myself.
From the stand point of an audience member, have you ever had an experience of reading a book that had too much detail? Because personally, I have read many books that have little detail that are so good. From writer to writer, do you ever have this issue? And if so, how do you fix it?
And does anyone have any advice on how to overcome being under committed and self conscious about their work?
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How much time do you spend on a trainer or spin bike relative to what you were doing on the road?
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่ก†้™ข้ธใ€ๅ…ฌ็ด„ใ‚’่€ƒใˆใ‚‹ใจใใฎใƒใ‚คใƒณใƒˆใจใƒชใ‚ขใƒซโ€œ้‡Žๅ…šๅ…ฑ้—˜ใฎ่„…ๅจโ€ ใ€Œๆ˜Žใ‘ใชใ„ๅคœใฏใชใ„ใ€๏ฝžๅ‰ๅ‘ใใซๆญฃใ—ใใŠใใ‚Œใพใ—ใ‚‡ใ† ๏ฟผ่ฑŠ็”ฐ ็œŸ็”ฑๅญ submitted by liliu to Politics_ja [link] [comments]

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