can't pre install the campaign

2021.12.06 14:17 thebestpizzaever can't pre install the campaign

I'm on console and I can't pre install the campaign through the game pass app. In fact, I can't pre install any of the shitty games coming up in the next few days. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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2021.12.06 14:17 veryimportantsword Weather Boosted Mega Steelix on me 0493 1688 5624

adding 10
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2021.12.06 14:17 FewCupcake WWE 2K CAW League..

I’m not without experience, so this won’t be some fruitless venture… I’ve had success on YouTube. This is a passion of mine and I want to go all out!
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2021.12.06 14:17 KeelfNibbler Those 2.3 million new shorts are not sitting pretty now. Expected ladder attacks probably incoming. Or they give up and ride us up towards $4.50.

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2021.12.06 14:17 NEET_IRL Has your GIM team stopped playing?

This was one of the counterarguments to GIM, but did it hold up?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 14:17 GcodeG01 Having trouble setting up Firebase Cloud Messaging v9 in React

I'm having trouble setting up my firebase environment in React. I'm going through the firebase documentation, but I can't seem to get the first step of getting permission correct.
I tried looking everywhere to fix these errors, but all attempts failed. Please help!

Service worker registration failed, error: TypeError: Failed to register a ServiceWorker for scope ('http://localhost:8080/') with script ('http://localhost:8080/firebase-messaging-sw.js'): A bad HTTP response code (404) was received when fetching the script. 

An error occurred while retrieving token. FirebaseError: Messaging: We are unable to register the default service worker. Failed to register a ServiceWorker for scope ('http://localhost:8080/firebase-cloud-messaging-push-scope') with script ('http://localhost:8080/firebase-messaging-sw.js'): A bad HTTP response code (404) was received when fetching the script. (messaging/failed-service-worker-registration). 
if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) { navigator.serviceWorker.register('../firebase-messaging-sw.js') .then(function(registration) { console.log('Registration successful, scope is:', registration.scope); }).catch(function(err) { console.log('Service worker registration failed, error:', err); }); } 
import { initializeApp } from "firebase/app"; import { getMessaging, getToken } from "firebase/messaging"; const firebaseApp = initializeApp({ apiKey: "", authDomain: "", projectId: "", storageBucket: "", messagingSenderId: "", appId: "", measurementId: "" }); const messaging = getMessaging(firebaseApp); export const fetchToken = async (setToken) => { await getToken(messaging, { vapidKey: KEY_PAIR }).then((currentToken) => { if (currentToken) { setToken(currentToken) } else { console.log('No registration token available. Request permission to generate one.'); } }).catch((err) => { console.log('An error occurred while retrieving token. ', err); }); } 
import { initializeApp } from "firebase/app"; import { getMessaging, onBackgroundMessage } from "firebase/messaging/sw"; const firebaseApp = initializeApp({ apiKey: "", authDomain: "", projectId: "", storageBucket: "", messagingSenderId: "", appId: "", measurementId: "" }); const messaging = getMessaging(firebaseApp); onBackgroundMessage(messaging, (payload) => { console.log('[firebase-messaging-sw.js] Received background message ', payload); // Customize notification here const notificationTitle = 'Background Message Title'; const notificationOptions = { body: 'Background Message body.', icon: '' }; self.registration.showNotification(notificationTitle, notificationOptions); }); 
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2021.12.06 14:17 808trowaway What do folks use to draw network architecture diagrams?

I learned about plantUML and nwdiag in particular in the not so distant past but never really used it. I like the idea of documenting things in code and just generate the images whenever they're needed; makes updating and revising things real easy.
What do you guys use at work?
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2021.12.06 14:17 KraywD 4566 8263 6079

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2021.12.06 14:17 Antique-Mission-8368 So I (18M) cleaned my silicone bong with %91 of alcohol, didn’t rinse it out with water Bc I was just really desperate to clean it fast Bc my parents could smell it. Is it still safe to use?

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2021.12.06 14:17 celticfcbot 2021-12-06 | Celtic View Christmas Podcast Episode 3 - Cheyenne Shorts

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2021.12.06 14:17 Ballubidubi 📢ADAFI token Smart Contract Audit has started📢

📷 ADAFI token Smart Contract Audit has started by @SolidityFinance🚀✅
#ADAFI #ADAFinance #DeFi #smartcontract #token #smartcontractaudit #tothemoon
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2021.12.06 14:17 dong_slayer06 An old tanto knife.

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2021.12.06 14:17 knowernot Advice for overcoming shame?

I'm out to most of my close friends as nonbinary, some of them explicitly as transmasc, but the more I explore my gender the more I think I might just be a trans man. Either way, I'm pretty sure I want to transition medically and socially into something that's closer to a man than a woman. I'm not out to most of my family, at work, or in the larger social sphere. I want to be... eventually... but I feel so much shame about becoming openly trans. At this point most people who see me in person read me as queeGNC, but they still read me as a woman. I've also been working from home since the pandemic and haven't seen most of my family in 2 years, so those people don't even know how much I've changed my presentation.
I'm sure there is some level of internalized transphobia driving this shame, but for me it feels way more tied to the idea of being "wrong" than being ashamed of being trans. And I don't mean being wrong about being trans, but being wrong because I thought I was a woman for so long. I'm 36 years old. I have a whole adult life that I built as a "woman." It feels really humiliating to publicly announce to everyone that I was in so much denial. I feel like coming out as trans means 1) admitting to everyone that I am not the smart, put-together person everyone thinks I am, and 2) shouting my most private longings and insecurities from the rooftops. Like I'm baring my soul or something. This makes me overwhelmingly uncomfortable. I'm a very private person and have a hard time talking about my emotions or inner life. But to live as my true self, I have to disclose my most private feelings over and over again.
I know this is a Catch-22 type situation in that it takes true bravery to come out as trans in this society (which is certainly how I feel about OTHER trans people), so that should theoretically negate my worry that it will show me to be weak... but at the same time, I don't feel like I'm actually brave enough to do it. Like, I have created a facade that makes people think I'm strong, and that's what's going to crumble. Of course there is probably internalized toxic masculinity wrapped up in this, but that seems like a Catch-22 too. If I'm a man who has damaged himself by internalizing messaging about being strong and private and unemotional then why am I so scared to admit I'm not a woman? It's just a whole damn mess and I don't know how to overcome it.
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2021.12.06 14:17 mybfsaidso Stability awareness photo

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2021.12.06 14:17 macdaddyb PC reset forthcoming, should I just reinstall Windows OS or return to factory image?

I've only had my M15 r4 for a few months, but it's beginning to feel sluggish. I think it's my fault because I've not been real selective about what I have installed on it. I think it would be easier to reset the PC than to try to uninstall a bunch of stuff and potentially leave junk files and unneeded registry entries in the process. I don't mind reinstalling my games, etc. while being more conservative this time around.
I did update to WIN 11, which I'd like to keep. Or not, it's not terribly important.
I can use "Reset this PC" and allow windows to reinstall itself and erase all applications in the process, and presumably I'd have a clean install of Win 11, or I could redo everything and reinstall from the factory image. It would be the cleanest install I think, but I would have to reinstall WIN 11 on top of that as the factory image is WIN 10.
If you were me, just for the sake of cleaning up the PC and restoring performance, would you use the reinstall built into windows OS or just use the factory image?
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2021.12.06 14:17 No_Hope_9190 Give me a treato or loose your finger :p

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2021.12.06 14:17 danielce12 How would you know if someone has manipulated your memory?

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2021.12.06 14:17 Psychological-Rub919 Taylor Swift

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2021.12.06 14:17 xtra_fed Creating objects out of CSV with classes and ArrayLists?

Hi guys, I am trying to mess a little bit around with csv files and classes.I have a ficitve csv here, names passwords.csv (no security leak here, just random fictive login informations) :,longhardwood,76$34fFE32%&da2$!volt$3fa,notsolongwood,123456,thisisawood,lolhaha666 
This is my Login class:
package com.xtrafed; public class Login { private String url; private String username; private String password; public Login(String url, String username, String password) { this.url = url; this.username = username; this.password = password; } public String getUrl() { return url; } public String getUsername() { return username; } public void setUsername(String username) { this.username = username; } public String getPassword() { return password; } public void setPassword(String password) { this.password = password; } } 
And this is my Main class:
package com.xtrafed; import java.nio.file.Paths; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(; ArrayList loginInfo = new ArrayList<>(); System.out.println("Which login list do you want to read?"); String file = scanner.nextLine(); try (Scanner readPassword = new Scanner(Paths.get(file))) { while (readPassword.hasNextLine()) { String row = readPassword.nextLine(); String[] parts = row.split(","); String url = parts[0]; String username = parts[1]; String password = parts[2]; loginInfo.add(new Login(url, username, password)); Login newUserLogin = new Login(url, username, password); } } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("This file was not found, try again by restarting the program."); } System.out.println(newUserLogin.getUrl()); } } 
Is there a way to create automatically new Login objects without typing it always by my own? My code doesn't work cause the "newUserLogin" is always the same and apparently it can't be created in the try block. So how can I create new objects, like login1, login2, login3 or maybe loginPornhub, loginRedtube, loginYouporn.
I just want to access it as an object somehow, so that I can set new passwords etc.
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2021.12.06 14:17 strk3 Updated the miner and then I am getting this.. HELP

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2021.12.06 14:17 esmee_nataliee pm me for content or i am seeking a sd or sm 😇 send me a message for more details 😘

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2021.12.06 14:17 Sharmaji1301 Men of Reddit, how and when did you figure out that women didn't know about the "nod"?

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2021.12.06 14:17 NewsElfForEnterprise 'Harry Potter' reunion trailer is here

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2021.12.06 14:17 Coldstartsnwetfarts Wake me up before you go

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2021.12.06 14:17 LordFentonGaming Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Walkthrough Diederik the Baron of...

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