I quit my job at a jewellery store and I want to vent about the frustration and abuse I went through.

I’m 49 and he’s 58, and my hubby is the love of my life and my best friend, but honestly, I wonder what will happen in the upcoming years regarding our intimate relationship. I don’t want to just settle for very little intimacy, but I guess as Sheila said in her post, intimacy is not just about sex. “I went through this with Bank of America. My email was accidentally added to a client profile, and I started getting his account info. I contacted Bank Of America to fix it….and for 3 years just kept on getting updates emailed to me. I finally got an email that confirmed the account owner’s new cell number, then called him. Incorrect, an employee can quit under duress and receive UI — it is a fact because I did this exact same thing and lived 6 months on UI then went back to school to finish my degree. All she needs is to give them the exact same proof she gave this “mgr” and she is fine. went to super store ne calgary,in the entrance the 2 ltr bottles of seven up were on sale for .99.I took 8 of them because there was no limit sign.when i got to the self check i asked the lady in charge if there was a limit but she did not answer.I put through the first four and the fifth came up 1.29 i had the cashier in charge remove it.Had ... He got distracted by shining lights from a video game store, drifting toward it and peering in through the window. Unbeknownst to him, Sae kept walking away from him, unaware she was getting further removed from him in turn. It wasn't until he turned around and shouted, "Hey, cunt, I want that game!" So I took my closet and created my own online store, Shop Stylaphile. Now I have a lot more control over what I’m selling and I don’t have to pay a 20% commission to anyone. And most importantly, I don’t have to deal with the following problems that caused me to quit Poshmark altogether. The kids are on vacation break and i ve taking them along with me to spend the holidays at my parents end and he has not even checked on us. thought i love my husband and want my marriage back. But my fear is, how to make him stop this abuse and restore peace back in my marriage. He keeps saying am disrespectful of which am not. My fiance's family who owns a family business together with my fiance do not want the son around nor working in the business because of the lies and concerned that he will run to his mother and tell her everything like disagreements and so on which he has because his mother then threatens with court or more money or so on, His mother backed him ... I ended up quitting my job since he hated the idea of me working with other men and it caused so much issues that I agreed to do so just to keep him happy and have no more issues. the worst is I have 2 children a son of 13 and a daughter of 5 and he promised them that he will look after them and myself and teach my son how to look after a woman ... My mother told me stories of her step dad using a board with holes drilled into it on her and her brother and sisters when they were young.She said it wasn’t abuse but,she would smack me with anything handy whether it was a hairbrush or a piece of driftwood type of small log.She was not a happy person after her mom and step dad divorced when ...

2022.01.19 00:40 sneakercollector94 I quit my job at a jewellery store and I want to vent about the frustration and abuse I went through.

Because the store is owned by a husband and wife and, unlike other jewelry stores in the mall I worked at, customers were able to negotiate. I would constantly be disrespected and yelled at if a customer did not buy an item (pretty much for any reason), I lowered the price for them too much when they negotiated, or if I didn't lower the price enough and they left the store. Usually in a phone call from [Owner's wife] who is at home watching me through the camera, but also often by [Owner].
About two months ago, there was one day when a customer came in and wanted to purchase a gold nugget ring that was $550, he offered me $500 even without tax and I accepted, because he was a regular customer who took a liking to me, purchased several items previously, and always chose me as his sales associate. The offer was also quite reasonable so I accepted it. A few hours later, [Owner's wife] called me and berated me about selling the ring for too cheap, and that she wouldn't give me commission in the future if I lowered the price of items in the store by too much.
Less than a week later, another customer comes in and offers me $200 even without tax for a bracelet that was listed for $220. I refused because I didn't want to get in trouble again, and he did not purchase the bracelet, instead he went to the other store [Owner] has in the Mall, [Second Store] and [Owner] sold him a bracelet for well under the listed price. He called me and yelled at me saying he could have lost out on a sale if the customer went to any other jewelry store that he did not own. I told him about being in trouble with his wife for selling something too cheap and he told me it didn't matter, I had to know what price to sell what at to maximize his profits.
About a month earlier, one day a customer came in looking for a wedding ring. I showed her a ring that fit the description of what she asked and she immediately bought it for the intended sale price. The way things worked in the [Store name] was that they had a fake retail price (double of what we intended to sell it for), and a sale price that was half of retail, so we could always tell people every item was 50% off. [Owner] yelled at me because I sold the item for the sale price, and he said the lady really liked the ring so I should've sold it to her for double the price. I told him I didn't want to do that because I felt like it was scam-like. He was quite upset with me and said I cost him money.
I was very firm to [Owner] and [Owner's wife] that once school started for me in September I only wanted to work 10am-4pm so that I could go home in the afternoon, watch my pre-recorded lectures and do assignments. On November 24th, I was scheduled without prior knowledge to work from 2pm-9pm. I told [Owner's wife] I couldn’t work that time, and she said I had to because it was her birthday and she and [Owner] are going to a dinner party that day and I had to close the store. I did, regretfully and was working on school assignments until 3am that day.
Leading up to Christmas, while I was working, a customer brought in three watches to have the links taken out of. I charged them $15 each watch, for $45 total. Throughout the time I was working, there were never concrete prices for jewelry repair and services. I knew around how much for jobs, but I always told them to charge them for as much as they were willing to pay. In the past, taking out links for watches took me a few minutes. It was a skill I learned myself before working and unlike most repairs/services, it could be done by me instead of a goldsmith like [Owner]. I didn’t have a pin-pusher small enough for the third of the three watches, so I had to ask [Owner] for help. I got a call from [Owner's wife] once again berating me saying that I wasted too much time doing the job and that it cost her customers because the store was a bit crowded. [Owner] also yelled at me saying I should have charged them more than $15 each watch, saying I should have charged $20 and it would have been okay.
Recently, I spent over an hour helping this older couple, and they said they were for sure purchasing this ring and watch. But then after telling them the final price including the extra Black Friday discount (60% off of the fake retail price instead of 50% off), they still wanted more discounted. I told them several times that I couldn’t and they told me to ask the owner so I called [Owner]. All he did over the phone was yell at me about, why didn’t I say this, and why didn’t I do that. I repeatedly told him everything he told me to do when making a sale as I have already done. He just kept yelling at me and told me they would for sure buy it for the sale price because he could tell by their faces on the camera that they really wanted it. But I told them I can't go any lower on the price and they left.
I called [Owner] to ask about something else about half and hour later and he also kept yelling at me about this incident, and [Owner's wife] who was at home with him jumped in to yell at me about the incident from the Sunday prior, where I had to go home right at closing time because my mom was waiting to pick me up. I had printed out the final report around 6:05PM (5 minutes after closing) but [Owner] sold something else. I told him I had to go and for him to print the final report. I told her that on Sundays I need to leave on time. [Owner] then jumped back in saying why didn’t I sell just the watch not the ring and so on. I eventually had enough and told my manager to come over from the [Second Store] to [Store Name] because I’ve had enough and I quit.
[Owner] eventually begged me to stay because of staff shortages but I told him I had enough.
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2022.01.19 00:40 NewsElfForEnterprise Microsoft-Activision deal: Key things to know

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2022.01.19 00:40 Yaya_Spokesman Is this really the best Application Space Warp game ?

1) Make a badly optimized PCVR game
2) Runs at 20-40FPS on the Quest 2
Without App SpaceWarp
3) Add App Spacewarp (Which anyone can do easily, no need to be a genius)
4) Now runs at 50-60FPS on Quest 2
With App SpaceWarp
5) Woohoo this is the future of VR guys!!
**Gets massive coverage and promotion from Youtubers and "Journalists" who previously hyped up App Space Warp**
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2022.01.19 00:40 mollicles Talk to me about my mom’s cancer

My mom was just diagnosed with a rectal melanoma and is pretty hush-hush about the entire thing because she doesn’t want to scare her kids. She is 52f and she had surgery to have a mass removed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She went in for a scan a few days ago, and it looks like it has spread to her lungs and there’s another mass building in her rectum. What I read online is pretty scary and doesn’t give me a lot of hope that this is survivable. She starting immunotherapy this week, and her doctors are suggesting that they look for clinical trials for some thing to help her.
All I’m looking for is, realistically, what are her chances of survival. I want to be prepared for what’s coming, especially because I have a younger brother and sister who need more support if she’s not here. Don’t be afraid to scare me or be too honest. I just want to know realistically what to expect.
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2022.01.19 00:40 YourMagic Discord link please!

Can someone please send me a link to the discord?? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 00:40 Bersho Dayton Defeats St. Bonaventure 68-50 at UD Arena

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2022.01.19 00:40 oO_SbowWulf_Oo Looking for a mod that removes names from the hud.

Similar to how one of the Emili mods changes them to race+gender but just completely removes the name. I still want to be able to see my resource bars and other interactables but I'd really like to not see names. So just completely turning off the hud won't do.
Reason for this is for all the mods that add generic npcs, granted with Emili it's a but more bearable since everyone is just rave+gender until you talk to them, but once you talk the the generic npcs, they lose the gender and just become the name of the race.
If I could completely remove the name from the hud altogether that would be great!
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2022.01.19 00:40 bobanonymous420 Juul’s Giant x TPC with almost green spines

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2022.01.19 00:40 rainjoyful Taking off on the B707 flight ✈️

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2022.01.19 00:40 totally-suspicious This is not my wife.

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2022.01.19 00:40 Ecstatic_Reindeer286 Hannah Weed

Alguém com conteúdo dessa gata? Natália Stabile. Insta: @natstanilep e @hannahweed420
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2022.01.19 00:40 Jealous_Drink6156 The final Saya skin after 220 days XD

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2022.01.19 00:40 missfeetandfingers Want more baby ?

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2022.01.19 00:40 thegoddessa Information - CN 2022 Lucky Bags

Pic Album Lucky bags are here! As a reminder, lucky bags are approximately $5 / $20 / $40 / $55 / $75.
Since they just drop with weighted drop rates, we don't know the confirmed order of this lineup, but it should approximately be in the order listed in the album (expensive to cheap)!
There's also a $100 recharge suit that will have official HDs released tomorrow. It was featured in the hell promo video if you'd like to see it~

The album will be continually updated as more close-ups and information are released in the next few hours, so please check back for updates!

Song of Splendid Scenery

盛景长歌 \"Song of Splendid Scenery\"

Swaying Spring Flowers
Swaying Spring Flowers

Golden Apple Psalm
金苹果诗篇 \"Golden Apple Psalm\"

Persimmon Wishes
柿柿如意 \"Persimmon Wishes\"

Spring in Cold Mountains
春来寒山 \"Spring in Cold Mountains\"
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2022.01.19 00:40 vladislavsd [2022/01/18] Intruder Stabbed Multiple Times After Entering Madisonville Home With Rifle: Police (Madisonville, KY)

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2022.01.19 00:40 Mother-Side-8884 Karma sendouts for the New Year!

Guys pls help me with getting karma! Thank you!
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2022.01.19 00:40 mustafaali61 How much could I get for my Miata?

I have a 2017 Mazda Miata automatic with like 3k-3.5k miles. Garage kept and maintained. I live in the north east part of the US. Just want a rough estimate before I put it up for sale. I really appreciate all feed back, positive or negative. Thank you!
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2022.01.19 00:40 NoahVerrier Whiskey in Glencairn - oil by me

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2022.01.19 00:40 ziggo0 Does anyone remember the short written story "Heart of an AWPer"?

This had to be....WON 1.3, 1.4 days? 1.2? Been a while. 15-20 years ago. It was a short story written about AWPing. I specifically recall cs_747 in one of the stories...the author made it graphic. It was so well described. Reason I'm asking is because I finally bought a house and have been moving in - just to find the box I stored it in was destroyed by water damage. At the time I printed I think 70 pages of it on school's dime...(then binded it lol), and put a full print out of the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) logo on it at the time as the cover. Absolutely wrecked by water...if anyone has a copy of this, please link it. I can preserve it for much longer now in my profession. Thank you
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2022.01.19 00:40 cjk5wf MUCH thanks for the prompt responses to my previous question! Would you recommend the same procedure for the trim/crown? (Pictures in text)

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2022.01.19 00:40 GabMarquetto День 34 - Звезда Ада

Помните, что я искал мангу? Так что, я нашёл одну. Она от того же автора, кто создал мангу спирали.
Эта манга рассказывает об открытии новой планеты одним ученым, который назвал ее тем же именем, чем назвал дочери, так как обе родились в один день.
Это настолько важное открытие, что дочь ученого становится поп-звездой и покоряет многих фанатов.
А дальше я не читал, так как у меня мало времени и мне нужно написать сегодняший текст и еще сочинить резюме. Но надеюсь, завтра смогу почитать побольше.
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2022.01.19 00:40 HobokenFred Was Howard Self-Projecting When Calling John DiBella “Baldy?”

The majority of Howard’s insults about Philly zookeeper John DiBella had to do with his bald head. He also was famous for going after Charles Grodin for wearing a wig - and other as well…
Do you think this was Howard’s way of projecting his own insecurities about going bald onto those others?
It’s very obvious to anyone with an IQ above 10 that Howard has a hair system - and he likely has been wearing one for years. Knowing all of Howard’s mental issues it makes perfect sense that he went after people’s baldness because he himself was projecting his own insecurities about male-pattern baldness. What do you think?
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2022.01.19 00:40 GaramAanday1418 If the next video gets 50K likes, Brendan you have to play Draft Wars on WWE All Stars at least once.

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2022.01.19 00:40 Bubbly_Arm_9327 [NA] [Bronze/Silver ]

Recruiting NA
[NA] [Bronze/Silver] creating T4 clash team recruiting all other roles.
Looking to put a clash team together for the next clash on the 29th and 30th.
Want to practice with each other before to get in sync. Please be comfortable being on discord calls. If you're T4 and play Top, Jungle, Mid, or ADC, Support please Hit me up. Be ready to practice consistently, this is all just for fun but I like to win and so does everyone else so it will still be competitive, but we all wanna have fun. We will be doing Flex For practice. Also this is a team intended for future clash tournaments.
DM me if your are interested in joining the best team!
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2022.01.19 00:40 YingAu 中国喜马拉雅定居点建设扩张至有争议的不丹边界地带

中国去年还对不丹的一大片土地提出了新的主权主张。这片土地包括一处野生动物保护地,与印度的阿鲁纳恰尔毗邻,中国称该邦为藏南。 虽然这令印度极为关注,但是新德里方面还没有就此发表评论。新德里一直在关注过去20个月来在另一处喜马拉雅边界地带与中国的持续对峙。 根据最新卫星数据,北京在不丹边境地带的建筑活动并没有结束。“最近的图像显示,虽然下着大雪,天气恶劣,但是工作正在继续展开。我们还看到有更多的土地被清理,而且出现了重型机械,这显示还会有更多的开发,”
中印再就边界问题举行会谈 美国称担忧中国“恐吓”邻国
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