3ze78 akyds 8h9k4 dre29 zdnh2 78f2y ske2h d2z34 dzad9 5hr87 nya56 2247i kn2ta 8z3yi s28s5 7hakf 7347t yyeks s26ee 7b5yz daiat Link Rate question- what would cause only one certain device to have an extremely low link rate? phone at 585MBps, smarttv at 780Mbps, computer only at 24MBps, wtf! |

Link Rate question- what would cause only one certain device to have an extremely low link rate? phone at 585MBps, smarttv at 780Mbps, computer only at 24MBps, wtf!

2022.01.19 02:03 asdfdsfafd Link Rate question- what would cause only one certain device to have an extremely low link rate? phone at 585MBps, smarttv at 780Mbps, computer only at 24MBps, wtf!

so, as the title states, the link rate (going off of the Orbi app) for my PC is always way lower than my phone or my tv. sometimes it'll get up to 175MBps, but usually hangs out at around 24MBps.
i have an orbi mesh network, and all the devices are within 10 feet of the satellite (pc is actually the closest). i have the Realtek RTL8811AU Wireless LAN 802.11ac wifi adapter, which is rated for 600MBps. all the devices are connected over the 5ghz network, (not the 2.4ghz.). there are no nearby wireless networks on the same channel.
any ideas what might be causing such a low link rate?? i don't know if it's relevant, but the PC itself reports a link rate of 433MBps. not sure why it's different than the orbi app. while i understand the app probably isn't 100% reliable, the pattern has been consistent enough to make me wonder if there's something going on that is causing a persistently lower link rate
thanks for any input/ideas!!
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2022.01.19 02:03 terrifying_avocado What I appreciate the most about The Bad Batch

It's how different it feels from The Clone Wars. TCW was more action and plot-heavy, always on the move. Bad Batch places a greater focus on character drama, and it slows things down a bit to really spend time with it.
This is probably one of the reasons why some people find it boring, but to me Star Wars is a family drama at its core, and Bad Batch embodies that really well. Especially in the last two episodes.
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2022.01.19 02:03 JustJaded1319 Looking for support

I'm starting my weight loss journey. I'm a 5'8" tall female weighing in at 250lbs. Long term goal is 135lbs. I had a baby in 2019 and have had a really poor relationship with food since.
I'm working on tracking calories in and out. I'd love to see any advice (especially from fellow mothers juggling toddlers while trying to lose weight). My biggest weakness is portion control. If it is something I really like (i.e. mashed potatoes or bread or rice) I tend to eat huge portions. And this tends to happen at night. Does anyone do late night exercise? How does it work for you? Is exercising in the morning better? I guess I'm trying to find ways to distract myself from eating at night. Also if anyone has links to meal planning templates, that would be very welcome.
I currently use the Lose It! app and have a couple beginner exercise apps installed as well. I've always been pretty sedentary so exercise is a whole new world for me.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 02:03 TrickyMidnight1481 Miror, miror

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2022.01.19 02:03 7ceeeee 誤って Spy Fox スをアニメシリーズにした

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2022.01.19 02:03 EarthlySapien Buisness Book

I want to study different sector of economics and how they intervene. I am software engineer who wants to build a tech driven buisness.
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2022.01.19 02:03 Surfacinq 22 [R4A] - Songwriter looking to find some meaning in new friendships!

Honestly haven't known what I'm looking for as of late, I'm always finding myself looking for something different every time. Just wanna find people that're genuine and don't get turned off by one's imperfections.
That being said I'm poly, an empath, autistic, and a regressor. Bit of a basket case! But hoping to make the best of everyone I meet. I prefer females but anyone is welcome! NOT looking for NSFW, but platonic affection is okay. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤍
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2022.01.19 02:03 Shaneski101 I think my last mask shard is gliched/broken, what am I missing?

1-4: I can't buy anything from sly, he says he is out of stock, i already used the key to get the other 2
5: I have the bretta one
6-7 I have both the forgotten crossroads one
8: I have the one from the flower quest
9: I beat no-eyes and got that one
10: I beat the enraged guardian and got that one
11: I have the one in the royal waterways
12: I have over 1600 essence and the lady wants me to come back at 2400
13: I have the on in the fungal core/deepnest
14: I have the one inside queens station
15: The grubfather has all his kids in his stomach so I have his
16: I broke the wall in the Hive to get that one.

I have 8 health with 3/4 mask shards. Something is off, all the places with those soul-looking statues give me no masks. I don't know if the grubfather glitched or something but I have been to all the spots yet I am still missing 1 mask shard.
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2022.01.19 02:03 ScallionAlive6430 This student earns almost

Do these mean the same thing?
1) This student earns almost $1000 a month by sorting out people's messy wardrobes.
2) This student earns almost $1000 a month sorting out people's messy wardrobes.
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2022.01.19 02:03 Miravek First time seller and am getting scammed

I sold a game through Facebook for $25 was paid through PayPal. Friday, UPS reports it was delivered. But the buyer said he never received it. I have the proof of delivery from the ups site and proof of shipment from when I shipped it at the ups store.
What now? I’m guessing he’s going to open a dispute based off of his comments. Will I need to refund the money? The item is “eligible” for seller protection but I have a personal account if that matters.
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2022.01.19 02:03 dream996 How long does an application get withdrawn/removed from the profile?

My previous application has some errors & files corrupted. I was advised to create a brand new application to avoid confusion.
However, I am still receiving updates about my old application which I have already sent webforms a few months back confirming my request to withdraw the application. The old application is still on my profile.
I am unable to get in touch with an agent through the phone (I have been trying since Dec), I don't know what to do anymore.
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2022.01.19 02:03 Maximum-Extension-63 For developer is deep knowledge of DSA important.?

I am a beginner . I have been learning Html and CSS soon I will move to Javascript. I have basic knowledge of data structures I was wondering how much time should I invest in DSA if at the end of the day my goal is to become a web developer or a frontend developer?
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2022.01.19 02:03 Starship08 Free Covid Tests from USPS

Does anyone know if Royal Caribbean will accept the at home Covid tests being sent out by the government?
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2022.01.19 02:03 DangerousTv THIS SHIT RIVETING

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2022.01.19 02:03 triforce_paras Which one is better using national team with EL

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2022.01.19 02:03 Overclockersclub Is TF2 back?

Well - the game is back online... I was able to play one game at least.
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2022.01.19 02:03 TheLetterSixtyNine Rate my setup: pardon the poor cable management

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2022.01.19 02:03 Nervous-Atmosphere-9 2 Males

Hi all you wonderful Hammie owners, I have a male Syrian hamster and I took our neighbor male Syrian hamster in today. They both have their own enclosers and I know they cannot be housed together. I was wondering if their enclosers could be next to each other? They would be able to see and smell each other but in no way reach each other. Would that cause a problem and or undo stress to them? Thank you.
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2022.01.19 02:03 JakoRako03 18M [friendship] 18M stuck at home bc of snow

Hey, im Jake. Im 18 and from the US.Im into books, writing, video games, politics, flags, maps, history, gardening, and piano! Umm I also have snap and discord!
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2022.01.19 02:03 jojooan HELP! I have a Flan (creme caramel) crisis!!

I've baked flan several times before. This time with a different oven. I baked it according to the recipe i always follow and put it in pre heated oven at 160c for 55 mins.
When i took it out it was jiggly in the middle, after it cooled down i put it in the fridge over night.
Now i went to check it out and it's still jiggle in the middle, while the rest of it is as how it's supposed to be.
How can i salvage my beautiful Flan, and why did this happen? 😭
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2022.01.19 02:03 iceless42 Super bullish on lunardefi. Price prediction EOY?

I am so in love with this project. Been a holder since day one. I am in it for the long haul. What are your price predictions for the end of the year? I will be holding dor years so this is just for fun.
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2022.01.19 02:03 _kiminara /Shincheonji Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.19 02:03 tutorialg Cheap Fullz and Cashapp Logs All Day HMU @darkcvvv

Cheap Fullz and Cashapp Logs All Day HMU @darkcvvv
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2022.01.19 02:03 Calm_Yogurtcloset829 Another sexy bitch, follow her she's got huge tits, you just wanna see her bounce them❤❤❤❤❤❤ her @ is @payaldangodraa

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2022.01.19 02:03 Dontknowhattoput Best introspective track?

View Poll
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