2022.01.19 00:41 Validname11111 Check

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2022.01.19 00:41 Professional-Tone303 an inappropriate vr chat video.

hey, i just wanted to share my latest video with you guys. it relies on shock humour. feedback would be great.
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2022.01.19 00:41 ksmith1999 DAT-375 QUESTION

Has anyone taken this recently? I am working on the module 3 assignment. The rubric is pretty basic and I'm confused as to what I am actually supposed to be turning in.
I have a dataset with traffic accident information for NYC Boroughs. The rubric just says submit a 1-2 page word document with screenshots of scripts used and the results.

It seems too easy to just have a screenshot of a 3 line query showing which boroughs have a high count of incidents and showing
results from simple query
Am I making this harder than it should be wanting to include the kinds of violations showing what those totals are composed of? I'm really just not sure what I should be submitting with this assignment, so any help is appericiated.
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2022.01.19 00:41 Andy_Apple I made u/Andythefuckingapple soft andy

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2022.01.19 00:41 witch_bitch_420 Botty the Pleco! (Named by my niece)

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2022.01.19 00:41 Parakeetman280 chad Inspirobot believes that betas shall burn

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2022.01.19 00:41 underwear6969420 Femboy

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2022.01.19 00:41 autism-class Trophies carrying on from PSnow to bought game?

I’m wondering if my trophies from Last of Us 2 played on PSnow will be carried over if I buy it now that it’s not available anymore. I downloaded the game previously not sure if that changes anything
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2022.01.19 00:41 nannond Trading/Selling MCN

Looking at offers:)
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2022.01.19 00:41 laddlemkckey Is it weird to love DOOM 2016, but dislike DOOM Eternal?

2016 is one of my GOATs too
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2022.01.19 00:41 Lizanye How to Eat Pea Soup

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2022.01.19 00:41 kngarcia18 502 bad gateway error

i keep on getting this error when i try to process my order, what should i do?
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2022.01.19 00:41 Bimeadrinc Would anyone take me on a date??

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2022.01.19 00:41 SuperChargedKayaker It was a sad day at my house.😢

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2022.01.19 00:41 BeKind1028 21M looking for college friends

what’s up guys. im a college student in the U.S. (est). I’m just looking for some friends/people to talk to who are also in college or around my age. dm me if you wanna talk :)
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2022.01.19 00:41 Googleplex95 Mega Evolve Aerodactyl on me Add 5924 6557 5766

With quickness
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2022.01.19 00:41 WillyJ71 Smole friend

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2022.01.19 00:41 Proof_Damage8997 Hago rol de iaaras o de quien queráis, interesados dm

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2022.01.19 00:41 IdeaOfHuss What is the type of this music? "Marshi I UCK"

I listened to it many times. Every time i hear i feel like it is familiar. What is its type. I want to hear many songs like this. One day i will visit Albania, if covid ever ends...
P.s.: This is the best balkan war song.
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2022.01.19 00:41 ExternalPangolin9454 CST/Looking for Late night into morning pc friends/35

Work over night. So I'm on late on my off days (usually 4 days off a week).. I generally play with one other guy as well and somethimes random friends hop in and out but not often. Looking for fun, laid back, chill people to play games with. These are my favorites atm but feel free to add me if u think id like to try another game... Dont add me unless Your seriously wanna join up.
Discord: XdarkXheartX2#1026
I play R6S
Destiny 2
Ready or not
survival games like grounded, forest, green hell
Tarkov ( taking a break atm )
Phasmaphobia once in awhile
and many many others. I have a large library 700+ and i will play just about anything with very little convincing. Except league, wow, and RTS.
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2022.01.19 00:41 CarteRampage1 SleeplessMC SMP Server

I would describe SleeplessMC as a non-toxic community of Minecraft lovers. SleeplessMC strives to create a safe, friendly environment with a focus on respect toward others. The server itself is vanilla with a few tweaks to make the multiplayer experience more enjoyable. Jumping into the virtual world, we have a lovely spawn nested in a valley surrounded by tall snowy mountains. There is also a shopping district where you can buy from other players or create a shop of your own. We also have a separate world dedicated to mining and resource gathering, so don’t worry about competing for diamonds. To join this amazing community, we require a short application. However, don’t be intimidated by this as you will likely be accepted. To apply, add Alexx#7687 or DuckMafia#9831 on discord.
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2022.01.19 00:41 OkTransition7961 What's the most weirdest occurrence you have had in high school?

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2022.01.19 00:41 Background_Parfait_3 durk diss

You gon rep the same block as that bitch and it’ll be your ass nigga
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2022.01.19 00:41 citrusfruityum This is Why I Stopped

Instead of my old daily routine of opening a bottle (to start) of sparkling wine, grabbing some candy and my iPad to sit at the kitchen table drinking, eating, and ignoring my kids all night, I am present. I am making dinner instead of having every night be “fend for yourself” night. I am hanging out with my tween daughter and teen sons. It was pure bliss sitting on the sofa, watching The Office for the millionth time, and having my daughter reach her hand over for me to hold.
And while I am deeply ashamed of the years I spent away from them even though we lived in the same home, I know that it is not too late. I can and will be the mom these awesome kids deserve. I am choosing them over booze.
Just wanted to put that out there. Thank you for reading and I am incredibly grateful for this sub. IWNDWYT.
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2022.01.19 00:41 FireCyclone Class ultimates concept art, by Mike Ackerman

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