[Spoilers S2E7] Why were all those people hung?

2022.01.19 01:20 silverhammer96 [Spoilers S2E7] Why were all those people hung?

After the funeral of the bombing victims, the handmaids see a bunch of people hung at their homes. They never really explain why. Is it because they didn’t want witnesses of the funeral? Were they found guilty of involvement in the bombing?
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2022.01.19 01:20 JustAnotherGuy1318 Am i banned?

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2022.01.19 01:20 Avacado2020 Looking for 2-3 roommates for Knightshade/plaza/retreat east Fall 2022

Hey guys! I’m 19 (M) and my best friend is 21 (M)and we’re looking for 2-3 roommates to fill a 4/4 at either Knightshade, plaza, or retreat east this fall.
We both go out quite a bit and are pretty keen on roommates that keep any common area and kitchen clean after use.
We’re not too picky on floor plans so just let me know if you may be interested!
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2022.01.19 01:20 vanchoy Minimalist Inception - Handmade pointillism art

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2022.01.19 01:20 Salty_Jordy Could we see Xbox Game Pass make its way to Steam?

It is clear that Microsoft is ahead of Sony in understanding that PC is not an exclusive platform. PC is more of a bridging platform between both Console Kings. Microsoft knows this because they continue to improve the use of Game Pass on PC. However, I have started to think about Microsoft's future plans with Game Pass. Similar to what we saw with EA releasing EA Play on Steam; could we see Microsoft add Game Pass to Steam. It's not like Microsoft is forcing players to use the Microsoft Store or Xbox App to play their games. They have released new titles such as Halo Infinite on Steam. Game Pass on Steam would also be so much easier to handle with a platform like Steam.

What do you think? Do you see Xbox Game Pass being added to Steam?
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2022.01.19 01:20 Vixen_couple_713 Red wave

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2022.01.19 01:20 runitback519 Took this at mcdonalds

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2022.01.19 01:20 Accomplished_Pea2138 12 hr/rotating shifts day/night..What?!

I'm trying to find better work, specifically low voltage/or data center work. Running into issues due to these impossible schedules. My guess is the companies are too cheap to staff guys working 8/10 hr shifts in 1st ,2nd and 3rd.
"We are a 24/hr facility and need coverage" so why have the same people work 4 days then 4 nights??? Why not just hire guys for days or nights and leave some work life balance or room for a second job???
Also "We are EEO employers " most really aren't. Schedules like these are impossible for me because I absolutely need Saturdays off. There's eliminations of people who have faith right there. Also I'm a female. I'm glad my name is gender neutral or I probably wouldn't get to even interviews.
My resume is a laundry list of skills and experience but lym assumed to know nothing because ... Female.
I'm sorry I'm just frustrated. Been looking for an actual career for a few months and I'm reaching the end of my rope.
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2022.01.19 01:20 JungyeonCutie Dahyun serving us some sizzling tofu 😋

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2022.01.19 01:20 freshest_chode When you need to sleep but can't b/c of all the work you have to do

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2022.01.19 01:20 thisisnotthought Onipa’a march through Honolulu marks 129 years since illegal Hawaiian Kingdom overthrow

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2022.01.19 01:20 trunknation Flotsam and jetsam - regression

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2022.01.19 01:20 001135 People who are still dwelling on something relatively insignificant that happened ages ago, what’s the story behind that?

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2022.01.19 01:20 Gushiepie take a pick

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2022.01.19 01:20 joanlopa Is there any unit/skill, other than thor’s C, that gets CD acceleration without comparing stats?

Also besides fighter skills.
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2022.01.19 01:20 Trndk1ll Disco Elysium is one of the best RPGs ever made…

This game is fucking incredible. It’s like the best parts of Planescape with branching dialog paths that are an order of magnitude better. I’m currently on the 4th day of my first play through and I’m already plotting my next run. I went 2/4/4/2 to start and so far am mostly Physique with high Inland Empire and Empathy from the Psyche tree. Mind you I’m over 20 hours in and I’ve probably missed 80% of the Intelligence and Motorics skill checks.
I think my favorite part thus far is just how far you can lean in any direction and still feel like you are having a complete play through. In Planescape or any similar crpg, if you don’t spec high in Int or whatever the dialog weighted stat is, you miss a ton. Here it’s completely viable to be a brutish, drug addled dipshit and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It’s absolutely incredible how they struck this balance. I’ve never seen anything even remotely close in any rpg. Ever. It makes what BioWare or Bethesda do look like shitty chalk scribbling by a 5 year old.
Any fans of this game here? It’s seriously one of the best rpgs ever made. I just downloaded the Mass Effect remaster off Gamepass. I really loved all of those games when they came out however Disco has ruined them from a “choice” perspective. The blatant “good”, “bad” and indifference choices seem so incredibly banal and predictable and lame after playing this game. It really is a massive evolutional leap over anything ever made into the genre and I hope it’s a harbinger of things to come.
What say you?
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2022.01.19 01:20 ReallyCoolPersonIg It's hard to be the better man when you're still lyin'

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2022.01.19 01:20 Puzzleheaded_Ad_8803 Fitted hat

So I have had an Excision fitted hat in the transformer symbol style since I was 16 (9 years ago) and its starting to get worn out. I cant fit snapbacks (heads too big) and was wondering if anyone has a hookup for fitted hats.
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2022.01.19 01:20 miojocomqueijo Any tips on dealing with anger?

Since I was a child I've always kept everything for myself when I was angry, specially because I've always been angry at my parents and had to be quiet to not get in trouble. Nowadays whenever I get angry, I get REALLY angry and it makes me feel so bad and the only thing I can do is cry and curse everything. Do you guys know any tips on how to get rid of all this hatred in a healthy way?
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2022.01.19 01:20 Empty-Wing7678 Creepypasta

Hello, I am unable to disclose my name as doing so could put me in a world of worries and dangers. What’s important is that I am a super computer hacker, but a while ago I was getting quite weary of my current cyber attack targets (children's hospitals, puppy orphanages, etc). They were just too easy to DDOS, so I decided to start hacking the video game Garry's Mod. After all, hacking a video game would be a nice change of pace. I started coding my hacks in C# and soon enough began terrorizing servers.
Everything was fine until things started to get weird. Whenever I would play single player, strange noises would sometimes play, I would sometimes see mysterious dark figures, and dupes/npcs/props would mysteriously spawn in out of nowhere. I initially shrugged these things off assuming that it was just a glitch in the game or just the wind, but soon I had to stop deceiving myself and admit something was wrong. I started to dig into the code of the game, but my results proved to be futile. I didn't find anything of note, apart from the message in the code “//Cryptic passages, death cults glory, the meat man demands sacrifice”. Once again I assumed this was just the wind. I decided to shrug off the issue in the meantime.
Unfortunately the game continued to get weirder. Random blood splatters on different places, dead bodys snuck away in corners, and giant penises made out of metal crates (essentially just upside down T’s) randomly appearing on the maps (which was perhaps the worst at all). When I saw the 7th penis that play session I decided that enough was enough, so I resorted to the steam forums. On the forums I asked about these unusual happenings, I only got one response. The user said, “Blood has been spilled, blood will be spilled, your sins of cheating will make you pay, your blood will be spilled, and you will have many regrets”. After much thought and examination I decided that the user that posted this was just the wind messing with me.
Things only got worse from there. I will tell you what I found in my game after that, but I think this post will be banned if I do so. I tried asking steam support, but there were no responses. I tried to contact Facepunch, no help. I asked Garry Newman on social media and in a now deleted post he said he would be at my house (to quote the post, “I will be at your house at 7PM, you will have to pay”). I was happy with this. Garry Newman himself was coming to my house to help me! Sure I would have to pay him to help me, but I was still happy. I had no clue what trouble I had just gotten into…
At 7PM Garry arrived at my home. He punched me in the face and I was knocked out, I awoke at around 2AM. I instantly knew something was gone, my liver. At first I thought it was just the wind that stole it, but then I realized that it was Garry. I then looked at my phone and realized that the social media account I had been communicating with a fake copy account. I had given my address and social security number to a fraud! I also noticed that my credit card was missing. I quickly hurried to cancel my credit card, and I dealt with all of the other things. Of course my liver could not be replaced so I was distraught. I decided to set out for revenge. I instantly knew where my attacker would go, the liver black market (do not question why I know the location of such a place). I quickly got ready and left.
As I stepped into the black market I reflected on what I was about to do. At first I was hesitant, but with each step I took I remembered more details of the event, and in turn I became more and more angry. By the time I made it to the market I no longer cared for morality, all I cared for was that the blood of my attacker would be spilled. As I walked through the bustling market, my dark black trench coat was shaking from the wild winds. I approached the guy, a shabby dude with brown hair and glasses. I proceeded to some things, none of which were to show mercy. I will not account for the specifics, as it doesn't matter anyways. Ehh why not. When I approached the guy I pulled out my giant lazer sword, but they pulled out their giant gun sword. We then had an awesome over the top battle to the death. I won by insulting his mother. He was so embarrassed by my sick roast that I knew he would never eat lunch in this town ever again.
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2022.01.19 01:20 Proud-Goose-100 Some time u dont need to turn it on to be chill. Sleep mode is pretty chill also

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2022.01.19 01:20 LastContext4723 Help me understand exercising 1/21 Options BBIG

I may want to hang onto shares from my options going into next week. I read where True Demon says to go ahead and exercise ITM options to put pressure on the hedgies. Also consider t+2 for Friday. I read where folks will sell some of their options in order to exercise the rest. I'm with Fidelity. I have not contacted them yet to see if they offer a "cashless exercise" and what that entail. If I want to continue to hang onto shares I don't want to be selling contracts only to end up with less contracts to exercise in the end. If I did sell any contracts do I have to worry about T+1 for options for funds availability and how does that apply with margin and day trade accounts? If I have 100 $5c options will I have to sell 50 in order to exercise the other half and end up with half the shares? Meanwhile watch PR come out later that day and this thing moons while I'm holding half my position. Also is it wise to just sell close ITM options while they still have extrinsic value?
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2022.01.19 01:20 ArianaP06 FND

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2022.01.19 01:20 Elkins45 Moroccan restaurant?

According to Google the Marrakech restaurant is closed :( Is there another Moroccan restaurant in the Cincy area? I’m craving a bastilla.
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2022.01.19 01:20 raffertyoatmeal1 Penny Goodwin -- Soft Hot Wind [soul/jazz] (1974)

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